Fox News Shows

All American Christmas664,000
All-American New Year's Eve1,570,000
America Reports1,520,000
America's Grandmother1,089,000
America's Newsroom1,593,000
America's Top Ranger775,000
Big Midterms Show, The1,350,000
Big Saturday Show, The967,000
Big Sunday Show, The872,000
Big Weekend Show, The1,546,000
Breaking News Coverage1,902,000
Cavuto Live1,419,000
CNN Presidential Debate9,276,000
CNN Presidential Debate Analysis8,714,000
Coronation of King Charles III1,604,000
Countdown to All-American New Year958,000
Countdown to the Debate2,922,000
Death of Rosalynn Carter, The602,000
Duck Family Christmas, A540,000
Duck Family Treasure598,000
Faith Still Moves Mountains643,000
Faulkner Focus, The1,598,000
FBN Republican Debate6,693,000
Five, The3,490,000
Fox & Friends1,133,000
Fox & Friends First550,000
Fox & Friends Saturday1,563,000
Fox & Friends Sunday1,454,000
Fox Nation Patriot Awards512,000
Fox News at Night (Transitional)1,037,000
Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream1,056,000
Fox News at Night with Trace Gallagher1,548,000
Fox News Live1,098,000
Fox News Saturday Night7885,000
Fox News Special Report686,000
Fox News Sunday864,000
Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream1,214,000
Fox News Tonight1,567,000
Fox Report with Jon Scott1,310,000
FOX Weather Simulcast628,000
Franklin Graham Easter Message755,000
Funeral of Pope Benedict475,000
Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II2,400,000
Great Christmas Debate, The403,000
Great Christmas Showdown, The488,000
Here's the Deal1,136,000
Home of the Brave806,000
Homefront for the Holidays341,000
Hurricane Ian Coverage655,000
Idaho Murders, The909,000
Independence Day Special1,494,000
Ingraham Angle, The2,161,000
Iowa Town Hall with Trump4,426,000
Iran Attack on Israel2,488,000
Israel Strikes Back2,408,000
Jackson Confirmation Vote1,628,000
January 6th Hearing1,041,000
Jeffrey's Book of Names975,000
Jesse Watters Primetime15,631,000
Jesus I Know, The932,000
Journal Editorial Report1,051,000
Judge Jeanine Investigates793,000
Killer Interview with Piers Morgan, The641,000
Lawrence Jones Cross Country888,000
Life of Jesus, The822,000
Life, Liberty and Levin51,485,000
Media Buzz1,272,000
MisEducation of America, The1,018,000
Modern Warriors847,000
Murdaugh Murders Trial856,000
Never Give an Inch778,000
New Year with Tyrus, A952,000
Next Revolution, The1,038,000
One Nation with Brian Kilmeade61,311,000
OutKick on Fox837,000
Park'd Yellowstone756,000
Pope Easter Message390,000
Presidential Address3,376,000
Presidential Address Analysis3,097,000
Price and Splendor of Freedom, The586,000
Queen Elizabeth Casket1,403,000
Queen Elizabeth II1,103,000
Queen Elizabeth II: For the Love of Country707,000
Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee1,418,000
Remembering Queen Elizabeth II1,677,000
Republican Presidential Debate11,062,000
Runway of Hope: A 9/11 Story750,000
Sacrifice and Survival934,000
Senate Project, The622,000
Special Report with Bret Baier2,340,000
State of the Union5,843,000
State of the Union Analysis5,557,000
State of the Union Coverage5,367,000
State of the Union: Republican Response4,997,000
Story of FTX, The976,000
Story with Martha MacCallum, The1,529,000
Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo1,640,000
Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy41,602,000
To Rescue the Constitution594,000
Town Hall with Nikki Haley910,000
Tucker Carlson Originals662,000
Tucker Carlson Tonight3,300,000
Unauthorized History of the Korean War, The712,000
Unfiltered with Dan Bongino1,223,000
Vatican Easter Mass258,000
Vietnam: Footsteps of My Father904,000
War on the West, The885,000
West Point: Holiday Show452,000
White House Correspondents' Dinner, The734,000
Who Can Forget?757,000
Who Is?825,000
Women of the Bible Speak653,000
Yellowstone: One-Fifty642,000
Your World with Neil Cavuto1,920,000
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