FS1 Shows

America's Day at the Races103,000
American Flat Track1960,000
ARCA Post Race463,000
ARCA Racing288,000
Arenacross Outlaws114,000
Australian Rules Football League49,000
Bassmaster Classic131,000
Bassmaster Elite143,000
Big East College Basketball Tournament608,000
Big East Tournament Bridge346,000
Big East Tournament Pregame122,000
Big East Women's Basketball Tournament318,000
Big East Women's Tournament Post200,000
Big East Women's Volleyball246,000
Big Noon Kickoff97,000
Breaking the Huddle85,000
Bristol Easter Celebration192,000
Carton Show, The2058,000
CLASH Endurance
College Basketball: Big 10355,000
College Basketball: Big East Conference238,000
College Basketball: Brew City Battle153,000
College Basketball: Hoopfest152,000
College Basketball: Mountain West100,000
College Basketball: Pac-1299,000
College Basketball: The Clash66,000
College Football Bridge628,000
College Football Extra322,000
College Football: Big 101,991,000
College Football: Big 121,211,000
College Football: Mountain West260,000
College Football: Pac-12453,000
College Hoops Bridge107,000
CONCACAF Champions League12129,000
CONCACAF Nations League394,000
CONCACAF Nations League Pre-Game132,000
CONCACAF Under-20 Championship126,000
David Ortiz: Legend of the Fall339,000
Dirt: The Last Great American Sport1594,000
FIFA Inter-Continental Playoff195,000
FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup99,000
FIFA Women's World Cup Preview100,000
FIFA World Cup2,574,000
FIFA World Cup Final Draw359,000
FIFA World Cup Final Draw Post124,000
FIFA World Cup Final Draw Pre100,000
FIFA World Cup Final on FOX614,000
FIFA World Cup Highlights79,000
FIFA World Cup Live282,000
FIFA World Cup Magazine45,000
FIFA World Cup Preview75,000
FIFA World Cup Today2,726,000
FIFA World Cup Tonight95,000
FIFA World Cup Venue80,000
Finalissima, La149,000
First Things First12129,000
Fort Myers Tip-Off190,000
FOX Bet Live47,000
FOX College Hoops Tip-Off43,000
FS1 College Hoops Extra121,000
FS1 Superbowl Post275,000
Herd with Colin Cowherd, The119,000
Herd with Jason McIntyre, The11133,000
Herd with Joy Taylor, The101,000
Herd with Nick Wright, The102,000
Inside the Big East61,000
International Friendly226,000
Jackie Robinson: Get to the Bag273,000
Liga MX79,000
Major League Rugby53,000
Major League Soccer1689,000
MLB National League Championship Series3,613,000
MLB National League Championship Series1,991,000
MLB National League Championship Series Post Game2,079,000
MLB National League Championship Series: Post Game1,021,000
MLB National League Championship Series: Pre Game336,000
MLB National League Championship Series: PreGame392,000
MLB National League Division Series3,035,000
MLB National League Division Series: Post Game1,435,000
MLB National League Division Series: Pre Game664,000
MLB Regular Season4312,000
MLB Regular Season Post10134,000
MLB Regular Season Pre1875,000
MLB Regular Season Rain260,000
MLB World Series Post Game118,000
MLS Playoffs285,000
MLS Weather123,000
NASCAR 75913,000
NASCAR Cup Series2,203,000
NASCAR Cup Series Final Practice264,000
NASCAR Cup Series Post Race1,712,000
NASCAR Cup Series Practice291,000
NASCAR Cup Series Qualifying822,000
NASCAR Cup Series Rain1,487,000
NASCAR Presents93,000
NASCAR Race Hub1785,000
NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition128,000
NASCAR RaceDay3367,000
NASCAR RaceDay: Trucks304,000
NASCAR RaceDay: Xfinity8143,000
NASCAR Trucks Final Practice241,000
NASCAR Trucks Practice183,000
NASCAR Trucks Qualify Rain76,000
NASCAR Trucks Qualifying6190,000
NASCAR Trucks Racing548,000
NASCAR Trucks Racing Rain748,000
NASCAR Xfinity Fill541,000
NASCAR Xfinity Practice334,000
NASCAR Xfinity Qualifying166,000
NASCAR Xfinity Race Rain1722,000
NASCAR Xfinity Series2603,000
NHRA Post Race Show268,000
NHRA Pro Stock Series301,000
NHRA Qualifying9137,000
NHRA Top Fuel174,000
Nitro Circus74,000
PBA Bowling115,000
PBC Collection
PBC PPV Prelims285,000
PPA Tour69,000
Saratoga Live161,000
Searching for Shohei: An Interview Special365,000
Skip and Shannon: Undisputed7164,000
TMZ Sports80,000
UEFA Euro Qualifiers73,000
UEFA Nations League217,000
UEFA Nations League Match Day117,000
US National Team Pre-Game101,000
WBC Postgame1,568,000
WBC Pregame421,000
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show435,000
Women's College Basketball: Big 10113,000
Women's College Basketball: Big East Conference61,000
Women's Fort Myers Tip-Off112,000
Women's International Friendly323,000
World Baseball Classic4,480,000
WWE Friday Night SmackDown902,000
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Feb 9, 2023 13:59 EST

Very interested in The Carton Show ratings . . .or lack thereof.


Feb 8, 2023 11:26 EST

Curious how The Carton Show is doing ratings wise.

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