Ion Television

Ion Television (formerly known as i: Independent Television until January 29, 2007) is a television channel in the United States launched on August 31, 1998 as Pax TV.

Top Ion Television Shows

The seven highest-rated scheduled programs on Ion Television by total viewership audience as of Sunday, July 16, 2023.

3Hawaii Five-01,112,000+178%
4Chicago PD1,088,000-2%
5Blue Bloods1,014,000-8%
6Law & Order: Special Victims Unit987,000+2%
7Chicago Fire980,000-9%


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Sep 8, 2023 23:32 EST

You put pro basketball on ION TV ch 1051. Put it on a sports channel and leave Friday night intertainment to those of us who don't like pro sports. That's what sports channels are for.

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