Hannity is a U.S. television program aired on Fox News since Monday, January 12, 2009. Hannity is currently the third most popular show on Fox News and 62nd overall on TV, watched by a total number of 2,286,000 people (0.73% rating, up +15% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on . Hannity is also shown on Fox Business since September 2023. Hannity is hosted by Sean Patrick Hannity (61).

Hannity daily P2+ ratings chart

Hannity Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Hannity, presented by Sean Hannity, on Fox News as of Thursday, December 7, 2023.

Hannity Daily Ratings
2023-Nov-24 SPECIALP2+1,311,0000.42
2023-Nov-22 SPECIALP2+1,545,0000.49
Hannity Monthly Ratings
Hannity Quarterly Ratings

Top Fox News Shows

1The Five2,761,000+1%
2Jesse Watters Primetime2,527,000+4%
4Ingraham Angle2,216,000
5Special Report with Bret Baier2,134,000+3%
7America's Newsroom1,569,000-1%
9Faulkner Focus1,489,000-1%
10Fox & Friends1,467,000+14%
11Sunday Morning Futures1,436,000+10%
12Fox & Friends Saturday1,434,000+4%
13America Reports1,382,000-6%
14Your World with Neil Cavuto1,340,000-11%
15Story with Martha MacCallum1,312,000-6%
16Fox & Friends Sunday1,273,000+4%
17Life, Liberty and Levin1,267,000+17%
18Cavuto Live1,218,000-5%
19Media Buzz1,118,000+8%
20Fox News at Night with Trace Gallagher1,093,000+3%
21Sunday Night in America976,000+11%
22Fox News Live952,000+8%
23One Nation with Brian Kilmeade848,000+40%
24Big Weekend Show795,000-19%
25Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream785,000+20%
26Fox Report with Jon Scott660,000-23%
27Journal Editorial Report629,000+10%
28Fox News Saturday Night623,000-6%


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Ralph Lauren

Nov 19, 2023 04:51 EST

Poorly Educated Peckerwoods continue to be victimized and lied to ..and FOX-RT is their teacher.

Vito Architetto

Nov 9, 2023 18:05 EST

Besides the negative comments here, which I agree with, I would like to add the following. 1) If you have the will to try to listen to Hannity during his 3 hour time slot, you’ll discover that about 50% of that time is devoted to commercials/self aggrandizing music. It’s ridiculous. 2) Sean is full of himself. He thinks he’s a “king maker” when it comes to Presidential candidates. Why else would he be so disrespectful, and non listening to Vivek when he had him on his show? And today (11/9) he made fun of Vivek again, calling him derogatory names on his show, while talking about Vivek’s debate performance last night, which is widely accepted as Vivek winning. Whether one supports Vivek or not, Hannity is so dull arrogant that he believes that he (Hannity) is the gatekeeper for who is allowed to run for President. I can no longer stomach listening to this prideful hot bag of wind.


Jun 13, 2023 02:06 EST

Perfect analogy. But, in my opinion, he will NOT stop interrupting. He will NOT stop bragging about his MMA training or how he's been a trained marksman since he was what, 8 or 10 years old. I switched to Newsmax months ago. Much better.

Joe K

May 15, 2023 19:14 EST

Fox made a Bud Light like decision to get rid of Tucker. It has and will cost them dearly. I feel bad for Hannity because, lets face it he has been living off the lead-in ratings from Tucker for years now. The way I see it it's time for Hannity to get to work and put on a TV show worth watching. The first thing he needs to do is learn how to interview: 1. Shut up 2. Listen 3. Don't interrupt the person with one of your canned speeches. Also don't just interview the same old bar flies you have had on the show constantly. Mix it up and challenge the stupid people in Washington that you have on the show. HAVE AN OPINION! You may have a very short window before Tucker gets his platform built before he torpedo's FOX. You have a very short amount of time to start doing a real show. Get to work Hannity and earn your audience!

Cindy Plumb

May 16, 2023 23:31 EST

I don’t know why everyone is suddenly so low on Sean. He’s a conservative who knows what buttons to push. He loves his canned speeches and phrases like MSDNC and Sippy Cup Joe. I love when he says those things it makes liberals cry and those tears are quite delicious.


Oct 14, 2023 18:32 EST

Today, he’s too busy being a rude prick to everyone. His attitude sucks and his lust for Trump remains pathetically unbearable. He argues with military experts (Generals and others), who have tours of real-time experience in Urban warfare but Sean knows what is best. He even had the audacity to push his view on an experienced IDF expert that “they have it wrong by not solely using technology” He’s a smug prick, his time slot sucks. Time to go.

Joe Roberts

May 1, 2023 09:52 EST

FoxNews will slowly die if they don’t take a conservative turn immediately. The firing of Tucker, the only show I watched on FoxNews, was stupid. Hannity, as many have stated says the same things over and over and tends to cut off guests, allowing them one statement. The fact that he continues to let RINO Lindsey Graham on is proof that Hannity has become more of an establishment Republican and less of a conservative. Hannity and Laura Ingraham both do little investigative work unlike Tucker’s team.
The fact that The Five leads FoxNews in the ratings is evidence of how poor their programming has become. A couple of conservatives, a comedian, a RINO, and a liberal do not make the show watchable. It’s NewsMax for me or nothing.


May 8, 2023 21:23 EST

It's Newsmax for me too. I haven't watched Fox News since the Monday we found out Tucker was fired with no notice, no option to talk to US the viewers, the people that have kept Fox News number 1 year after year.
We should have turned them off when they turned on Trump!
Everyday when I go to work I leave Newsmax on two TVs just to increase rates!
Hey Fox commentators this Bud Lite is on me!

Rodney A Barnes

Apr 6, 2023 15:37 EST

Wow! I thought I was alone in my assessment of Sean Hannity. But after reading some of the comments I must say that I am lock-step with many of the listeners'/viewers' thoughts. I once looked forward to listening to Sean who then followed the great Rush Limbaugh (which was no simple task ). Hannity's ideas were then fresh and had high energy, and non-repetitive. But he has fallen into what I call a "formula", of tired over used phrases ("you can't make this up"), and topics, ("we got 'em now!"). He seems to have either a super huge ego, or a very delicate one. He tries to be an "aw shucks" guy when given compliments, and that comes across to me as phony. He talks about his martial arts prowess, and I say--"who cares, our world is going to hell in a handbasket and we need to hear this?" I feel we as Americans are on the Titanic and sinking fast. Sean is simply giving us the depth and temperature of the water as we sink into the abyss of Socialism. I miss Rush's, wisdom, his humor, and most of all, his ability to give us all hope, to make me know all will be ok...


Jan 5, 2023 14:43 EST

Hannity has become a RINO. He’s thrown in with the surrender caucus time and time again. He’s the most repetitive person on TV/Radio and comes across as very low IQ. His support for the horrific vaccine and support of McCarthy for speaker in 2023 is a joke. The man calls himself a conservative. The operative portion of that word being “CON”. He’s a RINO a la Brezensky’s husband.

JP from the A

Jun 28, 2022 20:23 EST

I actually used to enjoy listening to Hannity’s radio show and watched his TV show even though I didn’t agree with most of what he said. Once I saw how he purposely misinformed his audience I didn’t want to listen to his dribbling anymore. Every once in a while I may scan by his program and it’s the same ole ranting about how everyone on the other side is the problem! It’s a hard no for me!

Barb Butz

Oct 18, 2021 16:59 EST

Love Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram !
Hannity sings the same old song!
Judge Jeannine is fabulousas well as F
Dan Bongino, Trey Gowdy and Levine!
Shannon Bream is to nice and makes excuses as to not agree with guests. Turn her off!

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