The Record with Greta Van Susteren

The Record with Greta Van Susteren is a U.S. television program broadcast on Newsmax since Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Record with Greta Van Susteren is currently the fifth most popular show on Newsmax and 377th overall on TV, watched by a total number of 300,000 people (0.1% rating, up +21% from yesterday) as of the daily audience measurement on . The Record with Greta Van Susteren is hosted by Greta Conway Van Susteren (68).

Record with Greta Van Susteren daily, P2+ ratings chart

Record with Greta Van Susteren Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of The Record with Greta Van Susteren on Newsmax as of Thursday, March 30, 2023.

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Joe Balas

Mar 29, 2023 16:52 EST

Bring back Stinchfield. Never enjoyed Greta no matter the network.


Mar 22, 2023 20:00 EST

Greta is horrible
I cannot believe they let Stinchfield go to pay her
I’m also annoyed that they fired Emerald Robinson. Shame on you Newsmax
And ps Greg Kelly is the best

Aubrey Woodard

Mar 23, 2023 19:00 EST

Totally agree, Greta is more interested in what she wants to say even taking to interrupt true experts so that she can be heard. And, she repeats the obvious without adding relevant comment.

Sherry Schacher

Mar 9, 2023 15:38 EST

Please put Greg Kelly back in his old time slot.
I hate having him on so late he is my favorite
newsmax show. Trade him with Greta put
her on at 10 PM! She’s awful we change
the channel when shes on. Loyalty should
count I don’t like the way you treated
the group you had since the beginning,
just to accommodate a left leaning Greta!

Frank Engel

Feb 28, 2023 18:58 EST

Yeah, get rid of Greta. There's enough lefty channels without infiltrating Newsmax with lefty BS...

Peter Pa

Jan 23, 2023 19:50 EST

We have DirecTV - I miss One America News Network, so I was happy that Newsmax filled the void for a while until both the contract politics dropped Emerald Robinson, Steve Cortes and Grant Stinchfield and the schedule disruption that bumped Greg Kelly into late night. I miss Greg Kelly at 5pm CST, but I still watch him over Greg Gutfeld. I hope Greta stays in Ukraine on Assignment forever! Greta is another "left hack job"! I am tired of her whining about TRUMP and MAGA, which inherently means she opposes a Constitutional Republic!. I do like Rob Schmidt he has gotten a lot better in my opinion! I do flip over to Tucker Carlson about 50/50 percent of the time, but I often stick with Eric Bolling. However, if I am getting a good download stream with my Roku then I am watching Live from Studio 6B on Real America's Voice! Grant Stinchfield is on Real America's Voice, so he won't be back on Newsmax.

arlene beam

Dec 14, 2022 19:55 EST

Greta is not helping the ratings for newsmax. I keep switching channels when shes on.Replace her.Shes a better fit for CNN. She dose not support your viewers. She dose not represent conservatives view points. Very disappointed in Newsmax!


Jan 12, 2023 20:03 EST

Me too! Also can’t stand the ending of her show with her little banter with Rob Schmidt. Sometimes they are very awkward. Can’t believe she’s rated #1.

Larry B. Hansen

Dec 8, 2022 20:33 EST

What to say about Greta: Hmm... I have no doubt she is intelligent, and that she may have been a good lawyer, BUT...
+ She is very pedantic in her approach to subject matter, monotonal in her vocal inflection, and downright boring in her delivery...
+ As previously commented, she is repetitive in her coverage of the news...
+ She is rude to her guests by her incessant interruptions or "overtalking..." (As if she is "objecting" in court)
+ She is seemingly critical of the conservative viewpoint with a usual "twist" at the end of each report that leaves one wondering what
she's doing on Newsmax as she has the "last word..." (Certainly not voicing a strong affirmation of conservativism)
+ When stacked up against both programs before hers, and the one following, I can only say, "HUH?!" regarding your choice of
+ One has to wonder/imagine how many viewers Newsmax is losing during her broadcast, and therefore, for the remainder of the
+ I strongly concur with those who ask for her removal... (Or at least rescheduling to a timeframe when she will do the least damage)

Thanks for the opportunity to "vent..."


Jan 12, 2023 01:39 EST

yes get rid of Greta - tired of her mis-direction and constant subtle leftist remarks (and yes boring) - like today (and I only saw this as I as surfing channels) she advance the idea that the document scandal was same for Trump and biden. no it is not greta - that is like saying a drug dealer with cocaine is same as a police office locking cocaine in an evidence room - not fooled greta - please go away - what the heck is she doing on what is supposed to be a conservative channel

I. Walker

Dec 10, 2022 19:56 EST

I understand that Greta is not to everybody's taste - however, Newsmax is expanding (a good thing) while other networks are going down the drain (a good thing). Newsmax needs to reach a broader audience. And while Greta is admittedly not a pundit, she is a good journalist and she knows the law. I think her show is miles ahead of Bret Baier's Special Report. And as a viewer of her show and its content, I come to the same conclusions about the news of the day as I do with every other Newsmax show: Dems are SCUM of the earth, big tech is their dangerous bedfellow, and the U.S. government does not have our best interest at heart.

Aubrey Woodard

Mar 23, 2023 19:03 EST

She is NOT a good pundit (even if we need one) and being an attorney is not necessarily a positive for a news analyst.


Jan 12, 2023 01:40 EST

would like to see Brett and Great walk off in the sunset together

John Wayne broussard

Nov 14, 2022 18:46 EST

Is it about time to get Greta off the air and bring back Grant Stinchfield? Grant on his worse day is ten times better than Greta on her best day.
She has no personality and her delivery is very poor for a "professional" (?). I'm getting tired of switching to Fox Business when she comes on.

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