TNT Shows

24 Hours of a Christmas Story1,447,000
AEW: Battle of the Belts560,000
AEW: Rampage3374,000
AEW: Rampage Special159,000
AFI Life Achievement Award273,000
After Thanksgiving Movies652,000
All Elite Wrestling: Collision1562,000
Animal Kingdom904,000
B/R Gaming75,000
Great Debate with Charles Barkley, The297,000
Harley Quinn281,000
HBCU Basketball123,000
HBCU Legacy Classic68,000
HBCU Legacy Classic Pregame163,000
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!544,000
Inside the NBA1,374,000
Inside the NBA All-Star577,000
Inside the NBA Playoffs4,699,000
Labor Day Movies519,000
Lazarus Project, The274,000
Match Conversation, The346,000
Match PreGame, The254,000
Match, The589,000
Memorial Day Movies559,000
Million Dollar Wheels196,000
MLB Division Series2,208,000
MLB Regular Season6263,000
NBA All-Star Draft3,368,000
NBA All-Star Game3,713,000
NBA All-Star Rising Stars888,000
NBA All-Star Saturday Night3,420,000
NBA All-Star Tip Off1,141,000
NBA Basketball1,101,000
NBA Exhibition495,000
NBA Playoffs Play-In2,258,000
NBA Playoffs Pre-Game2,288,000
NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals12,000,000
NBA Playoffs: Round 12,975,000
NBA Playoffs: Round 27,546,000
NBA Pre-Game Show312,000
NCAA Basketball Championship2,785,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Bridge1,676,000
NCAA Basketball Championship Pregame279,000
New Year's Day Movie328,000
NHL Awards274,000
NHL Playoffs Postgame542,000
NHL Playoffs Pre-Game318,000
NHL Playoffs: Conference Finals1,860,000
NHL Playoffs: Quarter Finals3,095,000
NHL Playoffs: Semifinals1,363,000
NHL Preseason268,000
NHL Regular Season299,000
NHL Regular Season: PostGame67,000
NHL Regular Season: PreGame145,000
NHL Stanley Cup Finals2,468,000
NHL Stanley Cup Finals Postgame1,087,000
NHL Stanley Cup Finals Pregame566,000
Pathway, The588,000
QB Roundtable571,000
Rich & Shameless1,083,000
Road to the Final Four1,559,000
Shaq & Kareem260,000
Sum: All-Star Battle, The335,000
Thanksgiving Movies870,000
TNT Big Ticket Movie418,000
TNT Movie2540,000
USA Soccer Men339,000
USA Soccer Postgame7150,000
USA Soccer Pregame5266,000
USA Soccer Women4344,000
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