U.S. Television Ratings

A television ratings system is an audience measurement methodology that seeks to determine viewership of various programming. The most popular of such systems is the Nielsen Ratings, developed and operated by The Nielsen Company, which is the primary source of audience measurement information in the U.S. television industry. Since television as a business makes money by showing advertisement to audiences, ratings are the single most important element in determining advertising rates, schedules, and programming content.

Programs: Top 50

Ranking of the top television shows based on the most recent, aggregated ratings data as of Tuesday, November 22, 2022. See program ratings ranking for the complete listing.

1NFL NationalCBS27,546,000+36%
2Sunday Night FootballNBC17,886,000+13%
3NFL Sunday: SingleFOX15,556,000
4NFL RegionalCBS15,257,000+10%
5Sunday Night NFL Pre-KickNBC12,522,000+1%
6NFL Regular SeasonESPN11,166,000-13%
7Thursday Night FootballAMZ10,320,000+52%
860 MinutesCBS9,950,000+47%
9Football Night in AmericaNBC9,684,000+42%
10World News TonightABC8,510,000-5%
12FIFA Men's World CupFOX7,761,000
14Nightly News with Lester HoltNBC6,978,000-2%
15Chicago FireNBC6,897,000+12%
17Chicago MedNBC6,727,000+11%
18Afternoon College FootballABC6,599,000+70%
19Nightly News SaturdayNBC6,568,000+17%
21The VoiceNBC6,185,000+3%
22Monday Night KickOffESPN5,871,000+7%
23World News Tonight SundayABC5,838,000+17%
24FBI: InternationalCBS5,819,000+6%
25Blue BloodsCBS5,818,000+73%
27NFL Sunday: Post GunFOX5,531,000-1%
28Fire CountryCBS5,469,000+97%
29Chicago PDNBC5,386,000+14%
30Evening News with Norah O’DonnellCBS5,326,000+5%
31Sunday MorningCBS5,215,000+7%
33Bob Hearts AbisholaCBS5,129,000+12%
34FBI: Most WantedCBS5,107,000+8%
36East New YorkCBS4,966,000+6%
37Law & Order: Special Victims UnitNBC4,946,000+20%
38College Football PrimeESPN4,867,000+535%
39Young SheldonCBS4,842,000-32%
40NCIS: Hawai'iCBS4,821,000+1%
41Nightly News SundayNBC4,752,000+27%
43Law & OrderNBC4,568,000+12%
44College Football: Pac-12FOX4,528,000+25%
45Home Depot College FootballCBS4,482,000-49%
46America's Funniest Home VideosABC4,467,000+17%
47Thursday Night KickoffAMZ4,410,000+38%
48Big Noon Saturday: Big 12FOX4,347,000+73%
49NFL Sunday: Pre GameFOX4,345,000-4%
50Monday Night PostGameESPN4,027,000-20%

Networks: Top 50

Ranking of the top television networks based on the most recent, aggregated ratings data as of Tuesday, November 22, 2022. See network ratings ranking for the complete listing.

5Fox News2,550,0000.82+1%
12Paramount Network877,0000.28-41%
16Food Network692,0000.22+2%
20USA Network593,0000.19+1%
22Hallmark M&M556,0000.18+3%
27TV Land471,0000.15
37Nat Geo301,0000.10+1%
39We TV297,0000.10-1%
45Travel Channel233,0000.07-5%
48Comedy Central226,0000.07-29%
49Nick at Nite219,0000.07-4%
49Sundance TV219,0000.07+5%


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Jan 5, 2022 09:49 EST



Nov 9, 2021 16:39 EST

these rankings exemplify the fact that most people still watching corporate media are absolute boomers. cable tv is like an empty vessel artificially propped up by dirty advertiser money, only giving it the ILLUSION of legitimacy

Anthony Riccioli

Oct 6, 2021 17:32 EST

Fox News has 12 of the top 15 programs as measured by number of viewers. That statistic can not be spun into anything positive by any of the other networks. If the opposite was true - the left-wing propaganda outlets of cnn and msnbc would be mentioning that continuously. They can not, because it is obvious that the majority of people seeking news choose Fox. The cnn and msnbc hosts and guests are revealed every day for who they are and who they are not. Several are absolute garbage; most are absolute liars..... again, Fox News programs - 12 of the top 15 - generate more viewers than the left wing outlets combined. Regardless of how that is attempted to be spun, Fox wins. cnn and msnbc lose. Regardless of what the left wing nuts say.


Nov 10, 2022 13:48 EST

People largely watch what they want to hear, positions that revalidate their positions. Fox News did really well this week because conservatives were really hoping to get a dopamine rush and revalidation that their candidates and positions were in alignment with the majority of Americans. Expect the ratings to change next week. I can see a dramatic drop off on conservative commentaries already on Fox, OAN, NM.


Oct 26, 2021 00:47 EST

Yeah...and they STILL thin Trump won the election!!!!!

Christopher Thais

Jan 9, 2022 20:08 EST

If you buy into this propaganda nonsense then you must be a huge fan of late night paid commercial hustlers.. Here are the REAL Neilsen Ratings -


Sep 16, 2021 22:23 EST

i see but 2 shows on the list, and they are on newsmax, that i watch and none in the top 50 stations. roku/pluto: america's voice and newsmax, hedex: infowars.

Larry mcduffie

Aug 16, 2021 06:58 EST

Cancel,you,commies I will never believe your numbers.

John Dryden

Jul 23, 2021 15:50 EST

Wow .... of the top 8 shows all but Rachel Mad Cow are on Fox! You have to think people watching Mad Cow have some sort of major malfunction happening :)

I think Fox has made some programming and talent changes to try and get some of its old audience back. Harold Ford Jr. is a solid addition to the Five and as the token lefty he holds his own while injecting a more cordial and relevant tone to discussions. He is much more human than Juan Williams or Donna Brazille and more likable ......

The two personalities that need to go are Cavuto and Wallace. I can't stand to listen to never Trumper Cavuto croak his way through another show and he is boring as hell ....

Wallace is a left wing hack who lost all his credibility in the first debate between Slow Old Joe and President Trump .....

Tucker Carlson is king of the airwaves!!!!


Aug 1, 2021 21:45 EST

Fox News is screwed. It has nothing but mentally ill Trump cult members who watch. Nothing but conspiracy theories.


Nov 6, 2021 23:35 EST

So, when Trump told his "cult members" to take the vaccine. They didn't.
When Joe Biden told his cult members to take the vaccine. They did.

Seems to me, that Trump supporters didn't listen to their "cult leader"
But Biden supports did listen to their cult leader.

It's safe to assume, that anything the left blames the right for, the left is guilty of it. Been in the dems play back since the civil war (which they lost.)

But it was a good try JMR. Come back when you prepared.


Oct 29, 2021 21:49 EST

We are all screwed unless the Dems are voted out

Christopher Thais

Jul 26, 2021 13:10 EST

What is laughable is how you're acting as though these ratings are something to smile at. Even pervert Bill O'Reilly managed to average 4 Million viewers a night. Now look at FOX..half of their audience has evaporated and why? Because common sense people are tired of the 24/7 whining and complaining program that tiny cable station offers daily.

Lindy Gardner

Jun 30, 2021 20:38 EST

Finally had to check the ratings myself as I guess networks are banned from reporting these numbers. The stunning part is how few people watch any of these. Never miss. Ever miss. Tucker. The Five. Gutfeld. And whatever channel President Donald J. Trump is on! ????


Aug 1, 2021 21:46 EST

How empty and sickening your life must be.

Joe momma

Jul 10, 2022 20:04 EST

Where's that Russia collision CNN and MSDNC pushed?.. Remember Adam shithead has seen it..

Why didn't COVID CNN and MSDNC pushed for 2 years kill off all the homeless?..

Why hasn't CNN or MSDNC reported on Crackhead and his ties to Russia, Ukraine and China?..

Why'd Joe just send 1 million barrels of oil to a gas company owned by CHINA that has ties to Crackhead?..

Why's Joe sending illegal alien kids to Hebrew school partially owned by CHINA with 117,000,000$ NO BID GRANT?..

Why has Joe let 4,000,000+ illegals in?..

Why's gas $5 a gallon?.. Keystone pipeline ring any bells..

You wanna run your DICKSUCKER.. Get at me fagboy.. I can destroy your ignorance.. 🤣🤣


Jul 7, 2021 11:46 EST

Hope is not lost. There’s still time for you to repent!


Jun 20, 2021 09:47 EST

Never miss Tucker. Hannity could be better, but the show is too much about himself. Laura Ingraham can be very good at times, when she had the governors, but at times not so much. CNBC can be too political at times and Cramer blows with the wind. Cramer is whatever is popular with his NBC Corporate masters and his Corporate buddies. His stock picks reflect his corporate friendships. MSNBC and CNN cannot get ratings without President Trump. They are hopeless!


Apr 19, 2021 15:36 EST

Newsmax is 52 on the list. Their shows are on the top 50 programs list though.
Stitchfield, Greg Kelly and others.
Chris Wallace is one of the biggest POS on TV


Aug 15, 2021 18:37 EST

Chris Wallace is a total jerk off!

Bob Smithers

May 9, 2021 01:18 EST

Even more impressive when you realize that Newsmax is not even carried by all cable providers. A true apples to apples comparison would have them far higher

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