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Alaska Haunting184,000
Alaskan Killer Bigfoot290,000
Alien Endgame341,000
Amityville Horror House319,000
Beyond the Unknown280,000
Blue Lizard Effect, The97,000
Conjuring Kesha149,000
Curse of the Highgate Vampire, The200,000
Dead Files, The140,000
Demon House127,000
Demon House: The Lost Footage184,000
Destination Fear234,000
Doomsday Caught on Camera205,000
Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life183,000
Eli Roth Presents: My Possessed Pet167,000
Eli Roth Presents: The Legion of Exorcists135,000
Expedition Bigfoot363,000
Extreme Halloween331,000
Fright Before Christmas, The185,000
Fright Club349,000
Ghost Adventures171,000
Ghost Adventures: Devil Island212,000
Ghost Adventures: House Calls255,000
Ghost Brothers: Lights Out245,000
Ghost Hunters338,000
Ghost Town Terror, The143,000
Ghostober Preview Party140,000
Ghosts Caught on Camera193,000
Ghosts of Devil's Perch175,000
Haunted Encounters: Face to Face90,000
Haunted Museum, The178,000
Haunted Scotland190,000
Haunting Of, The132,000
Haunting, A265,000
Help! My House Is Haunted127,000
Hunting Atlantis2242,000
In Search of Monsters
Jack and Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror237,000
Jack Osbourne's Haunted Homecoming321,000
Jack Osbourne's Night of Terror271,000
Jack Osbourne's Night of Terror: Bigfoot255,000
Jack Osbourne's Night of Terror: UFOs273,000
Kindred Spirits378,000
Legend of Bigfoot189,000
Mega Monsters367,000
Merry Scary Christmas182,000
Most Terrifying Places257,000
Mysteries at the Museum1368,000
Mysteries at the Museum: Area 51410,000
Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch193,000
NASA's Unexplained Files216,000
Nostradamus: End of Days222,000
Paranormal Caught on Camera257,000
Paranormal Declassified213,000
Portals to Hell379,000
Shock Docs488,000
Shock Docs: Ed & Lorraine Warren323,000
Shock Docs: The Exorcism of Roland Doe296,000
Shock Docs: The Visitors330,000
These Woods Are Haunted361,000
Tidings of Terror417,000
UFO Hunters149,000
UFO Witness412,000
UFOs: The Lost Evidence314,000
Unexplained: Caught on Camera266,000
Urban Legend212,000
World's Most Unexplained283,000
Yeti Massacre369,000
Yuletide Yeti356,000
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Jean lawrence

Jun 12, 2023 04:33 EST

My Favorite shows are Ghost Brothers and Kindred Spirits as well as Ghost Hunters. I have to say my favorite of the 3 is Kindred Spirts. They always seek to find a cause and a resolution for a positive outcome for those living and those who have passed on. I don’t understand the spin offs and popularity of Ghost adventures. I don’t like that they taunt those who have passed on.

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