Gutfeld! (previously titled as The Greg Gutfeld Show until April 5, 2021) is a U.S. television program broadcast on Fox News since Sunday, May 31, 2015. Gutfeld is currently the fourth most popular show on Fox News and 55th overall on TV, watched by a total number of 1,943,000 people (0.62% rating, up +8% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on . Gutfeld! is hosted by Gregory John Gutfeld (59).

Gutfeld daily P2+ ratings chart

Gutfeld Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Gutfeld!, presented by Greg Gutfeld, on Fox News as of Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

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Top Fox News Shows

1The Five2,770,000+5%
2Jesse Watters Primetime2,346,000+7%
5Special Report with Bret Baier1,822,000-1%
6Ingraham Angle1,758,000-6%
7Sunday Morning Futures1,391,000-13%
8America's Newsroom1,388,000-6%
10Fox & Friends Sunday1,310,000-1%
11Faulkner Focus1,292,000-2%
12Fox & Friends1,274,000+1%
13America Reports1,259,000-8%
14Fox News Special Report1,196,000-18%
15Fox & Friends Saturday1,175,000-11%
16Story with Martha MacCallum1,153,000-4%
17Your World with Neil Cavuto1,146,000-2%
18Life, Liberty and Levin1,091,000+27%
19Media Buzz1,073,000+7%
20Cavuto Live1,055,000-8%
21Sunday Night in America982,000-5%
22Fox News at Night with Trace Gallagher960,000+12%
23Big Weekend Show821,000+14%
24Fox News Live791,000-2%
25Fox News Saturday Night673,000+33%
26One Nation with Brian Kilmeade672,000-6%
27Killer Interview with Piers Morgan641,000
28Fox Report with Jon Scott603,000-16%
29Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream564,000-6%
30Journal Editorial Report560,000-11%


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Precious Loner🥲🤧

Sep 19, 2023 00:52 EST

Too bad everyone that posts on here don't post with their senators and congressman that they should lock up criminals and stop our schools from pushing propaganda as well as the news media. Y'all get your ass to work and straighten out this country and quit putting other countries ahead of ours is what we need to tell them. I let my congressman and senators know how I feel and I can see them fighting for it.

Patricia Pickup

Feb 20, 2023 18:55 EST

Gutfeld has lost me as a viewer. His jokes are gross and constantly making inferences of sexual overtones towards men who are his guests. His jokes are childish and I am surprised certain guests who I do respect, even come back. They must be desperate for attention. Having Emily Compagno on constantly does not add to the show with her shallow remarks and short skirts. Seems he has her on for immature men to google over. Sad!


Jul 20, 2023 22:34 EST

Exactly! He’s not even funny and I put him as cringy! Compagno fake giggles. He talks louder Andy keeps repeating himself when he sees it’s not going over


May 7, 2022 14:24 EST

Are Gutfeld's jokes getting tasteless? Even his female guests are getting embarrassed.


May 10, 2022 11:35 EST

I agree! Is "king of late night " going to his head? The jokes are falling flat also. He was so funny in the old studio...not sure what is going on with Gutfeld!

And one female guest was definitely embarrassed the other night and she practically said so. Good for her!

Richard hydell

Jan 30, 2022 21:23 EST

Richard Hydell and Wrecked
All over the world ?
Spotify ITunes etc .


Nov 12, 2021 17:19 EST

It takes a special kind of talent to make a current events show predictable and repetitive - fart joke, angry white guy, fart joke, deep thoughts with Tyrus, fart joke, Kat's stupid sounding fake laugh every time Greg blinks, fart joke - can't watch.

Thomas S

Feb 10, 2023 10:56 EST

man, the ratings on this comment are worse than Colbert's ratings!


Jul 30, 2022 05:31 EST

I think he's doing a hell of a job instead. He is both more politically incorrect and more moral than the normal late night shows. Repetition is part of comedy since forever. Sometimes I LOL which doesn't happen often with others.

Jim and jany howe

Jun 3, 2023 02:42 EST

I used to feel this way until fox lost their only get-down-in-the+dirt investigating journalist, tucker. He would dig up the dirt, the five would give it an easily digestible format, with a little humor to help it all go down. Later, reporters spin the news, baire and hannity regurgitate the daily chosen stories, and they all use the same videos and talking points. Getfield had anti-trumpers leading the audience in titters and laughs to degrade trump…a man i like and respect … a man who fought to bring sanity back to Washington. Without tucker carlson, fox has no one to shine a light, and now gutfield has become a turncoat. NO TRUTH, NO HUMOR, NO BACKBONE. We have completely transferred to newsmax for all of our news needs.

Ivan Terrible

Jul 20, 2021 00:13 EST

Gutfeld is a Russian operative.
He (Gutfeld) is related to Putin.
By Anonymous

Expect to see the above show up on The C(hina N(ews N(etwork))).
Go Greg you rule..!

Precious Loner🥲🤧

Sep 19, 2023 00:45 EST

Yeah I'm kin to Putin as well. As a matter of fact you are too and we all are. Because didn't we all come from Adam and Eve so he must be our cousin. We haven't talked in ever but I'm sure he would remember me.

D Bernes

Jul 21, 2021 01:41 EST

Greg, you're curating a lot of bad habits lately like insulting your guests with lame attempts at humor about their appearance, personal habits etc and they appear visibly annoyed while you laugh at yourself constantly. Trust me nobody else is laughing or think it's particularly funny. We love you Greg but stick to the mission of informing us and not entertaining yourself. I never thought I'd admit this but of late I've started to tune out before the hour has ended. It started :55 now it's around :40 if you've been laughing at yourself all night. And please curtail the rhyming, it's really adds nothing to the show. But I'll be back tomorrow... Just can't quit you bro!

Lynn Wilson

Feb 20, 2022 08:38 EST

You HAVE to be a libtard? Most if not all folks love what you don't.

Richard Hydell and Wrecked

Jun 27, 2021 09:58 EST

More more more .
Let’s get back to normal
Sex drugs and Rock and roll .
Free your mind and the rest will follow.


Jun 19, 2021 12:39 EST

The media, Dems/Left have been such extreme arses under cover of “necessary” 24/7 resistance to the Evil One, Trump, (aka TDS) they were just begging to be made the butt of the joke, daily, many times over. They constantly offered up the material, but it was left lying in a dark taboo corner, unused.

This is why I don’t just like Gutfeld!, I NEED Gutfeld!, and I bet a lot of viewers feel the same way. Humor is great in good times, but in bad times it’s essential. And if we’re going to have “humor” that supports the lunacy, we damn well better have humor as an antidote to it, as well.

It’s not like these fools on the left are just spouting a lot of foolishness - they are, but the really appalling thing is, they’re ruining our country too. Their behavior has been incredibly divisive & destructive, and just growing worse as it goes unchecked, especially as it gags rational ppl in the public sphere from stating the obvious due to fear of increasingly intolerant & tyrannical consequences.

Because of all of the above, this is exactly the right time for Gutfeld!, and not a moment too soon.

james E STATEN

Jul 29, 2021 14:34 EST

Guttfeld is a waste of time, her moved from the stage to this network. The stage didn't didn't like him but these fools do before he love telling lies

Max Kopp

Sep 23, 2021 23:21 EST

Huh! Who write this? Nancy? Or Joe.


Sep 11, 2021 08:34 EST

Come on … even Bill Mahr thinks Gutfled is genius. He should … it’s the same show but from the other side of the pitch.


May 13, 2021 17:13 EST

Where has Tyrus been, he’s been missing from Gutfeld??? I hope he still works at Fox. I love Fox News, watch it every day and starting at 5 p.m, is all my favs. Love everyone on Fox and so happy Gutfeld! Kicking ass!!! Thank you for all your great shows. Stopped watching Chris Wallace last year, was too biased against Trump. Maria Bartiroma is fabulous too.

Geraldine Bletsch

Jul 9, 2021 00:13 EST

Chris Wallace doesn’t belong on a conservative station. Never watch when he is on. He would be perfect on CBS or BBC

Lynn Wilson

Feb 20, 2022 08:36 EST

Poor Chrissy jumped over to cnn wich us currently imploding because he was holding hands with his Zucky but his Zucky went bye, bye and Chrissy is left all awone wiff a load in his diaper.

Gary Twitty

Jul 21, 2021 07:43 EST

Chris Wallace has always been a lefty, but has always tried to be fair and asked tough questions to both sides until he became infected with TDS
(Trump Derangement Syndrome) then he has totally lost all credibility. He would make a good assistant to Shepard Smith or an assistant to Rachael Maddie on MSDNC.


May 13, 2021 17:17 EST

Sent msg then saw Tyrus on The Five!!! Love Judge Jeanine too and everyone - all do a great job!!

Jay Cadillac

Apr 14, 2021 23:01 EST

Nothing against Gutfeld, but five nights a week is too much. Why can't someone at Fox think outside the box and, say, cut Gutfeld to a half-hour each day and run someone else (Lawrence Jones!) in the other half-hour? What's sacrosanct about hour-long shows?

Lynn Wilson

Feb 20, 2022 08:40 EST

You are so smart? why aren't you a consultant?


Jun 19, 2021 13:09 EST

I couldn’t disagree with you more. Gutfeld! needs a full hour because we need a full hour of Gutfeld!

And Lawrence Jones? Wherever did that come from? In this context, it’s like putting vinaigrette on your pancakes or syrup on your salad. He’s ok at what he does, but since when does he do humor? It’s a political humor show designed to hit back at the insanity of those in power - the Left, currently - by shooting them with comedic arrows dipped in their own ridiculousness.

As for cutting it to a half hour, nothing human is infallible, including Gutfeld!’s comedic aim - some segments and/or jokes fall short - but overall it’s an oasis after a long stretch of parched earth. If anything, more time would be preferable to less.

Lynn Wilson

Feb 20, 2022 08:42 EST

Don't you just love Kat and her silly laugh? ? Libtards are INCENSED that Gutfeld makes fun of people ??❤️?✔️


Jul 22, 2021 11:13 EST

I’m pretty sure Fox is happy with their decision to put Gutfeld! on everyday. His ratings are very high. As a fellow Libertarian, I enjoy the show!

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