Spicer & Co.

Spicer & Co. was a U.S. television program shown on Newsmax from Tuesday, March 3, 2020 to Monday, April 10, 2023 but officially ended on Thursday, April 6, 2023. Spicer & Co was watched by a total number of 159,000 people (0.05% rating) per episode, as of the average yearly audience measurement for the period ending . Spicer & Co. was hosted by Sean Michael Spicer (52).

Spicer & Co daily P2+ ratings chart

Spicer & Co Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Spicer & Co. on Newsmax as of Sunday, December 31, 2023.

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Apr 6, 2023 17:25 EST

Disappointing that Spicer &Co is done. I secretly hope you’re bringing back G Stinchfield

Bryan Vaudreuil

Mar 22, 2023 20:54 EST

Newsmax bring back Grant Stinchfield.

Kenneth Humiston

Feb 3, 2023 18:26 EST

Sean & Lindsey, your show is one of the best on THE BEST NEWS CHANNEL on TV. I don’t have Direct TV, T-mobile or internet to cancel, but the 1st Article of the Bill of Rights, which was ratified by the requisite 10 colonies necessary to pass the 1st 10 Amendments to the constitution, written be James Madison, 4th President and “Father of our Constitution, specifically in response to concerns of citizens and legislators alike, that the constitution without amendment gave the Federal government too much power. The Bill of Rights, made up of the 1st 10 Amendments to the Constitution, was therefore adopted Specifically to limit the power of the federal government over the people. I believe collusion between a business and a political party to be very bad business so I sold my stock in AT&T today, in support of NewsMax and hopefully a prudent financial move for my IRA. And while sending this I’ll also comment that I am a fanatic about grammar and punctuation, thanks to Miss Liddy my 8th grade grammar teacher, which is one thing I appreciate about your show because you two are so well spoken. But I did hear Sean mispronounce one of the mose commonly mispronounced words in the English language, nuclear. (he pronounced it nucular, as even Jimmy Carter does and he was a Nuclear Engineer). Vying for the lead in mispronunciations is Fentany, often mispronounced as Fentanhol (by Greta) which in the field of organic chemistry nomenclature would be an alcohol, if such a compound existed. This might be a stretch, but it could have legal implications if rather than a simple mispronunciation, a drug smuggler were mistakenly charged with smuggling alcohol when he was actually guilty of smuggling a significantly more dangerous opiate narcotic. Hopefully that won’t happen, but I know you to are aware of the importance to detail, so I thought I’d mention this for, the good of NewsMax. Thank you!

MJ Parker

Nov 1, 2022 16:59 EST

Seems like NewsM6is following the Fox train downhill.....Spicer&Co. Over Greta anyday and Eric Bolking is just BORRING...Bob Seller...FIRE HIM NOW.. I could go on but these are the most crucial at the moment. Come on Newsmax get back to where you started or I'm afraid you'll be another failed news channel like Fox... HELLO OANN.....REAL NEWS....FREDDOM OF SPEECH

Lemuel Gulliver

Jun 21, 2022 14:22 EST

I started watching NEWSMAX because of SPICER. My children AND grandchildren LOVE Sean Spicer. Greta - forget about it,she didn't interest me at Faux & despite trying to get into her at NEWSMAX I've already changed the channel. As it is I unsubscribed to NEWSMAX when Dinesh said they wouldn't cover 2000 Mules (or something to that effect). I block Tucker every time he pops up (as if "blocking" actually works) for the same reason (& more). Bringing on Bolton - Sean, shame on you.

Other total turn-offs at NEWSMAX include Rob Finnerty - the guy walks/talks over pretty much everyone. You pay your "Special Guests" so let them do their thing or save your money. The Pro-Vaxx commercials, especially for the kids - yikes. Other turn-offs-reasons to flip that channel - Howie Carr (although my grandchildren like him), fake hard-ass looking blondes (a problem most channels at all levels from local to international have).

PROS for NEWSMAX include without limitation, Greg, Chris, Stinchfield, Rob Schmitt, Shaun & Emma, Bachman, Eric, Jenn, Bianica, Tom, Dick, Dr. Sebastian, Amanda, Alex, Kilmeny; James; Diamond & Silk.

Discussions, Opinions & Panels don't just "get", they are old. Try going back even further to The SCOOP!!!!! "You head it at NEWSMAX 1st" type thing. Bust Tucker's as wide open for soliciting Hunter in an attempt to get Hunter to use his Special Influence over his Daddy to get Tucker's daughter into a cozy college (from what I read somewhere else). Let Dinesh do his 2000 Mules thing (it could have been better/deeper) by at least introducing the researchers & their methodologies.

Dig deep into the CDC/FDA corruption which has been pushing the truly disabling/deadly vaxxes. Hell, just actually read the Veritas posted DARPA applications from EcoHealth & you'll find mass stories including the names of other Mad-Scientists involved, how they always knew of curratives, and that the DELTA variant was always in the plans. It's in small fine print but it is in there.

Instead of going after old slow Uncle Joe, maybe show everyone where in the world Kamala is every moment of everyday. How much and what does she really drink? Like Hillary? Chardonnay?

Y'all are so close to earning that #1 position and just BLOWING IT as if you are actually afraid of genuine success or have been bought off like the other stations. So much so hat, like I already wrote, I have already cancelled my subscription.

Lemuel Gulliver

Jun 21, 2022 14:30 EST

P.S.: Sorry for the grammatical errors & misspelled words. "I heard it on NEWSMAX 1st" & "So much so that, ...." is what they were supposed to say. Once again - sorry about that.

Mitchell Savage

Jun 13, 2022 15:46 EST

I use to watch Gretta on Fox. I think her replacing Spicer and Lindsey Keith is a downgrade. Not really a fan. Just heard Eric Bolling to replace Grant Stinchfield at the 8pm slot. When you are up against Tucker your ratings will suffer some. Wish Eric Bolling all the best. Have not found out what slot Stinchfield will now occupy.

G Simmons

Nov 16, 2021 22:26 EST

CANCEL spicer...Give Lindsay Keith her own show.Ratings will rise for Newsmax

P Stanley

Dec 2, 2021 11:36 EST

The Kiss Army agrees with Gene. Spicer isn't credible.


Nov 1, 2021 17:57 EST

I used to enjoy Spicer & Company but it seems lately that Shawn has gotten a little arrogant. Not only does he continuously cut Lindsay Keith off time & time again, he also cuts off the guest speakers. He seems very unhappy & does not apologize for interrupting. Lindsay is a good co anchor but it is obvious she is getting a little frustrated with Shawns lack of respect. It may be time to start skipping Spicer & Company like I did America Agenda because of Bob Sellers. Heather runs that broadcast & it is an insult to have such a good reporter such as herself sitting in with a non stop talker like Bob who bounces in his seat & waves his hands like he is talking in sign language. He needs to go.

Janet Stilber

Jul 29, 2021 13:08 EST

Was ready to change channel when Lyndsay showed sympathy for the cops who shed fake tears during sham of a hearing on Jan 6. I couldn't believe she was that gullible. She actually felt sad!!? I left a lot of Fox and replaced them with newsmax. If she keeps this up I'll be deleting Spicer & Co next. This was on the 7/28 show

G smmons

Nov 19, 2021 21:49 EST

WHAT do you not Tear up Watching Movies,Plays and so forth ???

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