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Great American Family (formerly known as GAC Family until August 20, 2022) is a television channel in the United States launched on December 31, 1995 as Great American Country. Great American Family is currently the 98th most popular channel on TV, watched by a total number of 46,000 people (up +2% from last week) during primetime, as of the average weekly audience measurement for the period ending September 25, 2022.

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Jul 19, 2022 20:39 EST

Hallmark is kicking its own b*tt. They appeal more to the WOKE crowd now than it’s loyal, long time viewers. It’s just a matter of time for GAC to overtake them. I heard that it’s stars have started moving to GAC now.


Jul 22, 2022 21:10 EST

Using the term woke is old and stale, any Trumper, conservative, keeps using the term for anything they don't like. If the movies on Hallmark are woke then I guess advertisers love woke. I guess the MAJORITY of the viewers love woke because Hallmark consistently is in the top 5 cable channels, unlike GAC which is consistently in the BOTTOM 10. But you conservatives will believe anything or anyone. FYI the highest rated movie for the last 3 YEARS was the first of 3 Wedding Veil movies from January of this year. It contained a gay couple in San Francisco. So much for your woke.

I know who you are

Aug 15, 2022 19:45 EST

I know who you actually are the wording of your post and the constant bashing of GAC. Is exactly the same as this liberal know it not on Twitter. Who constantly makes fun of GAC and their Christian fans and constantly praises hallmark their liberal woke fans. LOL this person even tweets when Christmas movies are being filmed and identifies Christmas movies for hallmark and than has to post that they are not. 😂

Anti Woker

Aug 8, 2022 18:33 EST

Why is fox news the most watched cable channel in the us? Because the majority of people like woke things? Lol... you are a joke


Jul 16, 2022 00:27 EST

I am loving this channel so much.Great American Christmas in July has the best movies better than any of the hallmark Christmas movies from the last two years. There are so many Hallmarkie’s that want this channel to fail one on Twitter who is obsessed with gac and posts lie after lie about them. She claims to be Christmas movie information site for all Christmas movies yet all of her posts are only about hallmark Christmas movies and how great that they. I also do not believe for one minute the so called ratings this week for hallmark.


Jul 17, 2022 14:18 EST

Lol! This network is a complete replica of hallmark circa 2001. The movies are stale. The reason that site comments is because this network was built on manipulation from the trump organization amongst others. The movies stream on free platforms and they want viewers to pay for their channel. Google it, it’s not hard to find. And they’re not inclusive at all but to each it’s own. Lifetime built a Christmas network and didn’t drag hallmark or any other network to do it. The actors that stayed are praising everything so they’re doing something right.


Aug 15, 2022 19:50 EST

😂😂😂 another Hallmarkie’s has to comment. The Hallmarkie’s are worried. The reason is simple they think that Hallmark owns every single movie that they aired. When they do not the production companies do and they can sale the movies to whoever they want to. I can’t wait to see what OLDER Christmas movies that GAC gets. I think a lot of the Hallmarkie’s are going to be crying and I will be loving it.


May 15, 2022 13:10 EST

What happened to the movies? There are no movies on the weekend. Every time I turn on the channel it's showing Full House or other sitcoms. I like some of them but you can only take so much. There is no diversity. I understand that it is new but can we at least have different shows to look at? Playing the same show over and over again is not good.


Jul 29, 2022 15:22 EST

Maybe because Candance Cameron Bure is an executive at GAC now, and she is in both Full House and Fuller House.

Vicki Williams

May 4, 2022 05:30 EST

Please bring back I dream of Jeannie and Bewitch after Fuller House instead of Who’s the boss . Now you have taken off I dream of Jeannie completely ! So disappointed ! Use to
Watch both with my mom growing up ! Such memories . Please ???You could still have facts of life too ( though not a favorite )
Thank you ?


May 20, 2022 18:00 EST

I love old sitcoms even as far back as the 50's and 60's, I have found that when one channel or streaming site drops a show, it will pop up somewhere else. For I dream of Jeannie I watch it on the free streaming site Tubi, for Happy Days I watch it on the Free site Pluto. I have found most but I wish someone would carry Growing Pains, and all of the Miller Boyett comedies that ABC had on Friday nights in the 80's and 90's. The only thing I watch on GAC is Who's the Boss they have all 8 seasons. I do not watch any movies on GAC, very poorly written, poorly produced. There is much better product on other cable channels.

Tiffany rose

Apr 27, 2022 10:33 EST

Boycott the gac family it suck anyways hallmark channel is better at least they don't have boring sitcoms on 24/7 .sorry gac family it's time to go.


Jul 4, 2022 21:08 EST

Gotta love that the Hallmarkie’s are telling people to boycott GAC because of the sitcoms and that Hallmark is so much better. Wait didn’t Hallmark in May of last year pull the movies and air sitcoms during the week and the movies on the weekends. And instead of airing Christmas movies 24/7 like the always have done doing Christmas in July they are airing sitcoms too. At least with GAC while they might be airing 24/7 sitcoms as they build their movie library up they are not continuously airing the same sitcoms they are mixing it up. Unlike Hallmark who is airing The Golden Girls a sitcom they do not even air all the seasons too and have been airing since 2007.


Jul 5, 2022 12:23 EST

GAC is the greatest! I'm telling all my friends about this channel. Some people don't understand the difference between Hallmark and GAC. I'm explaining to my friends the GAC concepts. They are unplugging from Hallmark. Their values have changed. It's not about racism (I'm black), it's about don't encourage certain behaviors to children that shouldn't be bluntly exposed as the norm. Children need time to get into their personalities. It's dangerous to precipitate their curiosities. If it's their choice later on, parents and families can deal with it as a family. Networks should not encourage these behaviors. It's not necessary. Networks should not be a place to promote and recruit what most and I mean most families are not ok with. The problem is families are not vocalizing their opinions enough. They are getting intimidated by the 5% who are growling everywhere. Good job GAC!


Jul 29, 2022 15:25 EST

Is that why Hallmark is always in the top 10 networks? Maybe your 5% figure is a little low. Typical conservative, this isn't 1950 any more.

Robert Burns

Apr 12, 2022 23:31 EST

I like UP TV for its wholesome programing and family friendly movies. The movies that Larry Levinson has made go back 20 years or more, but many of his earlier movies are great to watch. I'm sure UP TV doesn't pay a lot for old movies, but if I have never seen them before, they are new to me. There are tremendous libraries of older movies that I'm sure GAC could buy on the cheap, and throw in some newer ones here and there that they could promote. Nice family friendly movies are getting to be a tough sell for producers to sell to the big screens, which may make them a good purchase at a reasonable price for GAC.


Apr 8, 2022 21:29 EST

After airing 24/7 sitcoms all week once again it is another sitcoms weekend marathon. It has been 55 days since a movie aired in Prime Time and 1,320 hours of sitcoms have been airing. The new slogan or hashtag they are using is #GreatAmericanComedy. I guess Bill Abbott lied when he said movies and sitcoms.


Apr 4, 2022 21:13 EST

Can’t wait to see how bad your ratings were for last week. I am thinking in Prime Time
and overall audience is going to be 25.000. But once again Bill Abbott will refuse to stop air what he calls Family Friendly programming. Instead of satisfying the movie fans who watched all of the movies he had aired and airing a few movies. He will continue to air sitcoms that are not getting him any ratings. At the rate the ratings are dropping every week by the end of the month your audience will be 5,000 viewers. And Bill Abbott will still refuse to air any of the 12 movies of Christmas or any of the other Christmas movies that GAC aired and any of the regular movies that GAC aired. It is a shame that Jenn Lilley, Trevor Donovan, Danica McKellar, Jessica Lowndes and Susie Abromeit signed with you as they will looking for jobs soon. Please give the Christmas movie you announced to Hallmark since by the end of the year unless you make a drastic change in your programming this network will be no more.


Mar 30, 2022 22:18 EST

Another week of falling ratings and yet NO ONE wants to change the schedule. Here is a clue it sitcoms were so popular why isn’t every cable network airing them 24/7 like you are? Because they are not. Had to laugh when I saw you announced a Christmas movie. Wow what are you going to do when this network is gone by the fall because it is not getting ratings. Everyone knows that sitcoms do not bring in money for advertisers yet you air continue to air sitcoms 24/7 and ask movie fans for patience. The movie fans will be the ones with the last laugh when this network is gone.??


Apr 3, 2022 20:09 EST

The prime time ratings are terrible. Imagine dropping 17 spots to 101 and losing over 50,000 viewers since the beginning of the year. I would be scrambling to schedule every movie that I have during prime time and looking to get more. It is obvious that the prime time sitcoms are not doing anything for their ratings. The social media posts with their minions commenting how much they love the sitcoms is not doing anything either. The overall and prime time ratings are getting worse every single week. They need to do something soon or this network is not going to survive.


Mar 24, 2022 17:43 EST

Another day on 24/7 sitcoms on GAC Family. I am beginning to think the only reason their aired Harmony From The Heart is because they thought they could keep the movie fans quiet. Sorry but this movie fan will not go quietly. Your programming is bad no one wants to watch sitcoms anymore but yet you keep airing them and adding more sitcoms. Your ratings are terrible yes you are new but your ratings should not be this low and dropping lower every week. I do not think any
Advertiser or investor can be happy. Adding movies will change everything but Bill Abbott is either too stubborn or just too stupid to do that.

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