U.S. Television Show Ratings Ranking

Ranking is based on ratings data as of Thursday, November 30, 2023. The audience figures are derived from the latest Nielsen daily, weekly, or monthly P2+ program audience averages, whichever is the most recently available within the past seven-day window.

1NFL NationalCBS30,901,000+47%
2Sunday Night FootballNBC16,426,000-11%
3Thursday Night FootballAMZN15,258,000+18%
4Sunday Night NFL Pre-KickNBC12,472,000-10%
5Monday Night FootballABC10,094,000-35%
6College FootballCBS9,090,000+13%
760 MinutesCBS8,415,000+9%
8World News Tonight with David MuirABC7,955,000
9NFL Regular SeasonESPN7,634,000-34%
10Nightly News with Lester HoltNBC6,965,000+8%
11Monday Night KickoffABC6,943,000-31%
12Christmas in Rockefeller CenterNBC6,647,000+5%
13Thursday Night KickoffAMZN6,293,000+4%
14Golden BachelorABC6,091,000+349%
15College Football: Pac-12FOX5,845,000+42%
16The VoiceNBC5,572,000-14%
17College Football PostgameCBS5,452,000+76%
18Saturday Night FootballABC5,331,000+13%
19Dancing with the StarsABC5,095,000-11%
20College Football PrimeESPN5,072,000+121%
22NCIS: SydneyCBS4,945,000-2%
23Evening News with Norah O’DonnellCBS4,892,000
24Christmas at GracelandNBC4,631,000
25College Football Post GunFOX4,465,000+230%
26Monday Night KickoffESPN4,399,000-27%
27College Football SpecialCBS4,089,000+25%
29America's Funniest Home VideosABC3,903,000-4%
30Celebrity Jeopardy!ABC3,795,000+10%
31Friday Night FootballABC3,768,000-44%
33Football Night in AmericaNBC3,506,000-64%
34College Football UpdateFOX3,460,000+129%
35B1G Saturday Night FootballNBC3,381,000+38%
36B1G College CountdownNBC3,354,000+160%
37Celebrity Wheel of FortuneABC3,294,000+4%
38College Football: Big 12FOX3,292,000+33%
40Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerCBS3,183,000+17%
41Pregame RushABC3,151,000-3%
42Hallmark Original MovieHM3,120,000+31%
43Good Morning AmericaABC3,097,000-3%
44Masked SingerFOX3,017,000+84%
45Amazing RaceCBS3,005,000
46Young SheldonCBS2,994,000-65%
47Monday Night PostgameESPN2,984,000-35%
49The FiveFNC2,874,000-4%
50Weakest LinkNBC2,833,000+108%
51How the Grinch Stole Christmas!NBC2,796,000
52Face the NationCBS2,647,000
53Jesse Watters PrimetimeFNC2,566,000
54$100,000 PyramidABC2,550,000+4%
55College Football ScoreboardABC2,541,000+3%
57Meet the Press with Kristen WelkerNBC2,437,000
58Afternoon College FootballABC2,387,000+39%
59Curse of Oak IslandHistory2,332,000-5%
60College GameDayESPN2,325,000+4%
61Blue BloodsCBS2,298,000-1%
61CBS MorningsCBS2,298,000
63Press Your LuckABC2,289,000-6%
64This Week with George StephanopoulosABC2,267,000
65Disney Magical Holiday CelebrationABC2,259,000+7%
66Bachelor in ParadiseABC2,254,000+1%
68FBI TrueCBS2,226,000+35%
69Ghosts UKCBS2,195,000-42%
70Shrek the HallsNBC2,181,000
71Special Report with Bret BaierFNC2,176,000-2%
72Ingraham AngleFNC2,146,000-1%
73Hell's KitchenFOX2,106,000+137%
75Greatest @Home VideosCBS2,075,000-24%
77Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC2,056,000-3%
78Let's Make a DealCBS2,011,000-8%
79NBA BasketballTNT2,002,000+29%
80College Football AfternoonESPN1,999,000+407%
81WWE EntertainmentUSA1,998,000+24%
83TNF TonightAMZN1,864,000+10%
84Dateline MysteryNBC1,780,000-23%
85Great Christmas Light FightABC1,763,000-30%
86Sister WivesTLC1,668,000-6%
87Beat with Ari MelberMSNBC1,656,000+4%
8848 Hours PresentsCBS1,655,000-44%
89Deadline: White HouseMSNBC1,650,000-2%
90America's NewsroomFNC1,628,000
91B1G Saturday Night Football PostNBC1,619,000-19%
92National Dog ShowNBC1,616,000-12%
94NBA Regular SeasonESPN1,582,000-22%
95Faulkner FocusFNC1,562,000-4%
96Last Word with Lawrence O'DonnellMSNBC1,544,000-8%
97Byron Allen Presents TheGrio AwardsCBS1,543,000-2%
98Minas de PasiónUNI1,526,000+5%
99SEAL TeamCBS1,498,000-19%
101Raid the CageCBS1,471,000-16%
102All In with Chris HayesMSNBC1,467,000-7%
103Your World with Neil CavutoFNC1,464,000-13%
104Story with Martha MacCallumFNC1,458,000-13%
105America ReportsFNC1,444,000-14%
107Alex Wagner TonightMSNBC1,406,000-7%
108College Basketball Regular SeasonESPN1,399,000+22%
109Monday Night CountdownESPN1,394,000-23%
111Rosalynn Carter Memorial ServiceCNN1,319,000
112Sunday Morning FuturesFNC1,305,000-14%
113Cavuto LiveFNC1,277,000+4%
113Inside with Jen PsakiMSNBC1,277,000+73%
11590 Day FiancéTLC1,268,000+191%
116Gold RushDISC1,243,000-14%
117Name That TuneFOX1,239,000+15%
118College Football: Big 10FS11,232,000+45%
119Fútbol Estelar ChivasTEL1,212,000+92%
120Snake OilFOX1,203,000+30%
121Vencer la CulpaUNI1,189,000+4%
122Special ForcesFOX1,173,000+2%
123My Lottery Dream HomeHGTV1,141,000+30%
124Fox & FriendsFNC1,135,000-1%
125Holiday Baking ChampionshipFN1,128,000+50%
126HMM Original MovieHMM1,125,000-5%
127Rosa de GuadalupeUNI1,104,000-5%
128Morning JoeMSNBC1,096,000-1%
129Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed WatersHistory1,095,000-1%
13090 Day Fiancé: The Other WayTLC1,092,000+275%
131NFL CountdownESPN1,089,000-14%
132Fox News at Night with Trace GallagherFNC1,085,000-17%
133CFP Rankings ShowESPN1,080,000+22%
134Fox & Friends SaturdayFNC1,075,000-13%
135Fox & Friends SundayFNC1,069,000-6%
136Fixer to FabulousHGTV1,059,000+9%
138Why Is This Happening? LiveMSNBC1,045,000
139Hallmark MovieHM1,042,000-24%
140Media BuzzFNC1,033,000-1%
141Expedition UnknownDISC1,032,000-5%
142LEGO MastersFOX1,021,000
143Exatlón Estados UnidosTEL1,020,000-7%
144Life, Liberty and LevinFNC1,013,000+21%
144Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo1,013,000+26%
146MSNBC Special CoverageMSNBC981,000+6%
147College Football ScoreboardESPN978,000-39%
149Fox News Sunday with Shannon BreamFOX971,000
15011th Hour with Stephanie RuhleMSNBC963,000-11%
151Katy Tur ReportsMSNBC947,000-14%
152Late Night with Seth MeyersNBC944,000+26%
153Fox Report with Jon ScottFNC925,000-14%
154Homestead RescueDISC911,000-1%
155Vuelve a MíTEL906,000+3%
156Family ChantelTLC902,000+11%
156Formula 1 Grand PrixESPN902,000-31%
156Ana Cabrera ReportsMSNBC902,000-6%
159Mountain Men: AlaskaHistory900,000-11%
161The KitchenFN886,000-4%
161Below Deck MediterraneanBravo886,000+13%
163Sunday Night in AmericaFNC883,000-18%
164Family GuyFOX881,000-10%
165Big Weekend ShowFNC879,000+6%
166Secretos de SangreTEL876,000-5%
167Bob's BurgersFOX873,000+2%
168Chris Jansing ReportsMSNBC865,000-13%
169Unsellable HousesHGTV863,000+81%
170All Elite WrestlingTBS858,000+2%
171Big Bang TheoryTBS819,000-13%
172Fareed Zakaria GPSCNN814,000+20%
173Mystery at Blind Frog RanchDISC808,000-6%
174Kitchen NightmaresFOX807,000-50%
175House Hunters InternationalHGTV802,000+29%
175Cine TelemundoTEL802,000+34%
177Fox News LiveFNC801,000-13%
178Andrea Mitchell ReportsMSNBC795,000-14%
179Friday Night VibesTBS793,000+120%
180WWE Friday Night SmackDownFS1789,000-31%
181José Díaz-Balart ReportsMSNBC788,000-8%
182House HuntersHGTV775,000+20%
182FOX College HoopsFOX775,000-31%
184NBA Pre-GameESPN762,000-41%
185No Demo RenoHGTV757,000-13%
185NHL Regular SeasonTNT757,000+43%
187Pardon the InterruptionESPN746,000-1%
188On Patrol: LiveReelz743,000-6%
188College Football BridgeFS1743,000+608%
190Erin Burnett OutFrontCNN741,000-18%
191Bering Sea GoldDISC738,000-4%
192State of the UnionCNN737,000+26%
193House Hunters: HostHGTV734,000+7%
194Pioneer WomanFN728,000-2%
195Lead with Jake TapperCNN726,000-18%
195Kids Baking ChampionshipFN726,000-13%
197FX MovieFX722,000-2%
198Cine EspecialUNI718,000+61%
199De Noche Pero Sin SueñoUNI715,000-20%
200Real Housewives of PotomacBravo711,000-3%
200Soul Train AwardsBET711,000+188%
202Help! I Wrecked My HouseHGTV700,000-9%
203College Football: Big 12FS1691,000-20%
204Anderson Cooper 360°CNN690,000-16%
206Doctor del PuebloTEL677,000+57%
207Married at First SightLifetime676,000+15%
208Holiday WarsFN673,000-20%
209Hot Mess RenosHGTV671,000
210Southern CharmBravo668,000+3%
211WWE NXTUSA659,000+6%
212Aquí y AhoraUNI658,000-1%
213Delicious Miss BrownFN656,000-6%
214Fox News Sunday with Shannon BreamFNC653,000-1%
215Women's College Basketball Regular SeasonESPN650,000+220%
217The OvalBET646,000+9%
218Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday ThrowdownFN640,000-16%
219Inside PoliticsCNN634,000-19%
219Elf on the Shelf: Sweet ShowdownFN634,000-33%
221Inside the NBATNT633,000-4%
222First 48A&E632,000-4%
222Murder in the HeartlandID632,000+8%
224Situation Room with Wolf BlitzerCNN630,000-24%
225Lawmen: Bass ReevesPN626,000
226CNN News CentralCNN623,000-18%
227SportsCenter WeekendESPN618,000-13%
22890 Day Fiancé: Pillow TalkTLC614,000-26%
229Christmas Cookie ChallengeFN609,000-3%
230American MonsterID604,000+4%
230One Nation with Brian KilmeadeFNC604,000-36%
232Building RootsHGTV598,000-5%
233Ms. Pat Settles ItBET592,000+1%
234Guy's Ranch KitchenFN589,000-8%
235Married to MedicineBravo587,000+9%
236GameDay KickOff Pre-KickNFLN586,000+75%
238Life Below Zero°NG577,000-7%
239TNT MovieTNT572,000-24%
240Journal Editorial ReportFNC571,000-29%
241Formula 1 QualifyingESPN2565,000+68%
241Real Housewives of Salt Lake CityBravo565,000+19%
243Comics UnleashedCBS561,000-1%
245Good Cop Bad CopID553,000+2%
246Fox & Friends FirstFNC552,000-3%
247TBS MovieTBS548,000-27%
248First TakeESPN546,000-1%
249Mary Makes It EasyFN543,000-14%
250MSNBC Reports LiveMSNBC542,000+5%
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Harriet DiGiacomo

Sep 15, 2023 22:47 EST

…what happened to the Neilson ratings?They were great readings and showed the times of the shows along with the rankings..Neilson must return so true and accurate ratings can be viewed…


Oct 18, 2023 13:00 EST

Cable is dead, it's all about streaming.
Funny how the first scripted show is Yellowstone, a white cowboy show.
Blacks, feminists, and New York City Media killed cable.


Jul 27, 2023 12:14 EST

Why are Newsmax shows not listed? Got it right this time.


Sep 9, 2023 22:15 EST

They used to be, new clue while missing now


Jul 29, 2023 23:28 EST

Because most of Newsmax's viewership is streaming, which is not monitored

Mike Varner

Dec 1, 2023 07:43 EST

Newsmax. It is because none of their shows are in the top 250. See page #2 . First appearance of Newsmax is @ 266 Rob Schmidt Tonight

Anthony Jognson

Dec 12, 2022 16:14 EST

I'm curious about many ratings for video games. I have noticed that my children have been acting strange ever since I got them a xbox.
They have been more actively upset and very aggresive against me and my husband Anthony.


Jan 7, 2023 09:28 EST

Then get them away from the ignorant video games, dumbass.


Mar 24, 2023 19:54 EST

You can give her suggestions on how to combat the problem without being so disrespectful....

Christopher Thais

Jan 6, 2022 03:07 EST

WOW.. If this chart is telling everyone reading it that the Top 50 shows on cable and satellite television are ALL POLITICAL SHOWS? Give me a break.. out of 340 Million Americans, with 50% at minimum having cable and satellite television, you're trying to convince common sense Americans that the Top 50 shows Americans are watching on paid TV are ALL political shows? ahahahaahahahahaha no wait ahahahahahaahah WOW.. I've heard of taking Americans for absolute morons but this is ridiculous ahaahahahaaha


Jan 31, 2023 14:48 EST

Top ten shows are football, then a mix of everything… what are you looking at???


Aug 18, 2022 18:32 EST

The regular broadcast scripted shows are all in reruns, and the political shows are all in election mode. The numbers will be vastly different in a month when the fall season starts.


Nov 25, 2021 10:26 EST

Why does this list only show the top news programs? A full list would have Yellowstone as the #1 show and all the Hallmark Xmas movies and several cooking shows?


Feb 26, 2021 17:06 EST

Why does your Program list have JAN 2 DATE?


Feb 28, 2021 08:10 EST

I do wish that I could see the ratings updated so I know what the current ratings are


Feb 26, 2021 17:27 EST

Because that's when the program ratings were last updated...


Feb 13, 2021 08:20 EST

Where is Chris Wallace on this list and when will Fox fire him? He is definitely poison to their ratings.

Jeff Simmons

May 28, 2021 08:49 EST

Wallace is the product of nepotism AND being surrounded by Beltway Bums most of his life. On top of that, he’s a little man with a big mouth and a big chip.

He’s become nothing more than just another version of “Butt Chuck” Todd.

How does FOX News ever hope to make headway in the ratings on Sundays with a host like Wallace, who’s like all the rest?!?


Jun 10, 2021 13:31 EST

Agreed, Mike Wallace was much better than Chris. It seems like he is trying to be something he is not.


Mar 18, 2021 13:58 EST

Why? Because he doesn't sell right-wing lies and propaganda freely enough? He sure didn't stop Trump in the first presidential debate last year. He just gave Trump ALL the rope. And by god, Trump hanged himself. Trump did not recover in the campaign after that.


May 26, 2021 09:06 EST

It’s a real shame that people like you are just like a group of sheep follow what they hear and they don’t look at the truth the evidence. You’re a pathetic moron

william hannah

May 2, 2021 13:32 EST

jmr is a broken record of ignorance

Ali G

Feb 5, 2021 10:42 EST

How I can access daily Nielsen data on a particular TV show? Is there any contact email for this website? I cannot find anything here.


Feb 6, 2021 08:44 EST

We don't have access to the daily ratings at this time. Hopefully, that will change soon. In the meantime, you can try


Jan 26, 2021 12:25 EST

I was so happy to see that Morning Joe with that hate filled Mika Brezinski and her possible murdering husband is almost dead last in the ratings. Good job Mika & Joe great hating.


Feb 25, 2022 19:47 EST

Agree with you Mary, They both are horrible human.


Mar 3, 2022 11:11 EST

I agree that you are a user like Mary and a self hater. Go hang youry


Aug 24, 2020 04:13 EST

Donnie Luh MON coming in a blazing 31st? Go get em LUH-mon.....


Sep 9, 2020 10:16 EST

Nobody watches CNN for actual News anymore, just a Democrat propaganda machine!


Mar 5, 2021 13:13 EST

Interesting. I don't watch CNN because they give equal time to actual lies and disinformation. I prefer hearing from an actual republican like Nicole Wallace. She's a conservative but she's also anti-fascist.


Aug 25, 2020 19:06 EST

CNN News for Jews, Homosexuals and assorted nut cases!

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