History Shows

Adam Eats the 80s538,000
Alone Australia268,000
Alone: Frozen985,000
Alone: The Skills Challenge411,000
American Pickers4913,000
American Pickers: Best Of582,000
American Presidency with Bill Clinton, The358,000
Ancient Aliens5820,000
Ancient Empires607,000
Barrett-Jackson Live528,000
Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters, The1,115,000
Beyond Oak Island1,177,000
Beyond Skinwalker Ranch773,000
Beyond the Battlefield190,000
Booze, Bets & Sex that Built America, The400,000
Counting Cars339,000
Curse of Oak Island, The12,446,000
Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, The1,088,000
Dark Marvels418,000
Daylight Savings Filler175,000
Dirty Old Cars390,000
Engineering Disasters302,000
Fast History Of, The557,000
Food that Built America, The8552,000
Forged in Fire356,000
Forged in Fire: Best Of426,000
Fully Torqued138,000
Green Way Outdoors, The131,000
Hard Truths of Conservation127,000
History's Crazy Rich Ancients388,000
History's Greatest Heists1,002,000
History's Greatest Mysteries771,000
History's Greatest of All Time502,000
I Was There574,000
Kings of Pain283,000
Lost Gold of the Aztecs1,066,000
Lost U-Boats of WWII, The21,250,000
Mega-Brands that Built America, The567,000
Men Who Built America, The535,000
More Power261,000
Mountain Men1,009,000
Mountain Men: Alaska1,006,000
Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman130,000
Pawn Stars566,000
Pawn Stars Do America462,000
Pawn Stars: Best Of345,000
Proof Is Out There, The7753,000
Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, The1,089,000
Secret Restoration407,000
SEMA: Battle of the Builders223,000
Swamp Mysteries822,000
Swamp People3964,000
Swamp People: Serpent Invasion6814,000
Theodore Roosevelt292,000
Time Machine336,000
Titans That Built America, The248,000
Toys That Built America, The294,000
UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd, The682,000
UnXplained, The929,000
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