TBS Shows

2 Broke Girls269,000
24 Hours of a Christmas Story1,730,000
AEW: All Access336,000
AEW: All Elite Wrestling2762,000
AEW: Rampage541,000
American Dad!123,000
At the Final Four285,000
B/R Gaming69,000
Big Bang Theory, The1891,000
Black History Marathon403,000
Bob's Burgers273,000
Cube, The308,000
Day After Thanksgiving Movie554,000
Fathers' Day Movie Marathon277,000
Final Four Pregame846,000
Flight Attendant, The549,000
Four Christmases576,000
Fourth of July Movies570,000
Friday Night Vibes238,000
Friends Marathon297,000
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee463,000
Gold Rush518,000
Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts991,000
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!450,000
I Survived Bear Grylls339,000
Impractical Jokers719,000
Inside the MLB108,000
International Soccer Women132,000
International Women's Day293,000
Lazarus Project, The168,000
Love Life276,000
Madden Championship Series69,000
Match Conversation, The268,000
Match PreGame, The191,000
Match, The374,000
Memorial Day MovieFest444,000
Miracle Workers374,000
MLB American League Championship Series4,670,000
MLB Division Series5,341,000
MLB Game Break1,945,000
MLB National League Championship Series8,889,000
MLB on Deck PreGame Show3324,000
MLB Regular Season5202,000
Modern Family278,000
Mud Madness1,152,000
Naked and Afraid: Solo388,000
NBA All-Star Draft571,000
NBA All-Star Game1,017,000
NBA All-Star Tip Off485,000
NBA In-Season Tournament375,000
NBA In-Season Tournament Pregame324,000
NCAA Basketball Championship7,396,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Bridge5,477,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Post Game2,264,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Pregame1,682,000
NCAA Basketball Final Four Postgame1,923,000
NCAA Post Gun5,324,000
NHL Playoffs Postgame465,000
NHL Playoffs Pre-Game273,000
NHL Playoffs: Quarter Finals1,155,000
NHL Playoffs: Semifinals1,551,000
NHL Regular Season271,000
NHL Stanley Cup Finals586,000
NHL Stanley Cup Finals Pregame171,000
Polar Express, The408,000
Power Slap: Road to the Title220,000
Presidents' Day Movie288,000
Puppy Bowl794,000
Rat in the Kitchen349,000
Reel, The108,000
Road to the Final Four573,000
Silicon Valley277,000
Stupid Pet Tricks773,000
Taylor Rooks X123,000
TBS Movie4290,000
USA Soccer Men437,000
USA Soccer Postgame441,000
USA Soccer Pregame213,000
USA Soccer Women621,000
Wizard of Oz, The617,000
Year Without a Santa Claus, The485,000
Young Sheldon673,000
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