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American Agenda is a U.S. television program shown on Newsmax since Tuesday, November 5, 2019. American Agenda is watched by a total number of 210,000 people (0.07% rating) per episode, as of the average quarterly audience measurement for the period ending . American Agenda is hosted by Bob Sellers (68).

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American Agenda Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of American Agenda, presented by Bob Sellers, on Newsmax as of Sunday, June 30, 2024.

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Howard Hulin

Jan 16, 2024 19:49 EST

Bob Sellers is still on?? Haven't watched newsmax in afternoon since he went off on Lindell...I was watching Greta...she had him lost me for this time slot also...he's nothing but a trojan horse...he told Mike he was crazy on election fraud....I knew it was true also....guess I'm crazy too...but it's proven now...anyway, I'm watching newsmax less now... you're drifting....there are alternatives for real truth...


Sep 25, 2023 14:46 EST

I'm so glad Newsmax's Bob Sellers has not been on American Agenda the last 2 weeks. I don't find myself turning off the show now. I like the new Guy.


May 11, 2023 20:28 EST

Why did the comment about dislike for Bob Sellers get deleted??? Guess someone can't tolerate that people can't tolerate him.


May 9, 2023 15:22 EST

PLEASE get rid of Bob Sellers. He interrupts everyone and is blatantly arrogant! He makes his time-slot totally unwatchable!!

Amir hp

Nov 12, 2021 13:05 EST

Bob sellers is disgusting . He has the worst voice, his manners are horrible and he is a liberal in disguise.
Get rid of him. I stopped watching Newmax because of him.

Betty T.

Jul 27, 2022 15:36 EST

I absolutely agree. He talks over everybody on the show. I don't care what he thinks. I want to hear the guest. And I'm sick of hearing about his wife, not interested in her.

Lu Ann Hosek

Nov 10, 2021 15:10 EST

Please get rid of Bob Sellers....not a good choice for NEWSMAX....another liberal goofball pretending to be a conservative.....OUT!

Mary J Cureton

Apr 10, 2023 15:39 EST

And, he is rude and condescending to his female co host…as though he has a superior position and knowledge above hers. Since when are women now willing to tolerate this???? He’s what we used to call a mcp!


Sep 27, 2021 15:53 EST

Newsmax is great except for Bob Sellers who should be on CNN with others like him. He needs to go NOW!


Aug 30, 2021 14:19 EST

I will continue to boycott the American Agenda program as long as Bob Sellers hosts.
One America News (OAN) is my predominant news source. Newsmax, like all other sources except OAN, rolled over for the Dominion lawsuit threats and will not discuss the stolen election. Only OAN continues to faithfully cover this most egregious governmental cheat in the history of our nation. Even Spicer claims that Biden is our president.
Shame on Newsmax.


Aug 16, 2021 08:31 EST

Bob"Walk Out"Sellers is a slime ball. He sucked when he was here in Nashville at WZTV. Bob is still as phony as ever and he is definitely no better than "Lying" Brian Williams. I wish NEWSMAX would move on from him and let Heather carry the whole 2 hours by herself. Heather is awesome at her job and President Trump knows it too. Just to bad Heather has to work with that phony slime ball. Do better on your hires NEWSMAX.

John Gibson

Dec 29, 2020 15:47 EST

newsmax is great except for one host. Bob Sellers who seems to be a leftest socalist in disguise. I had to stop watching him due to him talking about the election fraud. He believes President Trump has no evidence. When his guest start to explain how President Trump has not had his day in court do to the courts not hearing the case and dismissing them. Sellers will ask the question and than interrupt the guest to tout that the electors have already certified and the courts have spoken. The guest will try to explain but Mr Sellers continues to over talk them doing his best to degrade them. I sit here yelling at the screen as my blood boils. His co host just sits there trying to smile but you can tell she has a problem with his methods.

I do hope Newsmax does not go down the same road CNN and now Fox has. They have been my hope for the news since the steal of the election.

Susan Rains

Jan 6, 2021 17:00 EST

You are correct. Today, Jan. 6th, this other guy on American Agenda is another Bob Sellers. He's blaming the Republicans until the ex police commissioner from NY got him straight about invading the Capitol. He's a Socialist, too, it sounds like.


Feb 2, 2021 17:19 EST

Agreeing with John Gibson. Newsmax is great except for one host. Bob Sellers who seems to be a leftest socalist in disguise. I prepared to stop watching at this hour because I might as well be listening to CNN or Fox News at 3p with the same arguement that will not allow any guests to speak based on lack of "current" evidence regarding election fraud. When his guest start to explain how President Trump has not had his day in court because the courts are not hearing the case and dismissing them. Sellers will ask the question and then interrupt the guest to tout that the electors have already certified and the courts have spoken. The guest will try to explain but Mr Sellers continues to over talk them doing his best to degrade them. I just witnessed Mr. Sellers epic meltdown during today's "interview (that wasn't) with My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell where Mr. Lindell tried to explain his aggregation of evidence that is forthcoming as Mr. Sellers allowed not 1 word to be spoken by his guest. I too sit here yelling at the screen as my blood boils as poor Heather Childers tried to salvage the interview. Mr. Lindell has sacrificed his livelihood & company for his convictions & support of 45. At the very least..if Newsmax is to distinguish itself from Fox & needs to do a better job in debating the arguement in its "news segments" and defend speech. Most of the 75 million Americans that voted for the reelection of 45 watched on TV and on line in horror as Trumps substantial leads in all battleground states came to a grinding halt...all at the same time!..only to shoot up for Biden like a rocketship the next morning. We didn't need the legal procedures that questioned this election or "conspiracy" theories to tell us something very suspicious had happened. We only wanted proof that it didn't. I also hope Newsmax does not go down the same road CNN and now Fox has. As a former 20 year loyal CNN/MSNBC viewer (until the crucifying of 45 with lies designed to destroy his presidency as his policies helped millions of Americans from every socio economic background. Newsmax and Fox have been my hope for brave "real" news. The more truthful.."other side of the story". The polls are so wrong. There are 75 million Americans all talking underground about the very scary road this country is taking toward a Marxist, fascist, socialist society..canceling any conservative views or policy, destroying lives and livelihoods of well known and average people and using the power of government and our MEDIA as propaganda. Newsmax was a beacon of light. THANK YOU for Greg Kelly, Sean, Grant & Chris!. If I wanted to watch news with a man like Mr Sellers..I might as well be watching Martha@3p or CNN. That's where Mr. Sellers belongs. Not Newsmax. I'm sure you can find an objective, conservative superstar that can run your news at 3p. Sellers ratings deserve to tank after what I witnessed on todays show (2/02/21) with Mr. Lindell.

June McWilliam

Feb 2, 2021 17:47 EST

I agree, wholeheartedly. I like Heather, she is constantly trying to clean up Sellar's mistakes. To me, he is abhorrent, with his moderate-liberal opinions. He's washed up, and past tense. Much of the time, when listening, I forget that I'm watching Newsmax. From today, I will not be watching American Agenda, because of him. The last straw, was when he censored Mike Lindell. He was invited to be on the show, and when he wants to give his opinion, or state what happened, Sellars treated him like a pariah. If I was Lindell, I would contact Christopher Ruddy, and pull commercials from that show. Sellars must go!

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