The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle

The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle is a U.S. television program shown on MSNBC since Wednesday, March 2, 2022. 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle is currently the eighth most popular show on MSNBC and 151st overall on TV, watched by a total number of 1,094,000 people (0.35% rating, down -25% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on September 22, 2022.

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11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC as of Thursday, September 22, 2022.

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PE Ingram

Sep 14, 2022 01:01 EST

Poor Stephanie, So misplaced and out of place. Painful to watch and always with errors that just get ignored. She seems like she wants the notoriety and sure the money isn’t too bad but doesn’t fit in the lineup or time slot. Extremely annoying and often wish Brian Williams was back. I keep trying to give her a chance until she flashes tha quirky smirk and acts bizarre. Then off I go. So sad


Sep 14, 2022 23:48 EST

This evening during the A-block Stephanie as per her usual arrogance introduced the panelists with "Let's get smarter!". I got dumber. Don't you miss Brian introducing the guests and paying his respect for their time BEFORE pitching questions to them, with a "good evening and welcome to you all"? I know I do.

After we got smarter, during the B-block she introduced the Jonathan Capehart and Stuart Stevens segment with "Let's get scared".

Turned it off immediately. I despise MSNBC for not backing up the Brinks truck to Brian.


Aug 31, 2022 02:20 EST

It is now Aug 31 at 2 am here on East Coast. Why oh why is there a Ruhle marathon going on? Already at 3 hrs. of a repeats? She's been on since 11pm on Aug 30, and it is now 2:15 am? This is an unnecessary marathon. Whomever thought of this at MSNBC should be fired. She needs to go back to daytime. When she does daytime quick spots on financial issues, she appears normal and comfortable doing what she knows: finance. The 11th hour show, she knows nothing. All of her quirky behavior comes to the fore: the smirk smile, the leaning back and forth in her chair, and all the other quirky things. Doing those mid day finance spots you don't focus on the behaviors. Find someone else, PLEASE.


Aug 31, 2022 17:33 EST

I honestly don't see it! I find Stephanie Ruhle always smiling and generally a pleasant host.
Be honest, did she run over your cat or was mean to you in childhood??
I cannot understand the animosity toward her!

Michael Kirkpatrick

Aug 24, 2022 00:08 EST

Stephanie's like a 10 year old who carefully reminds you she's 10 and a half.

terri parkin

Aug 23, 2022 23:48 EST

I used to like her in the AM. She can’t carry the hour she’s on. Sometimes she looks stoned or medicated… she seems self conscious as if she’s trying too hard to make the fit. One night she showed up with no makeup and hair not done well.. strange. At best in this slot she’s cute but not believable . It’s like she’s playing a game. Maybe testing management.

Ken Coughlin

Aug 18, 2022 00:43 EST

Stephanie Rude (not a typo) tries to act like she’s putting the heat on someone with body language and tone but really doesn’t ask good, or sometimes even relevant, questions. I never missed the 11th hour with Brian Williams. Recorded it daily I case I missed it. I tried but I can’t watch her. Maybe she can report news but she isn’t very good as an an interviewer and appears to lack the depth of understanding of the subjects she covers to come up with anything interesting on the fly. Velshi would be perfect. Make the change.


Aug 1, 2022 19:59 EST

Stephanie Ruhl 11th Hour: I thought i was in the minority who noticed Ms. Ruhle interrupting guests, asking irrelevant (duh!) questions. Yes, her voice is irritating. Someone pointed out her unnecessary "movements" (leaning forward, backward, etc.). They definitely are distracting. But my main complaint is I don't find her intelligent or imparting any new information/ideas. There are so many other excellent, knowledgeable, intelligent anchors, namely, Nicole, Ari, Velshi. They seem to ask the questions that we are out here thinking and wanting to know about. I watched Ruhle a few times but not anymore. I also turn to another network. My biggest issue - I don't learn anything new with Ms. Ruhle. While I am at it, I am disappointed in the replacement for Rachel Maddow with I don't know who - can't remember name. Again, Nicole, Ari, Velshi are good - extremely good considerations. MSNBC - please listen to your audience who take the time to write a comment.

Olivia Newton John-Travolta

Sep 21, 2022 21:47 EST

Haha! You mean you don't enjoy hearing Steph trying to segue her way into a commercial break with her unnecessary/awkward platitudes?
Or her deep breaths at the end of her broadcasts? I loved the comment I saw on Twitter about how "Good evening once again, I'm Stephanie Ruhle" results practically in a convulsion with her making a head movement/rotation/angle for every syllable.

Al McLovin

Aug 3, 2022 23:17 EST

I don't know what the above people are talking about! I find Stephanie doing a very good job. She's very smart and interesting and her voice is amazing and I could listed to her read a book! From other networks, I switch to MSNBC when Gutfield from Fox comes on (can't stand that primate!) But I like Shannon Bream right after. Some other anchors I cannot stand are Don Lemon from CNN , (I also couldn't stand Chris Cuomo before that moron was fired). I wish they'd give Kaitlan Collins her own prime time show because she's also very talented. I also couldn't stand Rachel Maddow! I think she was fired or let go or something along those lines, but am glad that waste of air time is gone.


Aug 22, 2022 23:34 EST

Who would seriously watch Fox and then offer opinions about MSNBC hosts?

Al McLovin

Aug 30, 2022 20:49 EST

That's coz I'm not married to any network! All networks have their own agenda and I just get all extreme viewpoints and realize the truth is no where close what the talking heads on TV claim it to be. Case in point: The war in Ukraine! The Israel-Palestinian conflict! The Hunter Biden laptop! The Russia collusion hoax! and so on and so forth!


Jul 21, 2022 19:14 EST

Who else saw Stephanie throwing a piece of paper at the camera the other day during an interview?

Pathetic, immature, worst late night "news anchor" I've ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes and ears on.



Jul 21, 2022 19:29 EST

Stephanie: "...on that (insert adjective) note, I wish you all a good and safe night. From all of our colleagues across the networks of NBC News, thanks for staying up late with us, I will see you at the end of tomorrow."

Brian: "That is our broadcast for this (insert day of week) night, thank you for being here with us. For all my colleagues at the network of NBC news, good night."

A quick note of basic logic to Steph with that painfully stupid sign off -- I'm pretty sure all of your NBC News colleagues (Jonathan Lemire, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, Jose Diaz-Balart, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Jansing, Katy Tur, Hallie Jackson, Nicole Wallace, Ari Melber, Joy Reid, Ayman/Mehdi/Alex, and Lawrence O'Donnell) aren't thanking anyone for staying up late, just you are.


Sep 21, 2022 00:43 EST

Ireally cannot stand this Stephanie Ruhle

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