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Rob Schmitt Tonight is a U.S. television program broadcast on Newsmax since Monday, December 21, 2020. Rob Schmitt Tonight is currently the second most popular show on Newsmax and 236th overall on TV, watched by a total number of 490,000 people (0.16% rating, up +6% from Tuesday) as of the daily audience measurement on . Rob Schmitt Tonight is hosted by Rob Schmitt (40).

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Rob Schmitt Tonight Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax as of Thursday, September 28, 2023.

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Sep 13, 2023 19:32 EST

We have stopped watching Fox and switched to Newsmax. Rob Schmitt is my favorite (reminds me of Tucker) also love Greg Kelly. Keep up the good work

Proud American

Jul 23, 2023 01:35 EST

There's never a dull moment to watch Rob Schmitt Show on Newsmax. Plus, he has these segments that viewers can probably enjoy laughing about. For example, the African reporter and biblical Nancy Pelosi were pretty comical. But in all seriousness, RS still does a great job delivering real journalism. Thank you to Greg Kelly for his service incuding Carl Higbie and others (?). Greg has also done a fine job with his political analysis on his GK show. Kudos to GK and Newsmax (all of you) well deserved a shout out recognition by Trump at the TPUSA Saturday event. In regards to Trump showing up for the 2024 GOP Debates, RS does make a valid and sensible argument which I don't disagree. However, I still will take side with Dick Morris and bet money on DM's advice for Trump. I think it's unwise, unstrategic, and foolish for Trump to show up on those Debates held by Fox News Channel. It was different in 2016 where Trump didn't have a lot on his plate especially with these indictments. Seeing him go through this endlessly is exhausting. So we should cut him some slack and more! The man has proven himself time and time again what he's made of. He's earned it! He deserves it! He's worthy! I remembered in 2016 he was interrogated by fake news media if he ever has done a selfless act of sacrifice for anyone in his life. Trump did have some struggle articulating and answering the question because how can he? Comparing his sacrifice to the many American soldiers who lost their lives and died for the sake of our freedom, the truth is he can't. There is no comparison. And for not answering correctly from the left media's view, Trump was criticized. But rest assure to the former President Trump, what he is doing is extraordinary. The sacrifice he has made risking everything including his life for our God and beloved country, Trump is a blessing and a hero in my book. May God guide and protect Trump at all cost! Trump understands power, and he knows how to wield it properly with discipline better than our rogue government. Despite difference of opinions, the decision really boils down to Trump. I think when he is ready to debate, it will be on his own terms; and when he does, it will be Epic! But if things don't go so well for Trump (not being there on the first/second debates) then to RS and Cucinnelli (?), "You win!" But for now...the plot thickens. There's only one Donald J. Trump. He's one of those great presidents that only comes once in a lifetime. But then again, perhaps, we should alll vote for Wannabe Trumps. Let's do that! Sadly, the future won't be so bright.

Watch Rob Schmitt on Newsmax!

Jul 23, 2023 01:41 EST

UFOs and space aliens existing? Sounds of Freedom a box office hit!? Need I say more? I rest my case ( Matthew 19 : 26 ).

Watch Rob Schmitt on Newsmax!

Jul 10, 2023 02:58 EST

I got a chance to watch Justice Clarence Thomas on Newsmax weekend. What a remarkable story! Quite compelling and very moving! He is definitely an inspiration for those who really can relate to him as an outsider/underdog. It's no wonder why Rob Schmitt and many others adamantly defend this judge. CT is truly a man of integrity and courage. I give him my round of applause and long standing ovation. God bless and long live Justice Clarence Thomas! If I heard correctly, I agree with Rob. Trump may have to move to the center on some issues, for example, abortion, if conservatives really want Trump to be the next president of 2024. To be far to the left or far to the right is not always a great strategy to win a general election. And because we are so divided. Unfortunately, that's the hard truth. This is the world of politics we live in. A double-edged sword. Voters, keep in mind, just because promises were made in the campaign doesn't mean they're written in stone at the White House by an elected president. If we are concerned about being compromised, haven't we already, many times, with our politicians? Let's hope (this could be our last chance) we elect a president who is the real deal of America First agenda. Not a wannabe! Someone who is shrewd and tenacious. A relentless, fierce warrior for our God, people, country, and the Constitution. Someone who has already gone through the wringer numerously and persevered against all odds. Anyone we know? Hint : DJT. UFO and space aliens? I'm a skeptic. When these reports involve our government, I am highly suspicious of them! If the truth is out there, where we are not alone in the universe, then "Lo and behold, there is a God!" Because with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19 :26). This ET phenomena could be an omen leading to something very biblical. Christians believe we may be living in the signs of time. A movie called Knowing starred Nicholas Cage might explain some things? Also, thank you to RS informing us on the new book "Tucker" this July 18th. Yay!

Proud American

Jul 5, 2023 01:31 EST

Happy 4th of July to Newsmax! Thank you all for keeping us informed and up to date on real news. Rob's monologue on Tuesday was right on point. Compelling and true. The debates between the dems and repubs were pretty fair and balance. I'm always glad to hear both sides, even if I disagree on the opposite side. Compliment to Rob on his attire of red, white, and blue. Quite patriotic without a doubt. God bless you all, and God Bless America!

Diane Williams

Jun 30, 2023 21:10 EST

I was addicted to Tucker at 8:00 on Fox. Now that I have boycotted them, after watching Rob Schmidt at 7:00, he is my nitely go to for what is going on in the world of politics. He does a great job!!!


Jun 14, 2023 19:15 EST

Rob Schmitt’s show is terrific! Great commentary. His daily opening statement provides solid analysis and is always spot on! Great guests and conversation!
Note to Newsmax…move him to the 8:00pm time slot. He’ll pick up a slew of Tucker’s viewers!

Watch Rob Schmitt on Newsmax!

Jun 7, 2023 12:25 EST

Thank you Rob Schmitt for letting us know about Tucker Carlson. I am so looking forward to watching Tucker on his first new episode and so on. I really appreciate and value Rob's honest opinions. However, I kind of agree with Dick Morris on Trump not showing up for the GOP debates. Even Newt Gingrinch agrees. The liberal media and anti-Trump establishments are more and more hostile these days. This time in 2024 the Debates may not be in Trump's favor. The optic may still look bad on Trump anyway regardless if he shows up or not. Trump has a lot on his plate with this so called indictment. For now that should be his focus as well as his campaign. Sometimes, we have to pick our battles in order to succeed and win. Eventually, Trump will have to show up for debates, and they will be worthwhile to see.

Jonathan B.

May 30, 2023 21:21 EST

I like the Rob Schmitt's show! He tells it like it is. I've been watching him for over two years and he's one of the best!

john gregory

May 26, 2023 21:24 EST

i hope chris ruddy reads this..... as a newsmax viewer since august 2020 when i found rob schmitt (while channel surfing after watching him for years on fox) after his fox departure guest hosting greg kelly.... i was so impressed watching rob explode over the 2020 riots... i made the switch from fox ....i do believe these recent newsmax programing changes must happen once again since the post tucker fox collapse and the new fox upcoming line up to bolster their post tucker prime time programing.... the weakness of newsmax prime time is the 9:00pm slot ...from the cortez and pelligrino flop they never had captured the 9:00pm time slot and greg kelly's ratings are suffering with this current pannel show the right squad just another poor lead in ... ...i think if newsmax wants to win and bolster their prime time major changes must be made...i suggest putting greg kelly back at his 7:00pm time slot where he always won and was the king to power the evening line up .. rob schmitt who is the most like tucker should air in the 8:00pm time slot ....bolling at 9:00pm with his more aggressive tone to go up against a failing hannity and put their pannel show at 10pm which a must have a younger and more engaging host and a better set and more engaging guest pannel to end the night and then replay rob schmitt at 11:00pm that is a winning line up for newsmax viewers and gain new fox viewers .

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