Programs: Top 20

Based on ratings data as of Wednesday, January 25, 2023. See the full program ratings ranking.

1NFC PlayoffFOX45,654,000+59%
2AFC Divisional PlayoffCBS39,323,000
3NFL Playoff Game: DivisionalNBC32,312,000
4NFC Playoff Pre-KickFOX24,402,000
5NFC Playoff Post-GameFOX23,817,000
6NFL Playoff Post-GameNBC18,377,000
7NFC Playoff Pre-GameFOX15,449,000+26%
8NFL TodayCBS9,221,000+28%
9Football Night in America Pre-GameNBC8,971,000+48%
10World News TonightABC8,607,000-5%
13Nightly News with Lester HoltNBC7,446,000
1560 Minutes PresentsCBS6,319,000+19%
16Blue BloodsCBS6,142,000
17Fire CountryCBS6,100,000+2%
18FBI: InternationalCBS6,056,000+63%
19Bob Hearts AbisholaCBS5,844,000+24%

Networks: Top 20

Based on ratings data as of Wednesday, January 25, 2023. See the full network ratings ranking.

3Fox News2,822,0000.90+9%
18USA Network588,0000.19-2%
19Food Network545,0000.17+2%

Markets: Top 20

Based on universe estimates as of the 2022-2023 season. See the full 2023 DMA ranking.

RankMarketTV HomesChange
1New York7,726,580+1%
2Los Angeles5,838,090+2%
5Dallas-Fort Worth3,041,540+3%
10San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose2,593,210-1%
13Tampa-St Petersburg-Sarasota2,068,720+1%
15Minneapolis-Saint Paul1,839,480-4%
17Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne1,775,140+2%
18Miami-Fort Lauderdale1,720,970+2%


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Nov 23, 2022 12:10 EST

The Top 20 Markets may as well be the Top 20 Worst Places to Live in America. No surprise to see the correlation, and it's no coincidence that the two most influential markets that everyone working in media are moving to (Austin and Nashville) don't make that list.


Dec 2, 2022 18:14 EST

Dude, you think Nashville and Austin have higher population that NY and LA? Stop watching FANE NEWS.

Drew Franklin

Aug 9, 2022 14:24 EST

Although not a real big surprise I find the TV markets list interesting. Top viewership coming from the most populous cities. .


Sep 10, 2022 08:43 EST

nyc and la live in a tv bubble stuck in the 2000s while everyone else are watching youtube, especially people under 30. there’s no cultural influence coming from those cities anymore. they’ve become the fringe.

Lynn Wilson

Feb 20, 2022 07:59 EST

Take a look here people... The above comment is a product of a brainwashing education system aided by brainwashing media. Scary.

Lesco Brandon

Oct 19, 2021 21:16 EST


John Smith

Mar 22, 2022 00:41 EST

Lesco, Time to go back to work or the burgers will get burnt on the grill! ? I also hear your mom calling you!

Not Sure

Aug 22, 2021 15:30 EST

Before today I was worried that someone other than President Biden was running the country now after what he did in Afghanistan I’m really worried he really is running the country


Oct 11, 2021 16:17 EST

Were you worried when Trump was out of his mind crazy for MONTHS at the end of his disastrous administration? When even some Republicans were asking Trump's cabinet to enact the 25th Amendment. When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs ordered the Pentagon not to enact any military orders they might receive from Trump. Were you concerned then? Of course not. Because you are a partisan right-winger who believes in what you FEEL. You have no use for rationality or the facts of the matter. Joe Biden is in command. Trump had lost his mind and was not.

Gianna Javid

Oct 21, 2021 02:54 EST

You can't quit Trump, poor baby! Trump wasn't out of his mind. He was living rent free in your mind and obviously still seems to be doing so. Get help. You should be so much better off than what you seem to be. Biden was selected so aren't you happy? I guess not. Do the world a favor and go to rehab.


Sep 2, 2021 20:54 EST

It's been reported that Trump was going to pull the troops out of Afghanistan *before* Christmas last year had he LEGITIMATELY won re-election. Imagine how THAT would have gone, there, Sparky. The loss of American and Afghani lives would have been catastrophic. President Biden knew that there was never going to be a good time to end an endless war. President Biden knew, as all rational people knew, that the removal of troops and the evacuation of American civilians and Afghanis was at best going to be totally disordered chaos ripe with the possibility of terrorist attacks and that NOTHING EVER would improve the circumstances for a removal and evacuation operation. We Americans are not happy because we expected the unreasonable and impossible: A clean, casualty free exit from Hell on Earth.


Sep 5, 2021 20:21 EST

So... another expert, eh? Withdrawing during winter would have been a god idea, not ignoring the conditions set in the "cease-fire" with the Taliban another... not "planning" on holding a low-point airport with a single runway in the center of the enemy stronghold (wher one mortor round could disable all flights , maintaining active air cover... etc. Ask the Taliban for help during a surrender? Morons. This was a completely botched scheme for creepy uncle joe to celebrate on 9/11. Celebrate? Imbecile.
And it turned into a pitiful bug-out.
"stupid is as stupid does".

JMR is a liar

Sep 3, 2021 14:47 EST

Why would anyone believe a word a liberal HACK has to write. I see you commenting on every post, loser.

Gary Rhodes

Aug 12, 2021 19:58 EST

The powers that be want us divided and fighting each other, rather than seeing the real villains. Divide and conquer has been a strategy well used over time. Divided by race, sex, income, nationality, race, religion, political party or anything else we can fight each other about.
All mainstream media are controlled by the same forces.
Fox is full time "Democrats bad, Republicans good".
The others are "Republicans bad, Democrats good".
Give up on the propaganda and get your news from sites you feel good about.
Try the X22 report for a daily news update and see how that feels to you.


Aug 2, 2021 20:39 EST

Anyone who continues to watch "News" channels (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NBC, ABC CBS) that believed their audience needed to be constantly reminded to not inject bleach, requires a bump in their thorazine to quiet the voices in their head(s). Ridiculous. "Mostly peaceful" riots, 50 former intelligence officials claim Hunter's laptop is Russian disinformation, Bail funds for antifa (fascists) ... etc, etc. ALL snapchat brains, like this JMR troll.

It will take generations to undo the damage of this ideocracy inculcated by the MSM, narci-Tech, and the Bolshevik democrats.
Fox, OANN, and some NewsMax. Block the others with parental controls!


Oct 12, 2021 11:59 EST

Man, if you think Democrats are communists, you are the one who needs to broaden your news sources. The Democratic Party is the CENTER of the nation right now. Our values, our morales and our adherence to the Rule of Law is what Americans want.

Republicans are extremist right-wingers, more like fascists than an actual American political party. You have thrown away the constitution for trump and now you all swear allegiance to that gas bag instead of to the country that our soldiers fought & died for.


Tammy Wilson

Feb 20, 2022 07:54 EST

WOW, the most brainwashed libtards are on this site.
What are going to do in Nov when the voters put their politicians in the ground?


Oct 22, 2021 18:16 EST

You, more than most, may want to seriously consider staying away from the "news' for a while.

America in flames

Jul 28, 2021 12:28 EST

You right wingers are exactly what’s wrong with this country. Fed a steady diet of lies has rotted your brains. You tried to steal an election and got k Ickes, try again and watch what happens, we will not stand for your BS. Fox and the right wing news outlets don’t even report news it entertainment. Sad sad sad how f*cking stupid gop voters are.


Aug 31, 2021 18:23 EST

That's the twisted minds we have to deal with... Who stole an election? Next time, let's stop counting right when your vote is ready to be tallied. Brain dead idiot.


Aug 15, 2021 18:57 EST

Yep….we watched Biden destroy the best economy, lie to the American people, unilaterally break laws and treat the Constitution like a piece of USED TOILET PAPER. All within 8 months he’s destroyed our Country. How are your gas prices dumbass? We went from energy independent to whores all in 8 months. We went from a secure southern border to a disaster all in 8 months.

What you have sir is a serious case of Bolitus disease- that's when the nerve in your eyeball gets crossed up with the one in your asshole and wind up with really shitty outlook on life.

Do us a favor….move to Russia or China. ?

brodie misa

Sep 19, 2021 01:05 EST

interesting the response actually proves what u said! Biden in office 9 months and some how has ruined the US economy Hilarious


Jun 26, 2021 10:13 EST

New Reuter's Poll / study finds U.S. is dead last in trust of the news media (@ 29%) of the 49 countries polled. Giving Pulitzers to the NYT and WAPO for years of lies is a big reason.

The NYT & WAPO got a Pulitzer for their years of lies re Russia Hoax. The NYT has practice at this. See following regarding their 1932 award. These stories helped grease the skids for the U.S. (and subsequently the UK) to recognize the USSR that was in dire need financing from global banks (aka US & UK). The NYT subsequently, on the basis of their own independently commissioned study of the issue decades later, agreed they should not have gotten it, but refused to return it. The media has been working a long time to earn its now last place spot in trust.

A report commissioned by the [NY] Times said the work of 1932 Pulitzer Prize-winner Walter Duranty had a “serious lack of balance,” was “distorted,” and was “a disservice to American readers of the New York Times…and the peoples of the Russian and Soviet empires.”--New York Sun Oct. 22, 2003
This summer, at the request of the New York Times, Mark von Hagen, Professor of History at Columbia University, investigated the Pulitzer Prize awarded to reporter Walter Duranty in 1932. Von Hagen's report, delivered in July, became known this week. It is being published here for the first time with the permission of Professor von Hagen. In an interview with the New York Sun Professor von Hagen said that he believes the Pulitzer awarded to the Times should be rescinded.

The Pulitzer Prize the NYT Should Not Have Won

N.Y. Times Agrees 1932 Pulitzer Prize Was Not Deserved

Pulitzer Prize Board Reviews Reporter’s 1932 Award

Pulitzer Prize Board Reviews Reporter’s 1932 Award

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