1950-1951 Highest-Rated Television Programs

The top television programs ranked by their highest-rated telecast achieved in the Persons 2+ demographic, at any point in time, throughout the 1950-1951 television season—which began on Sunday, August 27, 1950 and conclusively ended on Saturday, September 29, 1951.

1Milton Berle ShowNBC75.439.6
2Star Spangled RevueNBC63.2
3Colgate Comedy HourNBC60.629.9
4Pabst Blue Ribbon BoutsCBS60.031.2
5Gillette Cavalcade of SportsNBC58.031.0
6Fireside TheatreNBC58.025.5
7Arthur Godfrey's Talent ScoutsCBS53.922.2
8Charles-Walcott FightCBS51.7
9Your Show of ShowsNBC51.532.4
10Arthur Godfrey & His FriendsCBS50.827.0
11Philco Television PlayhouseNBC50.727.2
12Robert Montgomery PresentsNBC50.636.4
13Jack Benny ProgramCBS49.343.4
14America Applauds: Richard RodgersNBC48.5
15Hopalong CassidyNBC47.127.0
16Lights OutNBC45.825.0
17Kraft TV TheatreNBC44.624.5
18Groucho ShowNBC44.528.9
19Ed Sullivan ShowCBS44.528.6
21Lone RangerABC43.928.8
22Stop the MusicABC42.931.4
23Original Amateur HourNBC42.523.6
24Martin Kane, Private EyeNBC42.424.0
25Big StoryNBC42.227.0
26Somerset Maugham TV TheatreNBC40.923.3
27Wayne KingNBC39.7
28General EisenhowerCBS39.4
28General EisenhowerNBC39.4
30Aldrich FamilyNBC38.236.1
31Armstrong Circle TheatreNBC38.124.7
32Man Against CrimeCBS37.418.5
33Howdy DoodyNBC37.335.0
34Ford Star RevueNBC36.829.7
35Studio OneCBS36.120.9
36Jack Carter ShowNBC35.6
37Big TownCBS35.631.4
38Alan Young ShowCBS35.534.4
39Toni Twin TimeCBS33.3
40Ken Murray ShowCBS32.131.3
41Your Hit ParadeNBC32.031.2
42Amos 'n' AndyCBS31.924.0
43Racket SquadCBS31.828.5
44Lux Video TheatreCBS31.5
44Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney ShowNBC31.5
46What's My Line?CBS31.223.1
47Schlitz Film FirstsCBS31.026.6
48MLB All-Star GameNBC27.3
49Cavalcade of StarsDuMont25.9
50Break the BankNBC23.5
52Celebrity TimeCBS22.7
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