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Deadline: White House is a U.S. television program broadcast on MSNBC since Tuesday, May 9, 2017. Deadline: White House is currently the fifth most popular show on MSNBC and 73rd overall on TV, watched by a total number of 1,573,000 people (0.5% rating, down -2% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on . Deadline: White House is hosted by Nicolle Wallace (51).

Deadline: White House daily P2+ ratings chart

Deadline: White House Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Deadline: White House, presented by Nicolle Wallace, on MSNBC as of Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

Deadline: White House Daily Ratings
2023-Sep-11 BIDEN MARKS 9/11 ANNVSRY 423-439P2+1,497,0000.48
Deadline: White House Monthly Ratings
Deadline: White House Quarterly Ratings

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Jul 13, 2023 12:38 EST

I commented about Nicolle's face during week of her Biden Live inteview. Before that interview days before, her face had changed. No makeup, pudgy, flat, swollen looking? and looks awful. Then the Biden interview, face looks normal. Now week of July 9, back to the pudgy face with no angles, no makeup. Is it Botox? Face lift? All I know she looks awful. Pregnant, maybe? This is my fave show but this new look is distracting.


Jul 31, 2023 09:11 EST

Elsa, I know! I looked all over the internet for something about it. She didn't appear to be in the studio, so weird lighting was probably part of the issue. Hate to comment on a woman's appearance, but it was almost shocking. I was afraid she was morphing into the old Republican Nicolle. Like you, wondered if she's pregnant. That'd be fun. My political fantasy is, she comes to visit her pal Claire McCaskill at the Lake of the Ozarks and I run into them at the grocery store and invite them over for Long Islands. Will Be Wild.


Aug 27, 2023 12:40 EST

I think I figured it out. She is in her home studio on those "off" looking, pudgy face days. Yet when in the actual MSNBC studio with guests at the table, looks normal. Maybe she, too, got a deal like Morning Joe where a personal studio was built for them.


Jul 7, 2023 15:41 EST

OK, I try not to go into appearances, except when the subject is Steph Rhule wearing her daughters clothes, but 'cause I love Deadline Nicolle (her husband needs a stylist, though). BUT...for the past 2 weeks Nicolle looks like it is either no makeup or has had Botox or something done? There are no cheek bone indents, no eye makeup, just a sort of really flat chubby face all of a sudden? YET for her Live interview with Biden mid-week, the face was back to normal.. Then soon after that interview, same sort of pudgy pug and flat like face for the rest of the week?

Person woman man camera TV

May 22, 2023 02:42 EST

I love when Nicole makes up alternative words to the cognitive test Trump took. She throws tamale in there occasionally.

Joseph Mooney

Mar 17, 2023 20:04 EST

John McCain (hope I spelled it right) must be turning over in his grave and George W. Bush must be saying prayers for hypocrite Nicole Wallace. She used to be a champion of the right to life when she worked for the above. Now she’s for aborting a baby a minute before birth. What a phony. She will say anything to ring the register. I agree with several other posters: stop with the Trump hatred. I have never seen any host full of more hatred and malice than Wallace. She absolutely despises anyone who doesn’t agree with her radical ideas. Minor story lines are all labeled “breaking news”. I occasionally turn her on during commercial breaks on other channels to see who the hate is aimed at, laugh and turn her off. She ought to be ashamed of herself. When she was on the View she had some class and honesty. Now it’s just hate, hate hate. Just what our divided country needs. I can’t stand Trump either but she’s 10 times more divisive. So are her guests, the same trump haters every day and occasionally the FBI agent who was fired, Peter Strock. He has a lot of credibility. What a joke.


May 8, 2023 16:58 EST

Joey, your a f#cking America hating maga douche. You dream of “servicing” Putin and swallowing his seed.

Joseph Mooney

May 13, 2023 21:51 EST

And you’re a typical, malicious, nasty, vicious name calling intolerant liberal. That’s what you liberals do, get personal and insulting when you’re outed. You’re the perfect example of all that’s wrong with the country and why we’re in the mess we’re in. I’m afraid to list my email…… you or one of your hate-filled buddies would probably bomb my house.


Feb 13, 2023 19:36 EST

Deadline: White House should be called Deadline: Trump because the majority of Nicole Wallace’s two hours are spent on Trump related stories. She has a whole lot of clippings or quotes plastered on the tv screen on every show where she reads them aloud and then asks her “favorite reporters and friends” to answer her related questions. She smiles too much at the wrong time and her serious face looks like she is pouting or constipated. She is able to read and speak fine off the teleprompter, but has problems speaking fluently when she has to ad lib. Try counting how many times she says “um” and stutters when not using her notes or teleprompter. She should consider using contacts instead of putting on her granny glasses every time she reads off her notes. I am not a Trump supporter, but Nicole seems obsessed with covering stories negative to Trump. She is given two hours daily, but the network should consider giving her just an hour and use one of their many other female reporters who do a much better job. I have the option of changing news channels, so when she constantly says “don’t go anywhere” before commercial breaks, I turn off the tv.


Jul 4, 2023 16:52 EST

Nicole Wallace Deadline White House beat out FOX News.

Anyone criticizing Nicole Wallace is not watching her. Id say they work for Fox Propaganda.

She & Rachael are the only 2 anchors who never disappoint.


Feb 22, 2023 15:56 EST

Right because Deadline: Trump is the only show that focuses on Donald Trump on this network. There's a better news channel for you if you don't want to hear negative stories about fat orange Russian-wannabe man.


Feb 8, 2023 18:57 EST

Nicolle Wallace is the most courageous person I’ve seen on tv. She has a stainless steel spine and doesn’t back down—just witness her interview of Chris Christy after his book came out—she never let him off the hook. To answer some questions: when will she let the Trump scandal die down? When he’s finally indicted.
And what’s all this mishegas about how she speaks? Why don’t you just start commenting on how she wears her hair. Such superficialities are only leveled at women—never at men. She’s never hidden who she’s married to—she just mentioned it two days ago. If it’s germane to the story and she leaves it out THEN you can talk about how she’s hiding things. Another Trump-like conspiracy.

Kathryn Smith

Feb 3, 2023 18:42 EST

I have always looked forward to watching Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC. She is so knowledgeable about politics, and asks the right questions of her guests. I learn so much from her.
Now for the problem. It is her vocal fry. For some reason, she is keeping her voice artificially low all during the sentence, not just waiting for the end. I wish some speech therapist could work with her to end this irritation for us. It is a learned habit, so someone at MSNBC should help her unlearn this very annoying habit.
I watch politics all the time, and sometimes turn to CNN. I would hate to leave at 4pm, but will to avoid this constant annoyance.

PS I totally love when Ali Velshi is on to fill in for any of my late day and evening watching. My dream is he has a daily show during my watching hours! I am not a morning person.


Jan 3, 2023 13:15 EST

Why has Nichole picked up this "Valley Girl" way of speaking -- with the slight rise in pitch at the end of a sentence? She has always spoken clearly and with certainness and authority. She is my favorite on MSNBC, but she is sounding like some flaky beach babe IMO. I'm trying to look past this, but I find it unsettling. She has changed.


Jan 3, 2023 13:38 EST

I agree. I posted here a bit ago about that whiney uplift at the end of Nicole's sentences. Have no clue what to call it. Really annoying. And for some reason getting more nasal every day. I can now only watch the first half hour ay 4pm eastern time, then try and switch out to CNN. I would think MSNBC would notice, but am finding, particularly during the holiday when they had fill in unknown women to host, every one has that nasally, sort of screeching, whiney voice. What MSNBC needs is a voice coach. What ever happened to those soothing voices of smart women like Diane Sawyer, Leslie Stahl, etc.


Nov 18, 2022 14:00 EST

The one thing I think Nicole could work on is her monologue delivery. She has an odd intonation when she's setting up the top news stories immediately after "hi everyone it's 4 o'clock in NY 1 o'clock out west". Those who have heard her speak know what I'm talking about.

That said, I love the complex setups/questions she puts out for her panelists -- she reminds me of Brian Williams in that respect.


Nov 30, 2022 18:28 EST

Her intonation is called a vocal fry. It is an old usually female voice tone and has to be learned, it is not a natural intonation. People talk from the back of their throats with a scraping sound at the end of their sentences. Too long to explain its history, just google it. I recall first hearing this called the Brittany Spears croak. Then the Kardashian croak. So how this habit ended up in a serious news show, I can not explain. She has not always done this. It showed up last spring after a vacation she had. I do wish she would stop. You never hear her do it except on her show; when she works with the others on a panel, she speaks like she used to, with no croak. I really like her work, but I just can not get around this newer habit. I do not understand why her producers would not have noticed this and commented to her about it.


Dec 22, 2022 06:51 EST

Ya know, something happened when she came back from either honeymoon or vacation. Don't know what you would call it, but now she has this very nasal up and down voice with the ending tone up in the air. Can't explain it except: there is a running Ad on MSNBC with a blonde woman who does flipping houses. She is selling built in showers. If you close your eyes you hear Nicole. Wish it would just stop...doesn't MSNBC do like a "peer" review to get things like this fixed?

Shannon Mcmurray

Oct 16, 2022 23:04 EST

I never miss an episode of Deadline White House with Nicole Wallace! She is the best political analyst of all the major news syndications available. Her first hand experience in the world of politics has a way of guiding and engaging viewers effortlessly to really grasp the issues of the day. Nicole and her panel of guests are incredibly informative and extremely thought provoking. She’s kind and compassionate. I look forward to her show everyday! She’s just a lovely person!

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