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Hallmark Channel (formerly known as Odyssey Network until August 5, 2001) is a television channel in the United States launched in September 1992 as VISN/ACTS. Hallmark is currently the 15th most popular channel on TV, watched by a total number of 667,000 people (down -3% from last week) during primetime, as of the average weekly audience measurement for the period ending .

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Hallmark Channel Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Hallmark Channel as of Sunday, April 14, 2024.

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Top Hallmark Shows

The two highest-rated scheduled programs on Hallmark Channel by total viewership audience as of Sunday, April 14, 2024.

1When Calls the Heart1,717,000-3%
2Hallmark Original Movie1,265,000-24%


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Dec 14, 2023 10:19 EST

The GAF Christmas movies, with just a few words, have reminders in the dialog of what Christmas is really about. It is perfect.

I do have one observation for all the Christmas movie channels, do people really decorate the interior of their houses with so many lights, garlands, several trees? Every window, every door, everywhere, it is over the top in my opinion. If that were my house, I would need my sunglasses inside! No one that I know decorates to that extent. If that is what people actually do good for them, however to be more in line with average people like me, channels could put one or two houses in their movies where the interior decorating is more subdued. I find myself looking at the decorations plopped here and there to fathom what is going on, when I should be listening to the actors.


Dec 16, 2023 11:26 EST

Hi Sissy!
A lot of people like my husband and I don't watch the movies for the actors, but rather for the decorations. It's like having an animated Christmas card on the TV for two months straight! Joy! My husband I find them so inspiring that we've dedicated the first floor of our house to looking as much like a Hallmark movie as possible. For us, this also symbolizes Americana, as JC Hall (founder of Hallmark) invented the Christmas card with envelope because the traditional Christmas postcard didn't have enough room to write a lovely letter. Soon after, he and his brothers invented modern wrapping paper during lean times by recycling the pretty paper inside French envelopes for their own gifts to their wives. Hallmark was even the first company to ever produce a television show in order to promote themselves. This is American history, and I LOVE celebrating it!
Have yourself a Merry Christmas!


Dec 30, 2023 20:23 EST

Thank you for what you wrote in your reply, it was a very nice history lesson for me. I enjoyed reading it. I do like to see the decorations in the Christmas movies, the same way I like to look at the old black and white movies, to look at what is now antique furniture, lamps, drapery and so on. I do love Christmas, the lights, the carols and everything about it. I have many decorations that belonged to my mother and some she handmade. Several by putting nativity and winter scenes in half an egg shell, painting the outside, and around the edge of the shell applying lace trim with tiny pearls. They are treasures that will be passed down.,
Your house sounds so beautiful. Happy New Year!


Dec 16, 2023 14:15 EST

Oh, and just to recommend it, Catch Me if You Claus has very realistic modest Christmas decor. I also loved that because it reminded me of Christmas as a kid in the actual city where I grew up!

Have a holly jolly Christmas!


Oct 25, 2023 21:34 EST

A lot of these post are older, but I do check in once in a while to see what people are saying, since I used to be an avid Hallmark fan. I have never watched Lifetime so I cannot comment. Hi Grandma Jo, you always have the best posts!

This might not be popular, however I really, really like the GAF movies, they are well written and well-acted. I also am happy to see so many familiar actors on GAF. For me it is a win, win situation. I hope more people find this channel and enjoy it as much as I do. I think there are enough fans to spread around all of these channels, whichever one, or two makes you happy.

Grandma Jo

Oct 31, 2023 23:23 EST

Well, hi, there! I don't post too much anymore, but I have to agree with you about Great American Family movies. They have been steadily improving with writing getting better and better and as you mentioned, lots of my favorite actors and actresses are working for them now. It's great that the network really encourages feedback from viewers and I, personally, receive a reply from them on occasion. Nice to know that they care enough to read and respond. Hallmark has never replied to me. I am taking a wait and see attitude now that the Hallmark CEO moved on. Since When Calls the Heart was ruined 2 seasons ago, I left and found better entertainment elsewhere. Looks like they are at least trying to improve things on When Calls the Heart, but time will tell.


Nov 10, 2023 15:52 EST

WCTH Season 10 was much better written then the last 2. JMO...not everyone agrees. To me it was more laughing, forgiving, and friendship. Just like the original seasons. I have found that some of the HM Christmas movies are a tad better this year. Not trying so hard to be inclusive and forcing it down our throats. It should feel natural. The channel with the best movies will get my ratings. Happy watching all!

Grandma Jo

Sep 18, 2023 21:34 EST

Looks like they are trying to correct the course...? Thank you, Hallmark, for "de-Tinkering" When Calls the Heart. I love the writing this season and it is so nice to see stories distributed across the cast.


Nov 15, 2023 22:49 EST

True to my word I have not watched When Calls the Heart since she picked him! Have they cooled that so called romance? Is Nathan back in the running? If so I would obviously start watching the show. I don't even know when it is running and if this season is over? Thanks for any input.

Grandma Jo

Nov 30, 2023 13:07 EST

Just saw this. Elizabeth broke the engagement with the gambler, and he is just been elected governor Nathan, as a romantic partner for Elizabeth, is very much in the running. I didn't watch after season 8 either, until episode 5 this last season when I heard the show was being reset...back to where it was around season 7, early season 8. The writing was outstanding, the community feel of HV is back, and the characters are behaving like themselves again. No word yet on when season 11 is going to air but it has already completed filming....

Grandma Jo

Aug 8, 2023 20:51 EST

So, Hallmark finally made a good decision. Now that WL is out, please find someone who is competent to right the ship.


Aug 10, 2023 09:46 EST

They couldn't let ratings keep falling like they are. I think it's much worse than they are even admitting.

Grandma Jo

Aug 10, 2023 17:33 EST

I do, too. So much creative talent has left.....

Grandma Jo

Apr 26, 2023 23:29 EST

So, RIDE didn't crack the one million mark with viewers......wonder how much money was spent on that one? Didn't Wonya cancel a lot of existing shows and programs that were a lot more popular with viewers than what she's got left? Anyone out there think she actually knows what she's doing?


Apr 29, 2023 18:30 EST

No disrespect but they only had three shows. two got canned, which only the good witch was surprising imo. Because the other show had lost its lead the season before anyway.

That western type show is airing this summer and it’s sister show was originally on the app and flopped on GAC. lol


May 17, 2023 04:28 EST

LOL neither the western type show or as you say it’s sister show were never on GAC. Ride is ALL Hallmark and Wonya Yellowstone wanna be show. LOL

Grandma Jo

Apr 29, 2023 22:41 EST

I actually was referring to all the mysteries that were cancelled, Home and Family, Signed Sealed Delivered, etc. Not just Good Witch and Chesapeake Shores.


Mar 24, 2023 17:45 EST

People posting here should write books, not comments. Wordy much? Geeezzzz.


Mar 10, 2023 18:42 EST

Hallmark movie The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal was not a top 10, it was not a top 20 movie. If you are thinking top 50 nope ,if you are thinking top 100 that would be nope. It did not even make the top 150 programs for Saturday. And the best part was Lifetime’s movie Black Girl Missing was number 17. The mighty Hallmark has fallen. 😂😂😂


Mar 17, 2023 16:29 EST

I like to post under different screen names and talk to myself <3


Mar 19, 2023 14:26 EST

Love when you post something about Hallmark the Hallmarkies can not take and have to attack you. Just like on Facebook. They can not handle the truth. Showbuz Daily is where the numbers came. But a Hallmarkie does not care they think everything is okay with Hallmark. Don't you Camiile.


Mar 14, 2023 17:38 EST

😂😂😂😂 Lifetime beat them again on Saturday. Hallmarkie’s must be losing their minds over this. Hoping Lifetime makes us three weekends in a row this weekend. The mighty have fallen.


Mar 14, 2023 21:15 EST

Yeah, Hallmarkies are actually just excited about the new Aurora Teagarden Mysteries without homophobes and racists. If you paid any attention whatsoever, you would notice that many Hallmarkies are in fact fans of both Hallmark and Lifetime (for me, it's Hallmark at Christmas, Lifetime the other 10 months of the year). These are not teams for which we root to win or loose, but simply television entertainment we sit down to enjoy at our leisure. And let's go ahead and have look at those March 11th numbers while we're at it...
Hallmark's "Game of Love"
P2+ 1,469,000
P18-49 156,600
P25-54 206,700
Rating: .47
Ranking Position: 16

Lifetime's "Girl in the Closet"
P2+ 958,000
P18-49 169,700
P25-54 243,100
Rating: .37
Ranking Position: 28

And GAC' Did they even have a movie that weekend? Can't seem to find anything about it. They appear to have fired their PR department.
Ranking Position: 78

I'm no Allen Turing, but I'm pretty sure 1,469,000 is larger than 958,000 by a margin of 511,000. Not to mention, .41 is a larger share of the viewing audience than .37, and both are just slaying GAC all day, every day in their ranking positions. Go Hallmark and Lifetime! Woot-woot!

So enjoy your really weird hate along with your poor math skills!

Grandma Jo

Jan 15, 2023 19:36 EST

I hope someone noticed and paid attention to the fact that it was The Wedding Veil Expectations with Lacey Chabert and Kevin McGarry that raked in the ratings last weekend. In fact, I think you will find that ALL of Kevin's new movies over the last 12 months have made it into the top 20 most highly rated for Hallmark. Maybe it's time for Kevin to have his own series.....on HM or another network. Such talent, and such a hardworking, funny guy. Absolutely loved the acting partnership with Lacey in that movie and it was so different than the usual HM formula. Loved the ability of both of them to show some humor and vulnerability as well as the challenges of a new marriage. Well done.


Sep 21, 2023 15:56 EST

Who the hellz is Kevin? some Canadian?


Jan 1, 2023 02:38 EST

I am a Buddhist, conservative, Christmas lover, I carry its eternal message all year long. My mother used to say: "today for you, tomorrow for me". We are a facade that hides our essence. I prefer traditional or Hallmark Christmas movies of the Abbott era, but I give my brothers who walk the LGBT path the space to express themselves. I like Candace Cameron's attitude, she doesn't talk bad or good, she doesn't help but she doesn't oppose either. She goes on with her life and doesn't care what others think. I want to give these brothers a gift: "I stopped judging them, condemning them and quoting Bible verses about their condition". Shame on me for that. I have found that it does not help at all. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us that this simply doesn't work: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." Accepting and appreciating differences does not necessarily mean that we should endorse another person's sexual orientation, religion, political views or behavior. It means that we should love and respect each other, regardless of our differences.
May the Good Lord guide and enlighten these beautiful people, so sensitive and lacking in Mercy.

Maria Mateo

Jan 21, 2023 10:35 EST

Moon, I agree with you. I apply the Law of No Resistance: work on oneself, since negative situations are born from oneself, if we eliminate these discordant states and there is nothing to repeat it, this situation will simply disappear. As Marcel Proust said "Even if nothing changes, if I change, everything changes".

There are things I stopped believing in

1- God's punishment.
2- Hell.
3- The Antichrist: We are both the Christ (constructive) and the Antichrist (destructive).
4- Atheism: we all have faith, we transfer it in different containers. The faith we have is blind, it is out of fear, it leads us to surrender our freedom to anyone and they abuse us. We are always choosing Barabbas, and like Pilate we wash our hands, instead of analyzing ourselves, we blame others, when we have free will and follow people and beliefs of any kind without questioning. Enlightened faith is when you try something, see that it works and apply it.

5- Satan, demons or divine punishment: what comes back to us are our actions. "You sow good, you will reap good, you sow bad, you will reap bad". The planet has a natural law that humanity breaks: Law of Love (Divine) and Harmony. People realize when they are offended, but do not see when they offend. Many resist the idea of reincarnation, it makes us responsible. It is more comfortable to believe in a God who punishes, and not to see that we have created the same conditions that crush us. People before incarnating decide their sex, family, country, friends, enemies and the problems they must go through to solve it, we are not alone, we receive Divine Assistance, ideas, strength and the strength to move forward, but we arrive with the veil of oblivion and we do not remember our purpose.

5- In the LGBT+: it is a lie believed, a human suggestion. God is Perfection and we are His creation. It is humanity that goes astray because of its inner rebellions. No one is born in wrong bodies. We are beautiful and perfect just as we came. When we are far from the Divine Nature, dissatisfaction and the arrogance of believing that we have to change the external is born.

These are learned psychological and behavioral patterns, not biological. If same-sex attraction were natural, they would be born with the appropriate anatomical characteristics (e.g., strengthened rectal epithelium, lubricating glands, etc.). Furthermore, this condition produces damage and diseases in the body that are hidden from the public, many of them irreversible such as the use of diapers due to fecal incontinence, hemorrhages, etc.

It also borrows from heterosexuality such as: fertilizing, and the roles they criticize so much. There are no bases or serious scientific studies that lend their name and say that this is how we are born. I don't know what the future will be like or what will happen, but everything changes, nothing remains because change is the only thing we have. In different periods of history, these groups have arisen and at the same time have fallen. In ancient Greece, before the arrival of Christianity, it had already declined, the same with Rome, different periods of the crown and in the 19th century, we lived exactly the same as now.
I am so sure that this is going to happen, as above so below and the First Law of Heaven is Order and Harmony. These brothers must return to Divine Order and they have a struggle with the inevitable. The war they have is with their Christ Consciousness. These people are sensitive and those who came this way is to feel God, but they found guides who likewise went astray and led them astray. LGBT+ as Divine Vessels must be emptied and cleansed to return to being that Sacred Instrument that I Am in them, and so must all of us.


Jan 2, 2023 16:17 EST

Buddhists don't believe in the Lord.

"Today for you, tomorrow for me" is from the 90s AIDS musical, RENT.

Hallmark crushes GAF in Ratings for 2022

Jan 2, 2023 16:08 EST

Hallmark needs more tranny representation. Most of the movies star people who menstruate. Wonya Lucas is transphobic. :(

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