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Morning Joe is a U.S. television program aired on MSNBC since Sunday, April 9, 2006. Morning Joe is currently the eighth most popular show on MSNBC and 128th overall on TV, watched by a total number of 1,015,000 people (0.33% rating, down -5% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on . Morning Joe is hosted by Charles Joseph Scarborough (60), Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski Scarborough (56), and William Russell Geist (48) since September 2007.

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Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Morning Joe on MSNBC as of Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

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2023-Sep-12 PA POLICE ON ESCAPED CONVICT 934-948P2+978,0000.31
2023-Sep-04 SPCP2+845,0000.27
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Sep 14, 2023 06:37 EST

Without getting into the politics of the show, which is what's its all about.; I hate the way Mika reads the teleprompter and reads words that shouldn't be empasized..sounds like she is reading to a child..I guess when 80% of your audience is 60+ its ok.

Mary A Cormier

Sep 11, 2023 09:12 EST

Writings from Adam Schiff and company.


Aug 29, 2023 06:29 EST

I read all these negative comments of Joe and Mika and people can always tune into the settle out of court with more lawsuits coming Fox news. You know the station that cant tell the truth. There is always CNN. I love watching Morning Joe and I am disappointed when they aren’t there, I look forward to the commentary from Joe and all the others but especially Joe. If all people can do is take time to write negative things save yourself the time and just change the channel, and try to find something nice to say for a change instead of finding fault all the time.

John Vandervort

May 31, 2023 08:20 EST

Cannot express how ignorance has taken over your being concerning your views of Morning Joe. We’re you there for Morning Joe 3 years of daily spews on the fake Russia collusion stories? After it was finally realized that all of the BS was fake Joe stated that it was a nothing find. Joe was so dramatized that he could not admit that he spent countless hours trying to make a fake narrative reality.


Jun 14, 2023 09:18 EST

I always have to laugh when I see a Fox News watcher bring up the "Russian Hoax," While you were hiding in the right wing silo of disinformation, spins, and lies, here's what was really happening...

FACT: Trump got into the White House with the help of an ADVERSARIAL foreign nation, Russia.

FACT: Trump's CAMPAIGN MANAGER, Paul Manafort, was KNOWN to have long standing ties to Russian Intelligence Services, often working for them; He was convicted of a myriad of financial crimes resulting from the Mueller investigations, some of which included $millions$ held and moved from foreign shell companies into the U.S . Trump PARDONED him;

FACT: Trump's family and campaign operatives had 120+ contacts, meetings, and exchanges of information with Russian agents (detailed in the Mueller Report); Jared Kushner was caught seeking a private communication channel between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin;

FACT: Despite right wing propaganda to the contrary, Robert Mueller did NOT exonerate Trump from working with the Russians. In fact, he said in a follow up congressional hearing, there was insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy, but that it would NOT be accurate to suggest there was no evidence of coordination... See below FACTS why it matters whether or not you are communicating and coordinating with the enemy...

FACT: The ONLY alliance that keeps PUTIN in check is NATO;

FACT: Trump took an axe to NATO, often causing deep suspicions and animosity between its member nations.

FACT: At a NATO meeting, and on the world stage, Trump Shoves aside the the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Montenegro was slated to become NATOs 29th member the following month. Something that infuriated Vladimir Putin.

FACT: At a summit at Helsinki, and after a 2 hour closed-door meeting, with NO witnesses, Trump emerged to take the side of Vladmir Putin over AMERICAN Intelligence Agencies when asked if he believed Russia had meddled in American elections.

FACT: Trump illegally took TOP SECRET and CLASSIFIED documents that related to national security with him when he left the White House. Additional FACT: He tried to hide those documents and mislead the FBI in their investigation when he was caught; He was INDICTED yesterday for this CRIMINAL and deeply dangerous act;

FACT:The ONLY Nation Vladimir Putin Hates more than Ukraine is the United States of America....

FACT: Every One of these statements can be verified with a simple Google Search.

If you still think there's no link back to Russia, that Divide and Conquer can't happen here, and that Donald Trump hasn't done more to help Vladimir Putin than he has to PROTECT the United States of America from Putin's unconventional attack, then you haven't been paying attention. ;-)

Dave Cannon

Jul 20, 2023 08:57 EST

It must be true. It was done with a simple Google search. Now that is truth finding research. Go deep.


Apr 24, 2023 14:47 EST

the morning jerk show


May 22, 2023 09:21 EST

The show is impossible to watch, Joe always interpreting everyone. Mika with her smug expression and Joe pushing her aside like an annoying bug. With so many things happening in the world they assessed with constantly reporting on Trump over and over. They have become cartoon of themselves.


Jun 14, 2023 08:41 EST

If you are tired of reports on the corruption and criminal behavior of Trump, perhaps you should stop elevating a corrupt and criminal pathological liar to the white house ;-)

Mary Pulliam

Jun 9, 2023 07:22 EST

Please! Get Joe off the air! The program is great but I can't stand his irritating rants. I need to find another channel for my everyday morning coffee ritual. Joe's personality and shouting make me anxious.


Mar 18, 2023 04:57 EST

Sad to see morning Joe keep losing in the ratings, the lady host Mika I think is dragging down the whole show ,she should have her own show promoting herself , her 20th century feminist cause and her family in a different place ,wearing wool gloves and sipping cappuccino, morning Joe has serious guests , serious topics and should take prime spot in the show.


Jun 30, 2023 20:10 EST

They are equally disgusting! Both dumb as rocks. I try to watch it every so often and I last about 1 minute. Pathetic!!


Jun 14, 2023 09:07 EST

I watch Morning Joe for their conservative and liberal views. I'm a centrist who leans left on some things, and right on others...I keep an open mind about everything and learn something from both these hosts.. They're doing just fine ;-)

Lydia Shay

Nov 4, 2022 16:19 EST

Morning Joe has become a drama Queen! I watched him forever - but he just can’t get over Trump being President once upon a time. The Democrats are putting our country into the crapper and it is the Republicans all he can talk about. Get real now Joe ……. Stop standing on ceremony………Biden is one hot mess……….the border ……….oh vey! …………..

Isabella Bonnie

Mar 24, 2023 22:39 EST

Drama Queen? Are you kidding me? The biggest and worst whiners in this country’s history is GOP. They have got to be dismantled! The ones voting for these people are so under-educated it’s what’s going to take down our democracy, a poor US educational system! I’m so tired of GOP “I want, I want, I want!"! And they lie and overreact to get these blue collar, white collar, and small business to vote for them! NO MORE OPINIONS, There IS only facts, so stop thinking GOP is the answer! They're overlords from the past in the 21st century. Morning Joe is giving you the facts. Would you please listen? The FACTS:

1. GOP are racist, underground, nationalists and they’re winning because they’re under educated and hate (so much hate)! Black people ARE being killed off by nationalist because southern states are STILL fighting the civil war. Racism exists because I know an ungodly amount of actual ex-friends and family that do hate! More than I ever knew existed and I am devastated at the amount! These right-wing haters will allow Republicans to do anything they want, take away SSI, Medicare, unions, VA benefits, democracy, and so much more as long as they keep Black/Yellow people under thumb and Brown in Central/South America. It’s a truth that is hard to bare!
2. There is no woke! it is a made-up idea by right wing extremists FOX! Same with "critical race theory”.
3. Transgender (LGBTQ) is a real condition for these kids who are trying to make sense of their life so STOP talking to religious figures and talk to a doctor!
4. NO ONE in the 21st century can tell a woman what they can do with their uterus! And TISSUE is all there is for weeks after conception! Also, do not get your facts from religious figures, talk to a DOCTOR!
7. Immigration problems will not be fixed until we come up with new immigration reform and IT'S THE GOP WHO WILL NOT COME TO THE TABLE TO DO THIS, NOT DEMOCRATS!
9. Courts ARE NOT following the letter of the law and ARE acting like this is an AUTOCRATIC system! Federalists are an awful organization.
10. Unions have been weakened by the State GOP through courts in the background since the 70's no matter who is governor, all anti-union laws in each state is because of GOP and courts and nothing to do with Liberal rule!
11. YES the police departments in the USA MUST be revamped and NO MORE FIGHTING AND BANDAIDS CAUSED BY GOP Rhetoric! ALL STATES need reform, PERIOD!
12. If small business would STOP arrogantly thinking they’re part of the corporate tax breaks and vote for Democrat we could finally give small business better tax breaks for startup and other issues like wages.
Or start tuning in to Morning Joe for advice, then start going to reputable news sources and learn the truth, which is not FOX, New York Post, or WSJ. Time to learn if you’re capable!

Mark Dixon

Aug 23, 2023 20:41 EST

What an absolute nuff-nuff. And so full of hateful rhetoric.
You should tape yourself calling half of the US voting public stupid and play it back to your good self then convince yourself you are not looking at another rabid, leftist nutso making a goose of itself.


May 22, 2023 09:24 EST

Dang girl take a Xanax! The show sucks, they are no better than Fox just to the left.


Nov 16, 2022 10:14 EST

I feel the same, he is a real jerk and a few other choice words as well. They think that demoralizing this president (Trump) is funny, well I feel that president FJB has put this country in the gutter. It really doesn't take a mental giant to understand that the inflation problem is all stemmed from the supposed fuel shortage. This wouldn't have been created if the pipelines and all the restrictions on refineries hadn't taken place, let alone all the FREE MONEY!!!!! Last I heard they haven't developed MONEY TREES. I think that JOE and JOE BETTER GET IT TO GEATHER!!!! Stop the editing and the FAKE NEWS. i THINK MORNING JOE and his FLUNKIES should starting reporting real news and UNEDITED NEWS!!!!!!!!


Feb 22, 2023 16:00 EST

I disagree WITH everyTHING you SAID this IS FUN alternating CAPITAL LADDERS to MAKE MY points!!!

Henry Eastman

Oct 21, 2022 06:42 EST

Last Wed. Oct. 12, JOE looked over at Mika and said seriously, "can I finish"? She had just tried to add something and he had not finished one of his long, rambling comments or complaints. One morning he even mocked the southern accent of Senator Graham! How do you talk to your wife like that AND ON CAMERA! When his wife starts to talk to move on, Mr. Scarborough keeps talking, as though he's way more important. I can see why Joe was voted out of office. How did Willie get a tv job being so bland. He seems bored and his voice has zero emotion. Mika seems confused on what words to emphasize. Her emotions seem fake for the context, like Nixon. I'm cutting way back on this show. I can see why its rated so low.

Marilee Goldsberry

Oct 10, 2022 09:41 EST

Just turned Morning Joe off again…his rude monopolization of the conversations is just not acceptable…he has two very competent co-hosts who rarely get a chance to speak and his guests are often overshadowed my his long opinionated rants…that said, MSMBC is still my go to news station.

Moshe Foster

Apr 24, 2023 09:07 EST

Uniformed people like you is why we have Joey the jackal in the WH!


Sep 26, 2022 08:23 EST

Trump derangement syndrome. Morning Joe is the RINO of the decade. Yeah Joe is about as Republican as about as far as I can throw his fat ass. And Mika she's nothing but a parakeet. They must have the lowest ratings in history for a morning show. No surprise their guests are the same people over and over again forever now the ball guy anybody who will sling crap on a wall and see what sticks against anything that has to do with democracy. They are in essence lying every morning exaggerating every morning and trying to confuse each and every issue to fit the Democrat narrative.

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