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Hallmark Channel (formerly known as Odyssey Network until August 5, 2001) is a television channel in the United States launched in September 1992 as VISN/ACTS. Hallmark is currently the 14th most popular channel on TV, watched by a total number of 680,000 people (down -6% from last week) during primetime, as of the average weekly audience measurement for the period ending September 25, 2022.

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1Hallmark Original Movie1,510,000-2%
2Chesapeake Shores1,452,000+10%


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Ella Surrette

Sep 26, 2022 14:55 EST

One reason GAC's ratings are not as high as HM is that they are not as accessible as HM. I have Optimum and it is not offered, but I just downloaded FRNDLY today so I can watch. I have found, through my own personal choice, that I no longer turn HM on every night at 8. This had been my pattern for 10 years, probably.. My choice now is to try a different direction with a new channel.


Sep 24, 2022 13:21 EST

Is that Hallmark show still on the air? You know the one with the aging meddling single mother schoolteacher who dumped the hunky Mountie for the sleazy gambling saloon owner? I mean that show just dropped off the radar, I never see anything about it on social media like we did in seasons 1-7. Huh, oh well who really cares, just wondering, no need to reply.

Mary Moon

Aug 9, 2022 20:52 EST

Most problems, given enough time and space, will fade away. I agree with the BUDDHA.

I liked Hallmark a lot, not anymore, I feel like it lacks, I don't know what it is, but let's be honest, what good is it going to take us to throw our discontent at Hallmark, when they decided to go one way? They are within their rights to explore and spread, and we, if we do not agree with them, leave.
Instead of so much criticism, we should ask why they made the changes. I don't like their changes at all, their movies don't connect me, but I wish them the best and may God enlighten them, I just stopped seeing them, I removed my social media follow, I didn't leave any comments, I went the French way. I always bless you, I look for other things to do like tutorials, see the sky, its clouds, a starry night or simply enjoy the night, if I want to see a movie, I look for it, life is balance, we cannot be 24/7 in entertainment. If Hallmark sees that being woke works for them, great for them, and if it doesn't work for them, they'll do their best to bring us back, but give it time, and spend energy on criticizing or condemning.


Aug 10, 2022 15:28 EST

According to what I read today, Lisa Hamilton Daly the head of programing for the new name for Crown Media will be Hallmark Media, also they'll be using the IP's that Hallmark owns for movies ideas, Crayola, DaySpring, its Christian Faith Based Division, along with their new IP, Mahogany, a Black-led division. And a new series The Way Home starring Andie MacDowell. Should be something for everyone even the holy rollers.


Sep 1, 2022 10:01 EST

LSB: The term Holy Roller has always been considered derogatory and is meant to be offensive. But I am sure that is why you used it, unless you did not know and just have a low IQ.

Mary Moon

Aug 10, 2022 22:37 EST

Thank you very much LSB!

Lots of light and peace!

Maria Mateo

Aug 4, 2022 11:08 EST

I am Dominican and live in Santo Domingo. I became a fan of Hallmark a few years ago and was fascinated with their movies. They raised my vibration, I felt good and for the first time in my life, I quieted the cinephile in me. I really enjoyed Hallmark and even sent them a letter telling them what their movies did for me. A simple, simple but magnificent movie and I promoted your channel a lot, I have a list of your movies that I like the most, like:

Operation Chrismas, 2016, which I saw a vulgar copy that Netflix made. Christmas at El Plaza, Double Holiday, Christmas Under the Stars, Unlocking Christmas, Taylor and Steve, an adorable couple, all the Lacey's, Candace Cameron, Entertaining Christmas, Sara Lancaster's, A Little Christmas Charm, Poinsettias for Christmas, The Evergreen Christmas series, Jen Lilley's, Chad Michael Murray's, etc. There are so many. My list goes to 20+, they have an inspirational message. I like how Hallmark presents black people, gives them dignity, also how they present women and men to us. It didn't need to be woke, it was already diverse and naturally.

During Abbott's tenure, it had very good successes. And it's these movies that we like from Hallmark. After the problem with Abbott, Hallmark was never the same. I have seen the new productions, they are bad, empty, soulless, Coyote Creek Christmas and The Christmas house, is terrible with a false message.

I'm sorry for what I will say, but I don't like Bennet, even as a host on Food Network, I find him tiresome and a bad actor. You never make decisions angry, afraid, happy or sad, you make decisions in peace and in absolute silence, Hallmark made decisions in 2019 very rushed and with fear as their driving force, Fear deforms. Los woke, it doesn't work, it's not even good for fertilizer. I am a fan of comic, anime, Mr. Walt Disney (I admire that gentleman) and Literature. With me, the fairy tales are not oppressive. The woke, are uninformed and manipulated people, they are pawns of the elites with interests. The woke, they tell lies, they are a capitalist corporation of victimhood, they are given money for that. For a long time they were fooling people who know something, but with Tolkien, it backfired on them. With Tolkien, it's not the same as with comics, anime, etc. you can pretend to know something, but with Tolkien you can't do it, his universe is specific. The Woke, their referents are movies, they do not read, they do not cultivate writing, they do not paint, they do not investigate, they are not spiritual, they do not take time for prudence, patience and they look like robots, they do exactly what their bosses tell them, they do not question what they should really question. They don't know how to write, they don't paint well, and what they do is a disaster, because they lack LOVE and their tolerance.

When I started being a fan of Hallmark, they didn't speak well and I had to deal with that prejudice, suddenly it's woke and they already speak well. The current HM movies, they are not good, they are empty and contradictory speech, they became the corporations in their movies stripping the farmer from his farm. The Woke are not interested in Christmas, they promote and incite the opposite of Christmas. The Woke are the opposite of Hallmark, they are oil and water, they are different consciences. Hallmark must get rid of the fear and the Hollywood enchantment, which is spiritually and creatively bankrupt along with Disney. Everything comes from God, even the ideas that move the world whether they are used well or badly, man alone does not create anything. We can always come back from mistakes and Hallmark needs a time out and look for its identity, because it has lost it, but we can always find it. I'm not interested in seeing two women or men kissing, I'm not interested in the woke, if I want to see that, I go to Hollywood, Hallmark in a copy and if you copy what others do, people will go for the original. If Hallmark doesn't back down and go back to what made them what they are, GAC FAMILY, which has good content, it's only a matter of time before it's king.

Suzie Sunshine

Aug 5, 2022 09:50 EST

Disney and Hallmark are mirrors into where the world is headed, if good people do nothing. They are Godless businesses that think anyone who believes in God are fools. They will find out the truth someday, but it will be too late for them, KJV – Revelations 21:8


Aug 5, 2022 14:38 EST

Sunshine, go look at Jessica Lowndes instagram , one of GaC signings and clutch your bible


Aug 5, 2022 20:51 EST

Watch faith based channels and forget Disney and Hallmark, advertisers want viewers ALL viewers, advertisers tell Hallmark what they want and Hallmark delivers, as long as the viewer numbers are up they are doing it right, and they are. Try watching these channels because both Disney and Hallmark aren't changing inclusion is what advertisers want.

JW Broadcasting Christian videos that teach…
TBN Networks TV
EWTN Global Catholic Network
Holy roller channels do not produce large ratings.


Aug 4, 2022 17:21 EST

Ok. Hallmark, you have the right to be wrong. For my part, I understand them, I forgive them and I hope in God their real awakening. Meanwhile they do what they want, I will only see their classics.

Maria Mateo

Aug 4, 2022 17:48 EST

To Hallmark, I will wish you the best. May the Great God surround you. I send you my love and gratitude. It is useless for us to say our opinion to those who do not want to listen, it is similar when we are in love with someone who does not suit us, and we omit contrary opinions.
A pastor once told me: "When someone makes you cry, or did you wrong, they also made you laugh and did you good." We must focus on the good that it did us than on the negative. I didn't like the first comment I made, it was devoid of kindness and love. I apologize to those who have read it and to Hallmark itself.
Our old ones said: "if you are not welcome in a place, shake the dust from your feet and leave". If this production company does not listen to them and they do not care, we must retire in peace and gratitude. I wish him well.

I say goodbye with the fragment of the poem by the Spanish poet, Miguel Angel Buesa
"The farewell".
I say goodbye to you, and maybe I still love you
I don't know if I should forget you, but I say goodbye
I don't know if you loved me, I don't know if I loved you
or maybe we loved each other too much

Mary Moon

Aug 4, 2022 18:16 EST

Buddha said: "The only inevitable thing is change." But Buddha speaks of change from inside to outside (conduct), which is true progress. Sadly, people continue to believe the false idea that progress is external and is related to objects (technology), having money and accepting all kinds of ideas without filters or questioning. For not changing our behavior, we are those same barbarians but with suits, ties, cell phones, electric vehicles, and yet all that technology in the hands of unconscious people is misused, just as it happens with politics.

These things are going to destroy the human race: politics without principles, progress without compassion (cement, buildings and destruction of nature. To believe that the fields want to be the city or that the South of the USA wants to be like Angeles or New York), wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without recklessness and worship without conscience (letting ourselves be confused, having blind faith and not filtering or questioning ideas).

A Spiritual Master says: "As long as the mind can be confused, something will happen that will confuse it".
It is a man's own mind, not his enemy, that lures him into evil ways. Most problems, given enough time and space, will fade away.

This situation with Hallmark, will be solved.

God bless you all!

Mary Moon

Aug 4, 2022 17:58 EST

-The teacher, who was fascinated by modern technology, refused to call it "progress".
The true progress for him was the progress of the heart, the progress of happiness, not the progress of the brain or the progress of gadgets (mobile phones, PCs, news, etc.).
-What do you think of modern civilization? a journalist asked the teacher.
The teacher says: — I think it would be a very good idea that now in the "modern" we were civilized.
Anthony de Mello.

People confuse progress with technological objects and accommodated ideas


Jul 25, 2022 21:05 EST

They should rename this the bash Hallmark page, you have two groups of people on this page pro Hallmark and anti Hallmark. When the ratings are high for Hallmark (which is most of the time since they land in the top 5 of all channels on cable) then the anti Hallmark group slays it's a lie. If the anti Hallmark group doesn't like the new direction Hallmark is going in, with diversity, then they should NOT watch the channel, but they seem to want to bitch complain then bitch some more. Hallmark is doing what the MAJORITY of viewers want, don't like it don't watch, there are 100's of channels to watch, funny thing is the same people will say I'm not watching Hallmark any more then those same posters are back here bitching about Hallmark. I'm sure Hallmark is not worried about a handful of people think.


Jul 31, 2022 17:25 EST

LOL I love when people think that they know what they are talking about when they do not. While they have been some I repeat some movies in the top 5 shows for the day. It is not every week. In fact most of the Christmas movies last year were not top 5 movies some were not in even in the top 10. I gave up on Hallmark last MAY when i am sure that you did to. You remember last may don’t you. Changing the schedule to air the Golden Girls most of the day and never eve. Answering questions.


Aug 5, 2022 14:42 EST

Lol, your name suits you perfect! Complete idiot. Check the demographics for the viewership plus ad revenue. It’s massive for hallmark during 2021 4th quarter. Get a clue and comment


Jul 25, 2022 21:48 EST

And I think it’s obvious you are one of Wonya’s employee stooges. No average viewer spends the time defending a channel like you do. What’s that old thinks you protesteth too much. And you talk about haters. From what I read from your comments, you’re the biggest “hater” on here.

Grandma Jo

Jul 31, 2022 20:53 EST

Not sure WL knows how to hire anyone but stooges! Her track record is, shall we say, less than favorable or successful.


Jul 25, 2022 22:16 EST

I don't work for Hallmark, but from the anti Halmark responses me thinks that many work for GAC, which is going no where. Wouldn't be the first time a company has sent people to social media, Ever wonder why some products on Amazon get huge ratings, GAC isn't making any headway in ratings, doing no better than Great American Country channel did. I'm sure they have a whole team at GAC on social media. Remember conservatives hate the truth.


Jul 19, 2022 15:17 EST

These HM movies and other channels, their movies are stale, HM is the worst. It is the same plot, in the beginning of the movie the two main characters usually don't like each other, then the middle is entirely the two of them disagreeing, and misunderstanding, (boring). Then at the end in the last TWO MINUTES of the movie they show their love for each other, thanks a lot for those two minutes, hope it was not too stressful to write that into the ending. Now add in the "wokeness" and it is unwatchable, I can tell in the first fifteen minutes to either endure or exit!

I would like to see a movie where a man and a woman show their love for one another close to the beginning of the movie. Sure there can be some small pitfalls, but not these ridiculous ones that two normal adults would not believe. We are not stupid, could the writers please put some plausibility into these plots? Cookie cutter movies just don't cut it anymore. I have to say that all of the GAC Christmas movies last year had very believable plots, and there was lots of caring going on for each other, and the rest of the characters, that is why they were so good.

Grandma Jo

Jul 19, 2022 19:03 EST

I have to agree with you about GAC. I watched several of those Christmas movies and they were refreshingly different, at least one was also educational and taught us of the value of music therapy. Really looking forward to the expansion of this network, as I am very bored with most of what I see on television these days.


Aug 5, 2022 14:46 EST

Go online and get an education about what woke means. Since you talk so much, let us know where you work and live you racist


Aug 5, 2022 21:04 EST

Anyone that would give a Psycho like you their address would have to be insane like you.


Jul 19, 2022 14:49 EST

We already know whatever rating that will be posted for Hallmark will be nothing but a LIE!!!!!On their social media pages the number of people who turned off Saturday movie was triple the amount that actually watched the movie. There were even a lot of people who never bothered to turn it on because it looked STUPID!!!! Yet some how with all of the people/comments that turned the Saturday movie off it was still the number one movie for Saturday. Something is not adding up and makes me wonder what is the true ratings for Hallmark compared to what is posted here. What is Hallmark trying to hide the fact that the ratings are HORRIBLE and that the advertisers would run so far away from Hallmark. Hallmark keep lying cause we all know that being WOKE did not work for DISNEY who is worth so much more than you will ever be. And it will not work for you either.


Jul 20, 2022 19:18 EST

Wait I thought the network ratings for the week were out by now. The only time they are not is when there is a holiday than are delay to Thursday. Since there was no holiday what is the hold up? Could Rose be right Hallmark totally lied about the ratings for Campfire Christmas and now everyone is trying to figure out how to fix it. LOL we all knew it was a total lie I only lasted 15 minutes before I had to turn it off. It was the absolute worst movie I have ever seen. Hallmark Christmas movies last year did not do that well in the ratings there was NO number 1 movie at all. So the ratings were nothing but a lie.


Jul 20, 2022 10:03 EST

I don’t understand how that movie could be the number 1 program for Saturday. I thought the worst movie I have ever seen on Hallmark was Cheerful Christmas I was wrong. There is no way that this movie is number one Hallmark I believe 100% that hallmark is lying about the ratings.

Grandma Jo

Jul 14, 2022 21:46 EST

Really enjoyed watching My Grown Up Christmas List with Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace. Such a beautiful romance, masterfully directed by Andrew Cymek and played to perfection by Kevin and Kayla. How very interesting that Hallmark is buying content produced elsewhere, rather than developing their own content. Could it be that no one wants to watch the actors or content that they Have produced recently? Even more interesting is why they purchased this beautiful story and aired it in July without doing much to promote it. Even so, it scored high ratings, as did EVERY movie Kevin was involved in this last year. Pretty sure they all were in top 10 or 12 year to date. Looks like HM knows who to go to, to pull in ratings and ad revenue, in spite of their best efforts to keep him down. Congratulations to Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace for your heart wrenching portrayals, to Andrew Cymek for his direction, to the rest of the cast and crew for bringing us a movie that is sure to be a Christmas classic watched over and over and over again. Now, back to avoiding everything else HM. Heard Wonya is on her way out.....hope so.


Jul 17, 2022 14:22 EST

Read a book and clutch your pearls!


Sep 9, 2022 09:44 EST

Millie, you are a nasty person. I think you need some anger management classes.


Jul 17, 2022 14:24 EST

After your ignorance, look into Wonya. It’s not her. There’s a quality team of white women making decisions. Keep your racist ignorance elsewhere


Jul 19, 2022 22:57 EST

Based on your protective response, I have to assume you either are friend/family of Wonya Lucas or are on her staff. If not, then you have no idea what you are talking about. Despite getting the Hallmark job, Lucas has a bad reputation in the business...ask anyone who used to work with her. Empty suit...brings nothing to the table. Hallmark will regret hiring her.

Grandma Jo

Jul 17, 2022 17:12 EST

I demand quality for my hard earned money and that has been lacking from this network. I also know business incompetence when I see it. The buck stops with the CEO. Last time I looked, that was Wonya. Speaking of racism, why is it people that criticize or find fault with the actions of a person who is a member of some minority, are automatically called racists? Your comment strikes me as racist. Particularly since I am critical, also, of many people who are the same race as I am. Incompetence is incompetence and lack of skill is lack of skill, no matter what your race is.

Ella Surrette

Jul 11, 2022 13:52 EST

I used to turn HM on EVERY NIGHT at 8 pm til 10 pm when I went to bed. For past 4 or 5 months, have stopped turning it on at all and I'm reading a book every night! That is a good thing...


Jul 17, 2022 14:25 EST

Proud of you that you can read well at your age


Aug 1, 2022 13:33 EST

I can tell by your responses you are who Hallmark wants as a viewer.

Christine O

Jul 18, 2022 18:23 EST

Wow, vicious and insulting enough?

Hello, Kettle, meet Pot, you are the one who brought up race yet you accuse others of what you are doing.

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