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Chris Plante The Right Squad is a U.S. television program broadcast on Newsmax since Monday, May 8, 2023. Chris Plante The Right Squad is currently the sixth most popular show on Newsmax and 398th overall on TV, watched by a total number of 211,000 people (0.07% rating, down -15% from September 12) as of the daily audience measurement on . The Right Squad is hosted by Chris Plante (63).

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Chris Plante The Right Squad Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Chris Plante The Right Squad on Newsmax as of Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

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Sep 19, 2023 08:35 EST

Such a boring show. I have tried hard to watch it regularly but cannot anymore. There is no chemistry between the squad. Especially disappointed that it replaced one of my favorite shows on Newmax - Jen Pelligrino’s.


Sep 23, 2023 04:34 EST

I completely agree. I feel sorry for Jenn too. She had her own show with Steve Cortes and then Steve left Newsmax, then she had the 9 PM slot by herself, then she had to share it with the female co-host later on, and then her 9 PM spot turned into a new show, The Right Squad, with a new guy out of nowhere that gets all the accolades. They even have Jenn shown in the intro once and Chris Plante is shown five times. That must really irritate Jenn. The show has good content, but it boring and drab with absolutely horrendous background colors. I don’t think their cameras are very good either. The whole thing is just off. Newsmax needs to get it more together if they want the vivid optics Fox News and the others have.

Holly Gee

Sep 19, 2023 19:24 EST

I find Chris Plante brilliant!! I love his show and am so super upset they moved him to a later hour. BOO I wish they could put him back to being after Eric Bolling!!!! Please!

I fall asleep and have to watch The Right Squad online now!

Also LOVE Jen, Mercy and Matt, Mark and many guests.


Sep 23, 2023 04:37 EST

Greg Kelly needed a better time spot. I do think they should move The Right Squad to an earlier spot though. Maybe get rid of Greta. She is horrible.

Peg Schmidt

Aug 29, 2023 21:12 EST

Find the Right Squad boring and Chris Plante has no personality - please change this hour to something more interesting.

June Seel

Aug 25, 2023 14:07 EST

I was watching yesterday after Trumps indictment in Atlanta, Jason was not there so I stayed instead of turning to Fox. Yes everyone had the freedom to have/share their opinion. I just don’t find it entertaining or helpful to hear his .

Anna J Patti

Aug 18, 2023 07:54 EST

Hate the "Right Squad." Not interested in what the left has to say. That's the reason I dumped Fox News. "The Five" with Jeraldo Rivera, Donna Brazil, Juan Williams, etc. They are all communists and want to destroy America. Chris is not a great speaker, but he's a nice guy. Jen, the blabber mouth with fake blonde hair never knows when to shut her trap. She turns her head back and forth while speaking like a robot, like anyone's interested in what she has to say. She's like the energizer bunny that never runs out of power. When she begins to talk, I hit the mute button. Her voice is like scratching your fingernails on a chalk board. I might watch it if you dump Jen and Jason. Love Mercedes and Matt. They are an asset to the show. Other than that, it's hard to watch the "Right Squad" because it's not "RIGHT".


Aug 10, 2023 21:48 EST

Hey folks, try not getting too upset over the
upheaval of the back & forth arguments.
It’s all about the money & the ratings.
Makes for great drama, feeding people’s
insatiable appetite for the same.
I don’t imagine that Jason will be leaving
anytime soon. I’m sure Chris Plante pays
him quite handsomely!
Would you sit on a panel & argue the
talking points with people in stark contrast
to your beliefs unless you’re raking in the coin?

Mark Spangler

Jul 27, 2023 21:27 EST

Episode on July 27 2023 .Mark Morgan hit the nail on the head . Chris that was the best panel you ever had. Please keep going .Great job

CP & The Right Squad as the Five?

Jul 10, 2023 04:16 EST

It's great to see Chris and Jenn back on the show. But, again, the last 3 episodes from two weeks ago, before Chris returned, were much better to watch. The panelists were a little bit more united, friendly, and in good spirits with one another in spite of their talking points. I'm hoping to see more of those positive moments. I do support Chris ( or any regular TV host of his/her show) who should absolutely have a saying so on how he sees fit for the audience. Afterall, this is his show. So he should not feel obligated to "listen to Jason" if he chooses not to. But, in order to have fair and balance debates, especially with this type of show that involves more than 2 panelists, it's not a bad thing for TV hosts, to receive feed backs from others to help improve their shows. To the Right Squad, I got to laugh. And it's all in good fun! I do humorously get a kick out of seeing Chris, Jenn, Matt, Mercedes or any guest, when they become a bit uptight and serious around Jason, probably saying to themselves on what he's going to say next that might be off the rail. And as for Jason, by now, he should realize and understand that at any time he gives criticisms to conservatives on their political views, then it's fair game, that he will expect criticisms by them also on his liberal views. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Larr Dawg

Jul 7, 2023 21:43 EST

From W/M 65, About Jayson. Y'all would do well to hang on to that young fella. He is an asset to the show. Lets just say I don't lean left. With that said I enjoy hearing his thoughts And admire his respectful yet straight forward delivery. EVERY member at that table carries on a very respectful conversation, 99% of the time one talks the others show proper respect and listen. I give this show an A+ for each and every one !


Aug 10, 2023 21:48 EST

Yeah I have to agree man, you can tell he's getting red pilled tho lol. Once you start getting the real news in your news cycle, instead of propaganda, it's impossible to not start gravitating to the center at the very least.

CP & The Right Squad as the Five?

Jul 3, 2023 11:16 EST

Again, I do like Gorka. I hope he comes back and continues as a fill-in host for Chris Plante or one of the guests of the Right Squad. I think he'd doing great on his Sunday show, "The Gorka Reality Check." Newsmax should promote his show a bit more. As a weekend host, Gorka has his own unique style and personality I admire and respect. I value his hardnosed conservative views and outspokenness. I also think Newsmax made a good decision to bring Jason into the mix on this CP Right Squad. Because Jason is a liberal as liberals do, I'm not surprise he will always agree on everything with Chris and Jenn as well as other conservatives. That's why he was hired by Newsmax to give his side of expertise as a Democrat political analyst. It's always good to have that fair and balance to hear both sides of political parties. The last three nights (W-F) of last week were much better than that Tuesday. It's refreshing to see the five panelists a bit more relaxed, chipper, having fun, humorous, and laughing among each other in unity despite their difference of opinions. Hope to see these positive moments occur more often on this show. And that's that!

CP & The Right Squad as the Five?

Jul 3, 2023 22:27 EST

Oops! Sorry, I goofed. Very important. Had to go back to correct 2 sentences :
1. I think he's (not he'd) doing great on his Sunday show, "The Gorka Reality Check."
2. Because Jason is a liberal as liberals do, I'm not surprise he will "not" always agree on everything with Chris and Jenn as well as
other conservatives.

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