The Story with Martha MacCallum

The Story with Martha MacCallum (previously titled as The First 100 Days until May 1, 2017) is a U.S. television program aired on Fox News since Monday, January 9, 2017. Story with Martha MacCallum is currently the 10th most popular show on Fox News and 64th overall on TV, watched by a total number of 1,547,000 people (0.49% rating, up +22% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on .

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Story with Martha MacCallum Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox News as of Thursday, June 13, 2024.

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10Story with Martha MacCallum1,547,000+22%
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Gary Kelly

Jun 13, 2023 13:48 EST

I’m switching to Newsmax. Fox daytime is not much better than fake news! Still watch night Fox occasionally!

Gary Kelly

Jun 13, 2023 12:10 EST

Can’t get the image of Martha and Bret out of my mind analyzing the November 2020 election results sitting and looking like ttwo deer looking at headlights when their colleagues called the election results so early!


Jan 4, 2023 23:12 EST

Martha McCallum is AWESOME! Hannity is nothing but an infomercial to advance his political beliefs. He was so aggressive and rude towards CO Rep Lauren Boebert tonight that I just had to turn off the TV. Jesse Watters is so full of himself - can't bear to watch him either. So disappointed with evening FOX line-up. Hence, record Martha McCallum daily and watch her in the evening. You are the best, Martha!!


Apr 3, 2022 10:03 EST

Watched Martha today and she is the worst interviewer on tv. John Roberts and Brett Baer are the only ones suitable to replace Chris Wallace who was way too liberal.


Feb 4, 2022 08:21 EST

Martha MacCallum is fair and balanced. I believe her audience are looking for the truth and she delivers. Being the best dressed woman on cable news doesn't hurt.


Nov 30, 2021 16:32 EST

I guess I don't watch enough or I am not far enough to the Right. I enjoy Martha and Brett because they allow views from both sides to voice their positions - I don't think that makes them Left, I think it brings more news back to TV and less opinion. If you want to talk about someone on the Left at FN then talk about Chris Wallace, he could probably easily be working for CNN - he seldom supports the Right. It must be my age group that disagrees with many of the posts that knock Fox. I am a three channel news guy, Fox News, NewsMax and Fox Business News. None of them are going to be great but I think these three are good.


Nov 11, 2021 16:41 EST

Apparently Fox has chosen to keep Brett Baer and Martha McCallum optically neutral in order to be able to whip them out at voting season as neutral moderators...though none of the other networks have done same. This has made both their shows and their commentaries so bland or falling over the Left to be thought of as Fair...they are now bland and uninteresting...They both are boring and lame and their ratings show it....

michael hall

Sep 30, 2020 19:22 EST

Martha I love you're show but can you tell me why chris Wallace is so hard on the president

Sad Conservative

Aug 22, 2021 03:46 EST

Chris Wallace was so hard on President Trump because he was part of the far left’s plan to sabotage his presidency with the hope Trump would lose the 2020 election.
Trump actually won in a landslide on 11/3/2020, which is remarkable considering all the fake news, fake narratives, fake scandals and 2 sham impeachments during his 4 years as President, where he did a great job against all adds. Chris Wallace, along with Martha MacCallum, sat together on election night with the FAKE narrative that there were hundreds of thousands of votes still to count so 5 states could not be called or that there was a water main/pipe break in GA that made them stop counting votes (LOL) and that Biden won Arizona, which was the biggest joke of all! Martha and Bret and Chris should all be ashamed of themselves. They were ALL complicit in the coup to take down Trump, but we all know that Biden did not win. It is very sad. However, I have not watched Fox again and I LOVE looking up their poor ratings. KARMA! The way Martha played cute with Wallace on election night was sickening too! The mainstream media is to blame for the emergence of socialism/communism. Since they are globalists, they think they are untouchable, but are too ignorant to realize they will be hurting future generations, including their own. The almighty dollars is all that they care about, which is the saddest fact of all.


Nov 12, 2020 23:18 EST

I’m done with Fox News. They forgot the viewers who got them where they were. When you can ask how Hillary feels after calling the election for Biden as Martha did, you clearly don’t understand your base who is fed up with Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Biden and their ilk betraying America, our Constitution, and our Declaration with no accountability. Adieu.

Maria Barrett

Mar 18, 2021 09:17 EST

Furthermore, aside from the election hoax, why not cover the “origin” of the illegal immigrants, the human trafficking and drug trafficking at the border? All you have to do is follow the money! Oh, you can’t, can you, because if you did, you would be revealing WHO wants it to happen. It is our very own politicians, wealthy elite globalist citizens and leftist Hollywood. They want the open borders to change and corrupt our country for the almighty dollar bill. Have the fortitude to ask those questions to Epstein’s friends. I bet a lot are those mentioned in the groups above. To those citizens who believe all the propaganda and are buying that it is just being “deceit” to allow people to illegally enter our country are too ignorant to realize how it will hurt them because these efforts by our politicians will hinder their future, not the politicians’ lifestyles and future. The politicians; however, are protected with security and are well connected through lobbyists to make so much money aside from their government pensions and separate health care. “Rules for thee, but not for me!” You are being used! I haven’t watched Fox since the election and will never again, but I love reading the reviews and ratings!!! It’s called Karma and whether Trump runs again or not, he pulled back the curtain on all the deception within Washington D.C and the media! I never realized how bad you all were, but I do now!


Apr 14, 2021 21:10 EST

Recently, Martha said Kamala Harris was Vice-President of the United States “elected” by the US citizens! Hahahaha! What a joke! The election was stolen and she knows it, but had to add that to the end of her sentence. Fox has lost all credibility! China “elected” Biden/Harris. Soros and Zuckerberg’s money funded the product of fraudulent mail-in ballots via drop boxes that “elected” Biden/Harris. Mass produced ballots without signature verification “elected” Biden/Harris, but I know 75-80 million Americans voted for Trump. You made fools of yourselves on November 3, 2020 when the voting stopped and your newscast with Bret and Chris Wallace went along with the fake stories, so the fake ballots could be tallied and new algorithms could be run/submitted, so Biden/Harris were “elected!” Hahahahahaha!

Maria Barrett

Apr 15, 2021 10:47 EST

Typo...”Decent” not deceit
Fox is terrible and lost their worth. Money is all that matters to these news anchors, not standing up to the corruption within these news stations. It’s very sad for our future generations who will live in a socialist country.

Arnold Tobias

Nov 24, 2020 15:27 EST

Found Newsmax this week, goodbye Fox

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