Speak (previously titled as Speak for Yourself until September 5, 2022) is a U.S. television program aired on FS1 since Monday, June 13, 2016. Speak is currently the 22nd most popular show on FS1 and 537th overall on TV, watched by a total number of 77,000 people (0.02% rating, up +7% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on . Speak is hosted by Emmanuel Chinedum Acho (33) since June 22, 2020 and Joy Allison Taylor (37) since September 6, 2022; and stars LeSean McCoy (35) and David Helman.

Speak daily P2+ ratings chart

Speak Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Speak on FS1 as of Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

Speak Daily Ratings
2024-Feb-27 L: 365P2+77,0000.02
2024-Feb-26 L: 364P2+72,0000.02
2024-Feb-15 D: 362P2+129,0000.04
2024-Feb-14 L: 361P2+87,0000.03
2024-Feb-13 L: 360P2+99,0000.03
2024-Feb-12 L: 359P2+134,0000.04
2024-Feb-09 D: 358P2+84,0000.03
2024-Feb-08 L: 357P2+98,0000.03
2024-Feb-07 L: 356P2+87,0000.03
2024-Feb-06 L: 355P2+110,0000.03
2024-Feb-05 L: 354P2+126,0000.04
2024-Feb-02 L: 353P2+96,0000.03
2024-Feb-01 L: 352P2+102,0000.03
2024-Jan-31 L: 351P2+135,0000.04
2024-Jan-30 L: 350P2+133,0000.04
2024-Jan-29 L: 349P2+171,0000.05
2024-Jan-26 L: 348P2+136,0000.04
2024-Jan-25 L: 347P2+162,0000.05
2024-Jan-24 L: 346P2+123,0000.04
2024-Jan-23 L: 345P2+129,0000.04
2024-Jan-22 L: 344P2+171,0000.05
2024-Jan-19 L: 343P2+134,0000.04
2024-Jan-18 L: 342P2+109,0000.03
2024-Jan-17 L: 341P2+106,0000.03
2024-Jan-16 L: 340P2+149,0000.05
2024-Jan-12 L: 338P2+171,0000.05
2024-Jan-11 L: 337P2+132,0000.04
2024-Jan-10 L: 336P2+133,0000.04

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Feb 1, 2024 17:25 EST

The show is exactly as one of the ads for the show indicates..............more focus on the wardrobes of the cast than on insightful commentary. .Attempts at analysis are hallow and self-absorbed.


Jan 13, 2024 15:37 EST

If you put it on mute and focus your eyes a little below joy Taylor’s face it’s one of the best shows on television, if you watch it the regular way you’ll develop a brain tumor.

David C. DenBoer

Jan 3, 2024 16:55 EST

Used to like it now hate it. Why don't they just rename the show "The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles Show" because that is all they ever talk about. So boring and everyone shouting like they wanna be Stephen A. Smith. So sick of Dak and Cowboys and Hurts and Eagles. For the love of God please diversify your topics.

T mac.

Nov 19, 2023 02:41 EST

Where is the football analysis???? Speak absolutely boring to watch!!! Full of emotional bias, Opinions, Shock jock tv. Who decided It was a good idea to give shady McCoy TV time? (sigh) His low budget, Ghetto antics lessens the value of the analysis of the show. This show should be disbanned. Joy "The cleavage" taylor.... Where do I begin.. (Emotional damage) Acho.... Word soup..Mr. 5,000 words Sounds like a former incarcerated Prisoner who studied the "dictionary"! This is a D cast of average at best football players, And I wanna be Barbie.. Can't watch, not going to watch. Sorry!!!!

Chris Moore

Nov 2, 2023 16:51 EST

Awful show. I like Mr. Jones, the rest are horrible. I never missed Speak for yourself. I'd rather play Scrabble on my phone.

Anthony P

Oct 9, 2023 14:57 EST

This show is terrible, it's so hard to watch. Not sure which is worse Shady and his terrible football IQ or Joy who only reads numbers and agrees with everything shady says , James Jones and bucky Brooks are the only bright spots for the show , Shady and Joy should not talk sports ....

Matthew Drake

Nov 1, 2023 06:22 EST

Absolutely, I have been saying the same thing.. And if Joy doesn't get everyone to agree with her she pouts ,and starts sulking.. And not to mention they all tip toe around shady.

Willa Cain

Oct 10, 2023 17:13 EST

Did Lesean McCoy interview for this job or did Acho pick him because he’s a friend? McCoy can’t talk, he’s not knowledgeable about football, get someone that speaks clear English that’s understandable! He’s an embarrassment! Joy is there for eye candy,and wearing low cut dresses, Acho flaunts his knowledge talking so fast, adjusting his butt on his chair repeatedly, this crew is a disaster!


Oct 10, 2023 14:42 EST

Shady is absolutely horrible, why is he on TV, Joy is knowledgeable but really doesn’t add anything and Ancho just loves hearing himself talk.

This show needs to go.


Sep 30, 2023 04:16 EST

Wiley was the soul of this show. “Shady” is just awful and Acho seems like he will take any opportunity the show off his vocabulary - Turing into another Stephen A. Joy Taylor needs to get her own show because this crew is unwatchable. Just another show of people yellling. Awful!


Sep 26, 2023 17:27 EST

Shady has turned me away. He is a “ME” person and pathetic to stomach. I’m a white man and I’m being fair when I say this program is too black. My black friends call it fake. They are insulted with the egos. Too much “ME” and “EGO”! Can’t watch anymore. Shady is the most immature and should go. A spoiled child

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