CBS Shows

3ICE Championship282,000
48 Hours213,122,000
48 Hours Presents1,912,000
60 Minutes28,588,000
60 Minutes Presents4,115,000
A-10 Championship1,394,000
AFC Championship55,473,000
AFC Championship Post Game24,326,000
AFC Championship Pre Game14,515,000
AFC Divisional Playoff50,393,000
AFC Divisional Playoff Post Game25,908,000
AFC Divisional Playoff Post Gun39,281,000
AFC Wild Card Playoff31,052,000
AFC Wild Card Playoff Post Game16,898,000
AFC Wild Card Playoff Post Gun27,787,000
AFC Wild Card Pre Game6,037,000
After Midnight584,000
Alan Young Show, The16,432,200
All In with Laila Ali365,000
Amazing Race, The222,782,000
America Decides1,498,000
Amos 'n' Andy16,065,000
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends24,786,000
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts29,253,600
B Positive1,779,000
Bellator MMA1,068,000
Beyond the Edge2,472,000
Big Brother2,831,000
Big Brother Reindeer Games2,291,000
Big Brother: 25th Anniversary1,515,000
Big Ten Championship3,177,000
Big Ten on CBS2,750,000
Big Town25,153,200
BIG3 Basketball483,000
BIG3 Championship638,000
BIG3 Playoffs528,000
Billy Joel: The 100th85,734,000
Blood & Treasure2,059,000
Blue Bloods105,405,000
Bob Hearts Abishola204,230,000
Bold and the Beautiful, The2,703,000
Buddy Games1,858,000
Byron Allen Presents TheGrio Awards1,357,000
Camping World SRX Series1,064,000
Canadian Pacific Women's Open473,000
CBS News Special1,691,000
CBS News Special Report232,498,000
Celebrity Time6,946,200
Challenge: USA, The1,748,000
Charles-Walcott Fight15,820,200
Christmas Proposal, A2,118,000
Christmas Takes Flight2,262,000
Circus, The447,600
CMT Music Awards5,376,000
Cognizant Founders Cup708,000
College Football9,090,000
College Football Postgame5,452,000
College Football Prime8,824,000
College Football Special4,089,000
College Football Today2,528,000
College Football: The Drive to Atlanta493,000
College Football: USAA6,940,000
Come Dance with Me2,376,000
Comics Unleashed466,000
Commanders' Classic1,231,000
Criminal Minds: Evolution1,856,000
CSI: Vegas2,914,000
Daytime Emmy Awards, The2,073,000
Dick Van Dyke: 98 Years of Magic2,327,000
Did I Mention Invention?347,000
Dolly Parton's Pet Gala2,119,000
East New York4,678,000
Ed Sullivan Show, The27,784,800
Equalizer, The6,934,000
Evening News with Norah O’Donnell174,530,000
Face the Nation2,628,000
Fall Preview1,778,000
Family Film and TV Awards843,000
FBI True1,729,000
FBI: International95,697,000
FBI: Most Wanted135,032,000
Final Four Show, The2,279,000
Fire Country125,050,000
Fit for Christmas1,458,000
Ford 50th Anniversary Show, The33,354,000
Ford Television Theatre, The4,822,400
Fred Waring Show, The1,511,800
Frosty Returns1,662,000
Frosty the Snowman1,882,000
Funny You Should Ask1,637,000
General Eisenhower12,056,400
Genesis Scottish Open2,169,000
Ghosts UK2,526,000
Gift: Kindness Goes Viral with Steve Hartman, The2,939,000
Goldbergs, The4,117,300
Golden Globe Awards9,466,000
Good Sam2,100,000
Grammy Awards17,092,000
Grammy Salute2,897,000
Grammy Salute to the Beach Boys, A2,247,000
Grammy Salute to the Songs of Paul Simon, A2,503,000
Greatest @Home Videos, The2,807,000
Harry: The Interview2,655,000
HBCU All-Star Game600,000
Henry Ford's Innovation Nation, The1,051,000
Her Majesty the Queen: A Gayle King Special3,127,000
Home for the Holidays, A2,146,000
Hope in the Wild867,000
How We Roll3,316,000
Hunter, The11,934,000
I Love Lucy29,804,400
Jack Benny Program, The28,396,800
Ken Murray Show, The9,822,600
Kennedy Center Honors, The4,524,000
Last Last Late Late Show, The3,779,000
Late Late Show with James Corden, The492,000
Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The2,160,000
Lawmen: Bass Reeves3,545,000
Let's Make a Deal2,382,000
Life with Luigi26,683,200
Lotería Loca871,000
LPGA Golf425,000
Lucky Dog1,098,000
Lux Video Theatre9,639,000
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade7,198,000
Magnum P.I.2,586,000
Man Against Crime14,688,000
Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to All1,792,000
Masters Golf Tournament19,589,000
Mission Unstoppable884,000
Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One1,542,000
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation2,899,000
Mountain West Championship1,800,000
Must Love Christmas1,851,000
My Friend Irma20,012,400
My Little Margie27,968,400
NAACP Image Awards1,313,000
National Christmas Tree Lighting2,213,000
National Women's Soccer League683,000
National Women's Soccer Postgame420,000
NCAA Basketball1,732,000
NCAA Basketball Championship15,138,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Bridge6,052,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Post Gun6,975,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Pre-Game5,456,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Selection5,086,000
NCAA Basketball Postgame5,007,000
NCAA Big Ten2,805,000
NCAA Division II Basketball Championship998,000
NCAA MVC Championship876,000
NCIS: Hawai'i115,394,000
NCIS: Los Angeles1,866,000
NCIS: Sydney4,759,000
NCISverse: The First 10003,749,000
Neighborhood, The184,416,000
New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash8,310,000
NFL Christmas Post Game11,451,000
NFL Honors2,484,000
NFL National10,615,000
NFL National Post Game20,873,000
NFL Preseason3,435,000
NFL Regional13,699,000
NFL Single41,760,000
NFL Single Post Game25,031,000
NFL Today, The9,221,000
Norman Lear: A Life on Television3,072,000
NWSL Challenge Cup461,000
NWSL Championship817,000
NWSL Championship Post509,000
NWSL Championship Pre745,000
One Last Time: Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga1,618,000
Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts26,377,200
PGA Championships4,517,000
PGA Tour1,923,000
President Truman21,756,600
Price Is Right, The4,103,000
Professional Bull Riding Sunday991,000
Racket Squad14,183,100
Raid the Cage2,653,000
Real Love Boat, The1,658,000
Red Buttons Show, The24,724,800
Reindeer in Here1,955,000
Republican National Convention44,136,000
Republican Response2,654,000
Road to the Final Four3,764,000
Robbie the Reindeer1,157,000
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer1,780,000
Salute to NCIS: Los Angeles, A3,446,000
Saturday Encore251,926,000
Saturday Morning1,658,000
Schlitz Film Firsts8,133,500
SEAL Team1,610,000
SEC Championship17,519,000
SEC Championship Post Game8,135,000
Secret Celebrity Renovation2,073,000
So Help Me Todd164,586,000
Sports Special708,000
Sports Spectacular578,000
Stand Up to Cancer769,000
Star Trek Into Darkness2,077,000
Star Trek: Beyond1,493,000
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds1,932,000
State of the Union4,090,000
State of the Union Analysis3,211,000
State of the Union Pre3,844,000
Story of Santa Claus, The1,331,000
Strike It Rich15,835,500
Studio One25,336,800
Sunday Morning4,609,000
Super Bowl120,252,000
Super Bowl Post-Game65,087,000
Super Bowl Post-Gun101,657,000
Super Bowl Soulful Celebration1,655,000
Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials4,926,000
Talk, The1,256,000
Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert, The1,113,000
Toni Twin Time10,189,800
Tony Awards, The4,121,000
Top Gun2,326,000
Tough As Nails2,430,000
True Lies2,034,000
UEFA Champions League2,183,000
UEFA Champions League Kick-Off1,589,000
Undercover Boss3,340,000
United States of Al2,347,000
Watergate: High Crimes in the White House1,749,000
We, the People1,425,600
Web, The11,153,700
Wednesday Encore1,765,000
Weekend News3,448,000
What's My Line?11,337,300
When Christmas Was Young1,468,000
Whitney, a Look Back1,651,000
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