Cuomo is a U.S. television program broadcast on NewsNation since Monday, October 3, 2022. Cuomo is watched by a total number of 134,000 people (0.04% rating, down -20% from last quarter) per episode, as of the average quarterly audience measurement for the period ending . Cuomo is hosted by Christopher Cuomo (53).

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Demographic breakdown of the most recent historical ratings of Cuomo, presented by Chris Cuomo, on NewsNation as of Sunday, June 30, 2024.

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Jan 28, 2024 05:30 EST

When Chris appeared on News Nation I thought, “here goes the show!” He started out with what I thought was a “pompous ass” attitude. I called a friend and asked if my thoughts were correct and he replied, BINGO! Be careful and listen when O’Reilly talks without talking over him when you want to overshadow what he is saying. That behavior is really hurting his ratings.

To his credit ... he did win me over a bit when he participated in the first debate in Iowa. Alas ... when back on NN, same old same old! I do support his concerns on long Covid and am looking forward to him having Board Certified, Dr. Robin Rose back on with her research on the long Covid. Keep up the fight!

DJ in PA

Apr 24, 2024 20:27 EST

Cuomo improved a bit. He's trying to appear moderate but hasn't and likely will not convince me it's genuine. I like his non political segments. Perhaps thats his wheelhouse. OReilly is terrific however Geraldo is a liberal buzz kill. Won't watch geraldo. Period.
Cuomo ratings are still well below 200k.


Jun 6, 2024 07:31 EST

Cuomo is just weird and not neutral as he would like us to think.
Can't trust his political agenda esp in a election year.
Appears I'm not the only viewer who believes this bc his ratings have tanked.
To his credit, his non political content is decent.


Feb 14, 2024 22:01 EST

News Nation is slick. They been setting up the Democrat superpac under the guise of being neutral ... scum bg Geraldo joins NN on cuomo show tonight stating his goal is to convince you all to not vote for trump.

I only watch leland and tune into Democrat cuomo to hear oreilly. No more. I'm done with news Nation.

Mark C

Mar 21, 2024 13:39 EST

NewsNation has made it clear that partisans and extremists who care about party over country are not the ones they are interested in tuning in. As more of the rational middle catches on, hopefully they will continue to rise in the ratings. It's definitely a tough road though considering how polarized folks like you and others from both sides of the party spectrum are and watching the competition keeps the polarization thriving.. and that's great news for you! There are already a number of other stations that cater to your ilk. But for the marginalized majority who care about country over party and don't see each issue as Biden's or Trumps problem, the rest of us now have a media outlet we can go to. .


Dec 8, 2023 20:32 EST

Why is Newsnation selectively editing Cuomo's Nielson ratings to only show his higher scores? Shame on you you also do that to the news???


Jan 15, 2024 21:26 EST

Wasnt aware cuomo's poor ratings were worse than whats publshed. Cuomo stinks no matter how ya slice it. Several reasons. I try to tolerate him. I am really fair as i continue to give him a chance to build my trust. He has good guests and topics are often good when I tune in but he truly has personality & character issues. Makes me nervous to watch cuomo especially his bouts with OReilly. NN has to be aware of this. Sorry Bill. Sorry NN. I can't stomach Cuomo and often change the channel BUT I hope NN does well bc I can't trust CNN. Im tired of Faux News. NEWS Max isn't smooth. I refuse to turn to liberal networks. I need a neutral source of news and NN prime isn't it.

Greg R

Nov 15, 2023 10:43 EST

Wow. Every time I see Chris Cuomo on News Nation I get ready for the snark, condescension, arrogance, and ego. Cuomo is a fraud. He's a Dem-tard, Worke-tard acting (poorly) like a 'journalist'. He's the same one trick pony on News Nation that he was on CNN from which he was fired. Also laugh at the packaging. No jacket and tie. Two buttons open to show his 10-inch neck and Adam's apple, skin-tight shirt to show his bulging muscles, and his face so masked in tinted make-up he looks like he just left a spray-tan. Cuomo is and always will be a joke. Only got the job because of his deceased father and disgraced brother. Seriously. He gets less than 150,000 viewers nightly.

Mark C

Nov 29, 2023 10:33 EST

The audience that NewsNation is looking for is the Rational Middle. That doesn’t include radicals who make baseless claims about shows they w never watched and call people names like “DemTard” so I doubt anyone cares about what you think. Just stick to your Conspiracy theory news channels that don’t deal in Reality Unfiortunately there is still more of a market for ill informed sheeple to get their news. .


Jan 15, 2024 21:32 EST

He's right. Cuomo is a fraud esp if he's trying to be moderate or independent bc his Democrat opinions often bleed thru during a discussion when he should not be biased. His vanity is also sickening.


Nov 15, 2023 16:18 EST

150K is higher than all other programs on NewsNation (other than specials and breaking news coverage). So obviously he has some appeal. I will say that he did mess up when he covered for his brother but that was a personal thing I see no reason why he can't be trusted with all the other news.

Johnny B

Nov 15, 2023 22:55 EST

He had a million plus viewers at think his 150,000 avg viewers nightly is good? He's been on Newsnation a whole year now at a salary of $850,000/year. He didn't deliver the numbers promised and it's been a flop. It didn't work


Oct 19, 2023 23:59 EST

As of Wed Oct 18th Sean Hannity had 2,700,000 viewers Rachel Maddow 2,400,000 viewers Jake Tapper 1,300,000 viewers Newsmax's Greg Schmidt 580,000 viewers. Chris Cuomo only 238,000 viewers. Wowww!


Nov 1, 2023 22:12 EST

Oops...sorry I made a mistake...he only had 229,000 viewers

Ronney Aden

Oct 14, 2023 20:57 EST

Gosh.......OOOHHH GOLLY....
my every day would not be the same without Chris Cuomo! I am shocked his ratings aren't through the ROOF. They are good but I would rate them topping GREAT !!! His compassion, wisdom, education, TOTAL views and explanations are over the TOP. He 'listens'........and 'hears'!! He is the total package. Add to that - humor, empathy, and dedication, and he keeps expanding and growing. He also is not just interesting, but is funny, and pays attention to ALL ages.
With all his talents it would be awesome to have him have teenagers on TV with him - the good the bad and the ugly. WHY, because they need to be recognized, and Chris's wisdom would be so appropriate in the crazy world we are now living in! He would help not only the teenagers, but the parents who need to pay more attention to their children. BRAVO CHRIS!! You are magnificent. Ronney Aden

J Ruberto

Apr 17, 2024 02:13 EST

Couldn't stand him on CNN,especially with D Lemon. But am enjoying CUOMO on NN.
I like the evolution of his program & NN in general.


Oct 15, 2023 21:57 EST

Uhhh...look again...Cuomo's ratings are pathetic. Even he knows it...he blames his low ratings on his 8pm time he says he wants the 9pm time slot. Yeah....right!


Nov 15, 2023 16:19 EST

His ratings are higher than all the other primetime hosts on NewsNation so I don't really know what he's complaining about.


Oct 11, 2023 21:39 EST

Cuomo has been on Newsnation for over a year now BUT AVERAGES less than half of his October 2022 debut. A year ago Nextstar CEO Perry Sook said Cuomo will be bringing "a million viewers a night" to Newsnation. Well...this past September Cuomo only averaged 120,000 viewers a night and only 25,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo...according to NextTV. LESS viewers watching than a year ago? Wow...what happened guys...

Jose Perez

Dec 6, 2023 05:44 EST

Fox News and Newsmax viewers is what happened. To those who used to watch Tucker. Nowadays, you'll find some conservative media outlets, their days now being numbered on canceling so many people viewers trust to watch and information they like to hear


Oct 9, 2023 08:09 EST

Cuomo is very loyal, you can wash him as well on Chris Cuomo project, if you are depressed, need some great advices, you can hurry to listen to his podcasts, this man is more of what he thinks he is; his loyality, his commitment, his MORAL COURAGE are a gift, you don't find people like Chris very often, he tells the true, he is who he is, stay who you are.


Dec 29, 2023 16:48 EST

Chris Cuomo has always been too "self-righteous", and unnecessarily "preachy" on his shows ( even more so since he was booted from CNN, and was hired by News Nation ).

When you absolutely NEED .... BILL O'REILLY .... as a "contracted news commentator" on your show, it's just a "matter of time" before his ratings numbers will FALL enough for the network to have to MOVE his time slot, or just "CANCEL" his nightly show.


Oct 4, 2023 21:44 EST

Cuomo is fantastic. The show is great. I DVR it everyday and watch them all.


Apr 17, 2024 02:17 EST

I do the same. I think that his embarrassing departure from CNN humbled him.
I'm happy I gave him a chance. Also enjoying The Hill and other shows.

Joan bg

Sep 25, 2023 22:12 EST

My husband and I watch Chris every night. Look forward to his fast moving ends much too quickly..not enough of him. News
Nation MUST advertise that he is on the channel. We just happened upon his show and are so happy. Others would feel the same way. So articulate..down to earth.. Knowledgeable in every way. CNN cast its fate when they let him go.

Dee kasmouski

Sep 9, 2023 16:44 EST

I look forward to COMO nightly, I find the pace of the show informative,enjoy the eight o’clock time spot,it’s CNN loss,COMO BRINGS NIGHTLY NEWS WORTHY STORIES THAT MATTER


Sep 18, 2023 19:15 EST

I look forward to cuomo's wed show bc of Bill OReilly but then Cuomo acts like a moron hence i quickly turn him off !!

That said. I like news nation. Just seen The Hill tonight fir the first time & was impressed.

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