U.S. Television Show Ratings Ranking

Ranking is based on ratings data as of Wednesday, July 10, 2024. The audience figures are derived from the latest Nielsen daily, weekly, or monthly P2+ program audience averages, whichever is the most recently available within the past seven-day window.

1One on One with President BidenABC8,578,000
2World News Tonight with David MuirABC7,243,000-3%
360 Minutes PresentsCBS5,654,000+14%
4Nightly News with Lester HoltNBC5,456,000-7%
5America's Got TalentNBC4,820,000+233%
6Evening News with Norah O’DonnellCBS4,334,000-2%
7Macy's 4th of July Fireworks SpectacularNBC4,280,000-6%
8NASCAR Cup Series RaceNBC3,790,000+17%
9Who Wants to Be a MillionaireABC3,711,000
10America's Funniest Home VideosABC3,482,000+65%
11Family Feud: Decades of LaughsABC3,345,000
12Jesse Watters PrimetimeFNC3,214,000+8%
15Price Is RightCBS3,154,000+1%
18Jeopardy MastersABC3,005,000+40%
19American Ninja WarriorNBC2,882,000+148%
20Celebrity Family FeudABC2,849,000+58%
21NASCAR Cup Rain DelayNBC2,837,000+146%
24Baseball Night in AmericaFOX2,700,000+9%
26FBI: InternationalCBS2,650,000-4%
28Good Morning AmericaABC2,619,000-1%
29FBI: Most WantedCBS2,565,000+9%
31NCIS: Hawai'iCBS2,500,000+3%
33Chicago MedNBC2,325,000-4%
34Chicago FireNBC2,296,000+2%
35WWE Friday Night SmackDownFOX2,256,000
36Young SheldonCBS2,222,000-20%
37The WallNBC2,178,000+13%
38Blue BloodsCBS2,160,000-3%
39Chicago PDNBC2,151,000+16%
40Copa AmericaFS12,145,000+8%
42Claim to FameABC2,104,000-11%
43Saturday EncoreCBS2,097,000+46%
45Real CSI: MiamiCBS2,004,000+17%
46CBS MorningsCBS1,968,000-1%
4748 HoursCBS1,964,000+9%
48Copa AmericaFOX1,869,000+6%
50WWE EntertainmentUSA1,846,000-5%
53Dateline ClassicNBC1,660,000-12%
54Quiz with BallsFOX1,649,000+38%
56Sunday Night in AmericaFNC1,602,000+1%
571% ClubFOX1,589,000+5%
58Wonderful World of DisneyABC1,574,000+39%
59Dateline MysteryNBC1,553,000-48%
60Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC1,512,000-22%
61Independence Day SpecialFNC1,494,000+23%
62Life, Liberty and LevinFNC1,485,000+5%
63MLB WeekdayESPN1,337,000-2%
64Last Word with Lawrence O'DonnellMSNBC1,314,000+1%
65One Nation with Brian KilmeadeFNC1,311,000-5%
66Beat ShazamFOX1,308,000+87%
67Secret of Skinwalker RanchHistory1,288,000-8%
68Name That TuneFOX1,285,000+43%
69Shark TankABC1,276,000+44%
70Night CourtNBC1,243,000-13%
71House of the DragonHBO1,241,000+7%
72Fire CountryCBS1,238,000-22%
74Copa America Post MatchFS11,226,000+7%
75Inside with Jen PsakiMSNBC1,218,000+58%
76Gordon Ramsay's Food StarsFOX1,082,000+49%
77Alex Wagner TonightMSNBC1,006,000+16%
78Fourth in AmericaCNN976,000-12%
7990 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?TLC935,000+76%
79Breaking NewsMSNBC935,000+69%
81Farmhouse Fixer: Camp RevampHGTV925,000+6%
82All In with Chris HayesMSNBC917,000-10%
83Fox News Saturday NightFNC885,000-25%
84100 Day Dream HomeHGTV878,000-3%
85Expedition Unknown: Sharks vs Nazis in ParadiseDISC877,000
86Battle on the BeachHGTV874,000+2%
88Beyond Skinwalker RanchHistory830,000-8%
89Jaws vs. LeviathanDISC821,000
90Below Deck MediterraneanBravo817,000+3%
91Belly of the Beast: Bigger and BloodierDISC787,000
92Gold Rush: Parker's TrailDISC785,000-7%
93Vacation House RulesHGTV767,000-7%
94SportsCenter LateESPN735,000+26%
95Copa TonightFS1728,000+163%
96American MonsterID718,000+49%
97Backed by the BrosHGTV708,000-4%
9890 Day Fiancé: The Other WayTLC707,000+11%
99History's Greatest MysteriesHistory699,000+46%
100House HuntersHGTV691,000-11%
100All Elite WrestlingTBS691,000
102Alien Sharks: Ghosts of JapanDISC669,000
103WWE NXTUSA656,000+21%
103Copa TonightFOX656,000+27%
105Big Shark EnergyDISC654,000
106House Hunters InternationalHGTV642,000-11%
1066000-LB SharkDISC642,000
108Great White Serial Killer: Sea of BloodDISC636,000
109Great Food Truck RaceFN633,000+7%
110Bobby's Triple ThreatFN618,000+2%
111Ancient AliensHistory615,000+15%
112Monster Hammerheads: Species XDISC611,000
114Proof Is Out There: Alien EditionHistory579,000+21%
115Shark Frenzy: Mating GamesDISC573,000
116BBQ BrawlFN565,000-9%
117Great White NorthDISC564,000
118CNN NewsroomCNN559,000+6%
119Homicide Hunter: American DetectiveID557,000+10%
120Mama June: From Not to HotWe TV554,000+20%
121Anderson Cooper 360°CNN552,000-10%
122Holy MarvelsHistory537,000+54%
123Million Dollar Listing: Los AngelesBravo534,000-14%
124Hoffman Family GoldDISC533,000+1%
125Diners, Drive-Ins & DivesFN529,000+11%
126My Big Fat Fabulous LifeTLC526,000+141%
127Food that Built AmericaHistory514,000+4%
128Deadliest BiteDISC513,000
129Signs of a PsychopathID510,000-2%
130Lifetime Original MovieLifetime508,000+24%
131MILF ManorTLC506,000-7%
132Fear Thy NeighborID494,000+5%
135Source with Kaitlan CollinsCNN476,000-5%
136NewsNight with Abby PhillipCNN474,000+5%
137Bodies in the WaterID446,000
138Customer WarsA&E445,000+6%
139Neighborhood WarsA&E443,000-5%
139Late Night LockupID443,000+10%
141Sanjay Gupta ReportsCNN436,000
142Prime Baseball GameMLBN431,000+21%
143I AmCW430,000-19%
144Deadly Influence: Social MediaID424,000+7%
145Nat Geo Wild DocumentaryNGW418,000+497%
146Pawn StarsHistory409,000-28%
147High Speed ChaseID403,000+2%
148All AmericanCW401,000+58%
148Police 24/7CW401,000+9%
150$100,000 PyramidGSN399,000+32%
151Baseball TonightESPN398,000+24%
152NBA Summer LeagueESPN396,000-9%
153Fútbol CentralTUDN391,000+103%
154MLB Regular SeasonFS1389,000
154Totally Funny AnimalsCW389,000+25%
156Court CamA&E383,000-1%
157My Strange ArrestA&E380,000-28%
158Dateline: UnforgettableOxygen377,000+30%
159Icons That Built AmericaHistory376,000-4%
160Catfish: The TV ShowMTV368,000+15%
161AKC Premier CupESPN364,000+517%
162Deadly Waters with Captain LeeOxygen363,000+17%
163Lifetime Acquired MovieLifetime360,000-25%
164Gypsy Rose: Life After LockupLifetime358,000+24%
165MLB Regular SeasonTBS356,000-17%
166Totally Funny KidsCW352,000+13%
167Welcome to PlathvilleTLC349,000+64%
168MLB Tonight Rain DelayMLBN348,000+156%
169Big BakeoverCW347,000+20%
170Accident, Suicide or MurderOxygen342,000-11%
170Copa AmericaTUDN342,000+13%
173Celebrity Family FeudBET334,000+36%
174Wild CardsCW330,000+2%
175Summer Pro BasketballESPN317,000-21%
176AEW: RampageTNT309,000+2%
177AEW CollisionTNT306,000-27%
178Pawn Stars: Best OfHistory303,000+20%
179Godzilla x Kong: The New EmpireHBO288,000
180Real Housewives of DubaiBravo278,000+10%
181Nat Geo DocumentaryNG276,000+1%
182All American: HomecomingCW273,000-25%
183Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!MTV271,000+16%
184Love & Marriage: HuntsvilleOWN269,000-12%
1857 Little JohnstonsTLC260,000-50%
185Power Book II: GhostStarz260,000+35%
187Banana BallESPN259,000
188World's Funniest AnimalsCW258,000-1%
189Basketball WivesVH1257,000+23%
191Beavis & Butt-HeadCC239,000+76%
192Watch What Happens LiveBravo232,000-50%
193Crime NationCW223,000-32%
194Doubling Down with the DerricosTLC221,000-62%
194Summer Pro BasketballESPN2221,000+19%
196Lazarus ProjectTNT199,000-25%
197SportsCenter PrimeESPN193,000-33%
198Masters of IllusionCW191,000-25%
198Weather Channel LiveTWC191,000-41%
198Shark Attack 360NG191,000-19%
201Top Rank BoxingESPN189,000-73%
202Lost Beasts: UnearthedNG187,000+12%
203Storm CenterTWC185,000+73%
204Big InningMLBN180,000-10%
205MLB Regular Season PostgameFS1178,000-49%
206Caso CerradoUniverso177,000+95%
207Clifford the Big Red DogNick172,000
209Ghost AdventuresTrvl171,000+7%
211NBA Summer League: California ClassicNBA166,000+84%
212Inside the MLBTBS160,000+7%
213Línea de CuatroTUDN153,000+59%
214Deb's HouseWe TV144,000-3%
214Outrageous Love with NeNe LeakesLifetime144,000
216Hill Sunday with Chris StirewaltCW134,000-6%
217Ultimate FighterESPN133,000-30%
218Bizarre Foods with Andrew ZimmernCKC120,000+21%
220Top Rank Boxing: All-AccessESPN115,000
221B/R GamingTBS106,000+54%
222Hard Knocks OffseasonHBO82,000
223Uninterrupted: Real Stories of BasketballVice64,000-2%
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Jul 9, 2024 11:24 EST

I didn't see The Herd listed here.
Colin has been on vacation and Jason McIntyre has been the lead.
Looks like he might not be prime time player.

Stephen Colmar

Jul 3, 2024 16:57 EST

Elsbeth should be cancelled or shifted to streaming. Walker should be picked up by CBS (or offered to other networks/streamers. Two more seasons and it's syndication ready.)
NCIS:Hawaii should be uncancelled. Matlock will fail. It's Harry's Law 2.0. Even Blue Bloods should be granted an additional 1/2 season given NCIS: Sydney isn't a strong tentpole for Friday. Blue Bloods sucks but syndicates well.


Jun 26, 2024 18:01 EST

Amazing how David Muir is America's top show becoming Cronkite 2.0 and besting NBC. Especially suprising because ABC entertainment is in 5th place.
These ratings demonstrate that a majority of Americans don't watch TV whether entertainment, sports, cable news. They either stream, play video games, play on social media or live healthy lives reading and actually doing stuff.
Also Amazing is how CBS daytime game shows now bv eat much of prime time. They are introduction a new soap, might do well on streaming; however, another game show might be the best idea.


Jun 5, 2024 08:12 EST

'The Five' is at #11, it's on at 5 p.m. EST and it's #11.


Jun 29, 2024 22:39 EST

Where's "The Five"? Did the Communists pull it?

The Radio

May 30, 2024 10:29 EST

I find it interesting that there were over 50 shows that had less people watching nationally than I used to have listening to me on a local radio show! Interesting!


Jun 4, 2024 07:30 EST

Neilson Media Research chooses a random sample of diverse American households and installs meters
to keep track of what's being watched. The ACTUAL number of Americans watching these shows is not
known, since a company like Neilson cannot know what hundreds of millions of viewers (including
you and me) are watching.


May 19, 2024 07:51 EST

The Tonight Show got 3 1/2 million viewers, that's not bad. What did Colbert and Kimmel get? I don't see it listed.

Carole Linda Merriss

May 17, 2024 19:41 EST

Rather odd that When Calls The Heart is counted Live on both Cable on Sunday and streaming on Monday. Seams that it should only be counted on either day NOT both!! That makes it a disadvantage to other shows that are only counted live on Sunday!!

Arford Robert

Feb 5, 2024 02:48 EST

The NFC Championship fills numbers 1 - 3 of the top 500+ shows, but the AFC Championship is not listed. Is that an oversight or personal opinion?

Steve Platt

Feb 7, 2024 18:45 EST

Folks, Chris Wallace is now on CNN. His show is up 17%


May 19, 2024 06:20 EST

At 234 with less than half a million He's getting beat by Top Chef.

Harriet DiGiacomo

Sep 15, 2023 23:47 EST

…what happened to the Neilson ratings?They were great readings and showed the times of the shows along with the rankings..Neilson must return so true and accurate ratings can be viewed…


Oct 18, 2023 14:00 EST

Cable is dead, it's all about streaming.
Funny how the first scripted show is Yellowstone, a white cowboy show.
Blacks, feminists, and New York City Media killed cable.

Stephen Colmar

May 16, 2024 17:32 EST

The Young and the Restless costing roughly $100,000 is a Top 40 beating Grey's Anatomy and SVU. Primetime numbers have crashed so much that cancelled As the World Turns, even cheaper to film, would be a top 50 still beating NCIS Hawaii

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