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Hallmark Channel (formerly known as Odyssey Network until August 5, 2001) is a television channel in the United States launched in September 1992 as VISN/ACTS. Hallmark is currently the 10th most popular channel on TV, watched by a total number of 885,000 people (up +2% from last week) during primetime, as of the average weekly audience measurement for the period ending .

Hallmark weekly, primetime, P2+ ratings chart

Hallmark Channel Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Hallmark Channel as of Sunday, January 22, 2023.

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The two highest-rated scheduled programs on Hallmark Channel by total viewership audience as of Sunday, January 22, 2023.

1Hallmark Original Movie2,293,000+1%
2Way Home1,540,000+7%


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Grandma Jo

Jan 15, 2023 18:36 EST

I hope someone noticed and paid attention to the fact that it was The Wedding Veil Expectations with Lacey Chabert and Kevin McGarry that raked in the ratings last weekend. In fact, I think you will find that ALL of Kevin's new movies over the last 12 months have made it into the top 20 most highly rated for Hallmark. Maybe it's time for Kevin to have his own series.....on HM or another network. Such talent, and such a hardworking, funny guy. Absolutely loved the acting partnership with Lacey in that movie and it was so different than the usual HM formula. Loved the ability of both of them to show some humor and vulnerability as well as the challenges of a new marriage. Well done.


Jan 1, 2023 01:38 EST

I am a Buddhist, conservative, Christmas lover, I carry its eternal message all year long. My mother used to say: "today for you, tomorrow for me". We are a facade that hides our essence. I prefer traditional or Hallmark Christmas movies of the Abbott era, but I give my brothers who walk the LGBT path the space to express themselves. I like Candace Cameron's attitude, she doesn't talk bad or good, she doesn't help but she doesn't oppose either. She goes on with her life and doesn't care what others think. I want to give these brothers a gift: "I stopped judging them, condemning them and quoting Bible verses about their condition". Shame on me for that. I have found that it does not help at all. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us that this simply doesn't work: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." Accepting and appreciating differences does not necessarily mean that we should endorse another person's sexual orientation, religion, political views or behavior. It means that we should love and respect each other, regardless of our differences.
May the Good Lord guide and enlighten these beautiful people, so sensitive and lacking in Mercy.

Maria Mateo

Jan 21, 2023 09:35 EST

Moon, I agree with you. I apply the Law of No Resistance: work on oneself, since negative situations are born from oneself, if we eliminate these discordant states and there is nothing to repeat it, this situation will simply disappear. As Marcel Proust said "Even if nothing changes, if I change, everything changes".

There are things I stopped believing in

1- God's punishment.
2- Hell.
3- The Antichrist: We are both the Christ (constructive) and the Antichrist (destructive).
4- Atheism: we all have faith, we transfer it in different containers. The faith we have is blind, it is out of fear, it leads us to surrender our freedom to anyone and they abuse us. We are always choosing Barabbas, and like Pilate we wash our hands, instead of analyzing ourselves, we blame others, when we have free will and follow people and beliefs of any kind without questioning. Enlightened faith is when you try something, see that it works and apply it.

5- Satan, demons or divine punishment: what comes back to us are our actions. "You sow good, you will reap good, you sow bad, you will reap bad". The planet has a natural law that humanity breaks: Law of Love (Divine) and Harmony. People realize when they are offended, but do not see when they offend. Many resist the idea of reincarnation, it makes us responsible. It is more comfortable to believe in a God who punishes, and not to see that we have created the same conditions that crush us. People before incarnating decide their sex, family, country, friends, enemies and the problems they must go through to solve it, we are not alone, we receive Divine Assistance, ideas, strength and the strength to move forward, but we arrive with the veil of oblivion and we do not remember our purpose.

5- In the LGBT+: it is a lie believed, a human suggestion. God is Perfection and we are His creation. It is humanity that goes astray because of its inner rebellions. No one is born in wrong bodies. We are beautiful and perfect just as we came. When we are far from the Divine Nature, dissatisfaction and the arrogance of believing that we have to change the external is born.

These are learned psychological and behavioral patterns, not biological. If same-sex attraction were natural, they would be born with the appropriate anatomical characteristics (e.g., strengthened rectal epithelium, lubricating glands, etc.). Furthermore, this condition produces damage and diseases in the body that are hidden from the public, many of them irreversible such as the use of diapers due to fecal incontinence, hemorrhages, etc.

It also borrows from heterosexuality such as: fertilizing, and the roles they criticize so much. There are no bases or serious scientific studies that lend their name and say that this is how we are born. I don't know what the future will be like or what will happen, but everything changes, nothing remains because change is the only thing we have. In different periods of history, these groups have arisen and at the same time have fallen. In ancient Greece, before the arrival of Christianity, it had already declined, the same with Rome, different periods of the crown and in the 19th century, we lived exactly the same as now.
I am so sure that this is going to happen, as above so below and the First Law of Heaven is Order and Harmony. These brothers must return to Divine Order and they have a struggle with the inevitable. The war they have is with their Christ Consciousness. These people are sensitive and those who came this way is to feel God, but they found guides who likewise went astray and led them astray. LGBT+ as Divine Vessels must be emptied and cleansed to return to being that Sacred Instrument that I Am in them, and so must all of us.


Jan 2, 2023 15:17 EST

Buddhists don't believe in the Lord.

"Today for you, tomorrow for me" is from the 90s AIDS musical, RENT.

Hallmark crushes GAF in Ratings for 2022

Jan 2, 2023 15:08 EST

Hallmark needs more tranny representation. Most of the movies star people who menstruate. Wonya Lucas is transphobic. :(

The real LSB

Dec 27, 2022 23:01 EST

Hallmark is so good now that it's centered around sodomy and diversity hires. #1 channel for movies about saving your grandma's Christmas farm whilst falling in love with widower dads with Canadian accents.

Hallmark crushes GAF in Ratings for 2022

Dec 31, 2022 14:24 EST

You have to be the most childish and immature person posting. Typical Trumper conservative Holy Roller.

Kaleb lesmeister

Jan 7, 2023 22:08 EST

I knew that hallmark channel would crumble the TV ratings for GAF channel formerly GAC due to Candace Cameron bure backstabbing bitch who went over to that pos channel so I no longer watch her movies if they play them on hallmark channel & along with the others who left the hallmark channel To go over to GAF.


Dec 22, 2022 07:17 EST

Stop comparing this network to Hallmark. Compare it to uptv please


Dec 27, 2022 21:45 EST

This is a Hallmark site?? "Stop comparing this network to Hallmark. Compare it to uptv please"

Maria Mateo

Dec 20, 2022 01:25 EST

, "Complaining is the best guarantee for not changing anything." This Christmas, I decided to give myself and my family, not material gifts, but change of attitude. And since last year I decided to cultivate old-fashioned qualities, this year was 'Prudence, Present and Detachment'. 2023, is 'Reverence to Life'. Due to deaths and events, I decided to cut off everything that makes me suffer. Mr. The real LSB, said this and I agree with him, quote, "Conservatives need to quit compalining and just watch GAC." I decided not to give my attention, nor money to woke companies. I cut Disney, other companies and Hallmark for good this year. I only support conservative companies. I respect everyone's freedoms, if you decide in your freedom to stick with Hallmark, then don't complain. Rate their movies on IMDB, etc. honestly, but talk bad about this one no, because you decided to stay. My first comment on this site I said, "that I respected Hallmark's changes, they had the right to do so." I urge the sisters here, to reflect, it's not just about Hallmark, but ask yourself, why are you in a place that makes you suffer? I broke up with Hallmark to such a degree, I don't even watch their old movies, they make me sad, but not just Hallmark, I broke up with entertainment and their pop culture. I don't care if they remake what I liked. Leisure, is a divine gift, there are many things to do, learn and relearn. You are the one who decides what to watch, the power is yours. Live one day at a time, let go of the future and embrace the present.

Merry Christmas to my sisters!

Ana Ayaniski

Dec 20, 2022 11:39 EST

"If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion."
-Aldous Huxley.

Where you feel peace and not anguish, that's where you belong. I no longer watch Hallmark. We should not stay where we are unwanted and mistreated. I decided to support only conservatives. There is an app and they are on Twitter that brings all the conservative companies together, PublicSq. And Christian mobile services, Patriot Mobile. They lie to us thinking we need their entertainment and vision, not true. I have nothing against liberals, their world view and promotion of forced same sex pairing, I just don't vibe with that thinking and don't see the beauty, harmony or Truth in what they say and promote. Most conservatives, have an attitude that most liberals lack, Analysis; the wise exercise of Freedom. Know what you let into your life. Liberals allow any thought and action into their lives without any scrutiny. I see in liberals existentialism, lost, tied to their primal instincts and slaves to the ideas in their mind, they do not analyze if they are true or not, they just act, there are also conservatives and people like that, this is part of life. I do not accept the karma of others, nor the guilt of others. Each one carries his own cross. This whole situation woke, it is for them. The ones who really need to make a change of consciousness are them. Every time the wokes open their mouths they undress, the being recognizes the being. If you want to know what they really think of women, people of skin tones and sexual tastes? Examine their speech and how they treat those who do not commune with them. Look at Neal's accounts, no conservative left him comments, instead look at Candace's and read the comments from the "tolerant and hallmakies". Everything the woke say against conservatives, they are themselves, we are their mirrors, the woke are the ones who need to work on those attitudes they point out so much. Love, Mercy, Tolerance, are not of this plane, it is Divine, it is not said it is done, and it is leaving people in Peace.


Dec 20, 2022 17:42 EST

I'm just glad you and GAC are still financially supporting the gay community. When GAC buys Rick Garman's scripts (as Bill Abbott and Candace Cameron Bure did this year and when they worked for Hallmark) it helps Mr. Garman put on his local gay cabaret shows like "Say Gay!" (which premiered at Savannah's 2022 Pride event) and "Time Traveling Drag Queens From the 1940s."

You likely know Garman's work from this year's, "Christmas at the Drive-In" and "Candace Cameron Bure presents, A Christmas...Present." They were the most highly rated programs to ever be shown on GAC. You may also remember his work from the Candace Cameron Bure Hallmark classic, "A Shoe Addict's Christmas", and about a dozen other Hallmark Christmas classics produced when Bill Abbott was a CEO.

Mr. Garman is so sure about his career at GAC, he has announced that he is writing a new Christmas movie for them next year! So whether you watch GAC or Hallmark (for which he's writing, as well), be sure to tune in for Rick Garman's super scripts, and help support gay cabarets in the Conservative South!

Merry Christmas
Miss Pendleton


Dec 22, 2022 07:19 EST

That’s your decision. Clearly you’re bothered by it because you’re announcing it. Thank you for all of your ignorant posts. I have sent them to every advertiser GAC put out along with 100’s of others. I don’t get if someone doesn’t like something just move on. But keep talking and sharing your ignorance. I’m sure god will bless you for it sister

The real LSB

Dec 20, 2022 14:34 EST

For all the Hallmark complainers on a Hallmark section of this site I suggest you Google "HALLMARK CHANNEL'S "COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS" CONTINUES TO BE VIEWERS' #1 HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS IN ITS EIGHTH WEEK" then read it. Remember Woke is in, companies agree, ad agencies agree, viewers agree. Good Luck conservatives trying to change the world and go back to the 50's and Leave it to Beaver.


Dec 12, 2022 17:41 EST

Hallmark can add themselves to the ever growing list of corporations that are dead to me.
It is in the era of every nobody having to virtue signal at every opportunity by publicly disparaging those they disagree with.

There comes a time in every person's life when he or she is looking for something more. I leave Hallmark, because it doesn't give me something else. Christmas romances bored me, so much food, parties, etc. I'm tired of the material, which is destroyed and my spirit wants something else. I want to find the Christmas Spirit again, it's not in Hallmark, it's not in politics, activism, sex, etc. it's inside and outside in the little things. I want to celebrate an original Christmas, to go to the Source of this Holiday.
Plus, I have gay fatigue syndrome. Too much! Movies, TV, sports, churches, schools, constant news cycles, politics, hospitals, military etc. It's just insane! What is natural, just flows, it is not imposed by laws or money. Christmas is something else, it is a Spiritual Feast, we receive from God and then we give to others. Congratulations to those who stay watching this channel, you have your right, Merry Christmas!


Dec 12, 2022 15:51 EST

Hallmark understands the true meaning of the Holiday - Sodomy and Performative Wokeness.

Their largely conservative fan base will totally stick around for that!

The real LSB

Dec 17, 2022 19:55 EST

Typical conservative childish

The real LSB

Dec 27, 2022 23:08 EST

Oops, I replied to myself. The AIDS is decaying my brain. :(


Dec 9, 2022 14:12 EST

I have to really laugh at all the conservative, Trumper, Holy Rollers that flood this Hallmark section of this site, do you really think Hallmark Media cares? Think again. Last week's viewers Hallmark Channel...1.3 Million GAF ....166,000 viewers what a joke. I'll bet Hallmark Media is laughing all the way to the bank. GAF did improve up from 99,000 a few months ago. The latest defection from GAF Neil Bledsoe has left GAF days ago, by the time this is over Holly Roller Candence will run most of them off. All you conservatives keep yapping. This section is like Parlor and echo chamber for conservatives.

Maria Mateo

Dec 14, 2022 10:28 EST

LSB, first: respect the ladies here. You don't demand respect by throwing stones. The women commenting have been watching Hallmark for years and have put this company where it is. I barely lasted 5 years. You are newcomers. And you want to eat fruit that you didn't plant and that doesn't belong to you. Women here have a right and a duty to have a say.

Second: Neil Bledsoe, wasn't what Neal did the same thing Candace did? However, I didn't see conservatives leaving intimidating messages to him. If a company doesn't fit my morals, I'm leaving. Candace talked about focusing on the traditional family, she never spoke ill of you guys. You guys have 95% of the pie. For many years the traditional family has been in crisis, I say that because I see it. What Candace wants is to help heal, to create a bridge between parents and children. It's a shame about the barrage of criticism she gets from her community. I'm sure Neal had ulterior motives. For starters, Neal knew the Gac family's vision well, so why did he come in? A month later he came out to flaunt his virtue and you don't ask yourself the question, why? This was all planned to put pressure on that network. I ask you, do you want me to come to your house and impose my vision?

Third: everyone here knows that Hallmark has ratings, it's a 112 year old company. Hallmark Movie was created by Bill Abbott a long time ago, it has a long history. Those of us who comment here, we know Hallmark is successful, but we don't care, it no longer represents our values and we left, we didn't tell it to change, we just humbly left. We are happy with what little we have, but you have 95% and they are not. Every time CAC Family is trending on Twitter, neo-Hallmark fans come and bother us. If you have 95% and all the support in the world, why don't you enjoy it, why the discontent? I don't care about Hallmark anymore, I don't care what it does or doesn't do. I follow the actors I like and those I don't, I don't follow them and I don't leave bad comments, because if I speak badly of someone I undress with my words, the being recognizes the being. I think they are going for the twentieth or millionth first same sex couple to make history and break everything, enjoy that. Live and let live. We conservatives don't live thinking about you, we have big problems to solve. Everything we heteros have created you have appropriated, so enjoy it.

The real LSB

Dec 17, 2022 19:53 EST

Bill Abbot did NOT create Hallmark movies, you are very late to the game if you think so, Hallmark has 70 years of history with Hallmark Hall of Fame long before Bill Abbot was even around. What pisses me off is conservatives, the worst kind of individuals, that come on a Hallmark section of this site and bash Hallmark, I get it they don't like the "New Hallmark" get over it, either watch the movies or watch something else. Hallmark appeals to a larger audience, they always will they have the numbers behind them. It's a catch 22 for GAC first they are late to the game, they don't have the ratings, you don't get the distribution until you have the ratings, which they will never have because they aren't on that many cable systems, I watch GAC on Philo streaming. Traditional cable networks are down because people are moving to streaming, that's why Hallmark signed a deal with NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming service to stream Hallmark movies right after they are shown on Hallmark Channel. Conservatives need to quit compalining and just watch GAC, because Hallmark isn't going to change.

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