7Innings Live113,000
AVP Beach Volleyball75,000
Big 12 Tournament248,000
CFP Championship MegaCast150,000
CFP Rankings Show54,000
CFP Semi Megacast165,000
College Baseball88,000
College Baseball Regionals/Super Regionals1445,000
College Baseball Super Regionals172,000
College Basketball Post-Season64,000
College Basketball Regular Season167,000
College Basketball Scoreboard238,000
College Football Afternoon162,000
College Football Bowl Game32,000
College Football Bowl Studio215,000
College Football Live83,000
College Football Prime173,000
College Football Repeat63,000
College GameDay56,000
College GameDay Featured85,000
College Hockey Studio129,000
College Softball Regionals67,000
College Softball Regular Season96,000
College Softball Super Regionals287,000
College World Series158,000
College Wrestling110,000
ESPN Recruiting Nation
ESPNU Selection Special125,000
Formula 1 GP Sprint120,000
Formula 1 Practice167,000
Formula 1 Qualifying104,000
Heisman Trophy Presentation104,000
High School Basketball20,000
NBA Summer League66,000
NCAA Football191,000
NCAA Hockey Championship93,000
NCAA Lacrosse Championship88,000
NCAA Men's Soccer Tournament79,000
NCAA Studio Update175,000
NCAA Women's Basketball Championship116,000
NHL Divisional Playoffs107,000
NHL Playoffs72,000
NIT Tournament105,000
Soccer Tournament256,000
Softball Bases Loaded228,000
Squeeze Play107,000
Three Day Weekend25,000
True South112,000
Women's Beach Volleyball35,000
Women's College Basketball Post Season306,000
Women's College Basketball Regular Season60,000
Women's College Gymnastics41,000
Women's College Lacrosse40,000
Women's College Soccer Tournament78,000
Women's College Volleyball Regular Season18,000
Women's College Volleyball Tournament379,000
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