Wise Guys with John Tabacco

Wise Guys with John Tabacco is a U.S. television program aired on Newsmax since Sunday, July 25, 2021. Wise Guys with John Tabacco is watched by a total number of 35,000 people (0.01% rating, up +21% from last week) as of the daily audience measurement on .

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Wise Guys with John Tabacco Ratings

Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Wise Guys with John Tabacco on Newsmax as of Wednesday, June 28, 2023.

Wise Guys with John Tabacco Daily Ratings

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Sep 13, 2023 06:13 EST

Awesome show!! Telling the REAL TRUTH!! Would like to see show on a bit later in am and more often!!! Not on this am and I’m wondering why!! Thanks to Cara, John and rest of the cast and the rest of all The Wise Guys!! True Americans!


Aug 20, 2023 12:14 EST

Because my attention were postively more to President Trump on my first commentary, I forgot to compliment and give my best regards to the Wiseguys. For the viewers who watch your show, they probably would want an hour instead of 1/2 hour of your time. I'm sure you have plenty of good topics to cover and discuss. Keep up the good work. John Tabacco, an amazing host; and Cara, you got it going on! I've watched the two episodes a few weeks ago : a) Wiseguys' visit on Staten Islands and b) guest appearance Rudy Guillano. These two episodes brought back my reminiscence(s) when I was there. Rudy Guilano was a great Mayor back then. There will never be another great Mayor like Guilano. He kept New York City safe. I know. The NY residents as well as cops were tough. What happened to them? You could only blame the recent mayor, Eric, of today and the previous one before was Blasio. When you live there at the time Guilano was Mayor, you can live in the worst side of the neighborhood, take a secluded train station listening to your walkman by yourself (without looking over your shoulder on either side) or with only 2 or 3 people around, or go out in the middle of the night, dark and empty, to lower Manhattan or any area; and no one bothers you at all. But in broad daylight, and someone gets attack, and no cares to help? How terrible and appalling is that! As I recall, the homeless people were Good Samaritans or Angels in disquise. You didn't have to give them money to do favors. They did favors for someone willingly without a cost. Voluntarily to do good. What they wanted was a beacon of hope coming from people who embodies it. No one cares about these unfortunate "Have Nots" anymore. And they need psychological help and be held accountable if they committed heinous crimes to the innocents. God bless Rudy Guilano! God bless Dick Morris! And Trump, our dear President. Truly, you are The Man to "Make America Great Again" ! Go get'em Trump! My clever boy!


Aug 14, 2023 09:09 EST

I got a chance to watch our dear President Trump at Iowa last week on C-Span. Stay strong and stay healthy to you also, Mr. President.
Remember always, God is on your side if you do right by Him and always give Him the the Glory to His name. Afterall, He is the one who did put our America on the map. And He can take our beloved country away by letting the Dems and foreign dictators take over. I disagree with Matt Gaetz. The Americans should not have to work 10x as hard to put our President in the White House. That is your job, Congress (the Republican) and Newsmax ! If you say what you truly say you are. We are paying you! You need to make sure Trump is our 47th President by preventing another election interference of 2024 by any way, shape, or form. No more talking points! Stop being Weenies and Man Up! I think Vivek will be a great asset to the Trump Adminstration. I think Trump should make more appearances with Tucker Carlson. I think they make a great team. Trump should avoid rigged debates. God bless Tucker Carlson. I also believe God has chosen TC to play his role for the greater good. Remember, TC, God is also on your side. Do right by Him! Stay by your conviction. Remain a strong warrior and our voice for us, the Silent Majority. And kudos to Andrew and Tristan Tates. You are very brave, strong men. My prayers for you both and your family whatever new challenges you face. Keep up with the Faith! Shout out and kudos to Ice Cube and the other brave men on Tucker Carlson. I'll be watching TC because TC. You are the man! One last thing, whatever happens where the outcome of the election of 2024 doesn't go our way (but let's hope and pray that it does), you are not to blame, Mr. President Trump. You gave it your best shot!


Jan 7, 2023 23:43 EST

This is my first time responding to a show so promptly. Carra (sorry if I misspelled your name) but GOOD FOR YOU to stand up to the hoary headed guest! His all encompassing world view is problematic. A too open of a mind is too porous to hold a conviction. It is best to be on God's side! It's best not to be fooled by a fool.
I really like your show. An hour would be nice.

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