2023-2024 Highest-Rated Television Programs

The top television programs ranked by their highest-rated telecast achieved in the Persons 2+ demographic, at any point in time, throughout the 2023-2024 television season—which began on Monday, September 25, 2023.

1Super BowlCBS38.1
2Super Bowl Post-GunCBS32.2
3Super Bowl Post-GameCBS20.6
4NFC ChampionshipFOX17.9
5AFC ChampionshipCBS17.6
6AFC Divisional PlayoffCBS16.0
7NFC Championship Post GunFOX13.5
8NFL SingleCBS13.2
9NFC Wild Card GameFOX12.7
10AFC Divisional Playoff Post GunCBS12.5
11NFC PlayoffFOX11.9
12NFL Playoff Game: Wild CardNBC10.28.20
13AFC Wild Card PlayoffCBS9.85
14NFC Wild Card Post GunFOX9.82
15NFL NationalCBS9.803.37
16AFC Wild Card Playoff Post GunCBS8.81
17NFL Sunday: NationalFOX8.796.89
18NFL ChristmasFOX8.76
19Monday Night FootballABC8.762.42
20NFC Championship Post GameFOX8.40
21NFC Playoff Pre-KickFOX8.37
22College Football Playoff SemifinalsESPN8.28
23AFC Divisional Playoff Post GameCBS8.22
24NFL Single Post GameCBS7.94
25Sunday Night FootballNBC7.884.96
26NFL Thursday SpecialNBC7.86
27CFP ChampionshipESPN7.70
28College Football Bowl StudioESPN7.262.20
29NFL Playoff Pre-KickNBC6.96
30Postseason NFL FootballABC6.77
31NFL National Post GameCBS6.624.98
32NFC Wild Card Post GameFOX6.36
33NFL Sunday Post GunFOX6.344.15
35NFL Thursday Pre-KickNBC6.14
36Wild Card GameABC5.96
37Sunday Night NFL Pre-KickNBC5.953.94
39SEC ChampionshipCBS5.56
40The OTFOX5.532.85
41Grammy AwardsCBS5.42
42AFC Wild Card Playoff Post GameCBS5.36
43NFL on FOX BonusFOX5.35
44NFL Playoff Post-GameNBC5.17
45Kentucky DerbyNBC5.06
46Thursday Night FootballAMZN4.842.53
47NCAA Basketball ChampionshipCBS4.801.65
48Wild Card KickoffABC4.71
49NFL SundayFOX4.56
50NFL Thursday Pre-GameNBC4.52
51NCAA Women's Basketball ChampionshipESPN4.410.24
52Football Night in AmericaNBC4.391.11
53NFC Playoff Pre-GameFOX4.03
54NBA FinalsABC3.913.05
55National Dog ShowNBC3.650.51
56NFL Regular SeasonESPN3.641.85
57World SeriesFOX3.642.58
58Monday Night KickoffABC3.561.18
59Kentucky Derby Post RaceNBC3.50
60NFL DivisionalESPN3.48
61Exclusive Game PostgunNFLN3.421.54
62New Year's Rockin' EveABC3.31
63Orange BowlESPN3.29
6460 MinutesCBS3.291.09
65Exclusive GameNFLN3.241.36
66MLB AL Championship Series Pre-GameFOX3.180.39
67Big Ten Football Championship GameFOX3.18
68Cotton BowlESPN3.08
69Masters Golf TournamentCBS3.042.09
70Golden Globe AwardsCBS3.00
71NFL Wild CardESPN2.96
72Young SheldonCBS2.960.66
73Pac-12 Championship GameABC2.93
74Big 10 Championship Game: Pre-KickFOX2.89
75Home Depot College FootballCBS2.881.39
76MLB National League Championship SeriesTBS2.821.18
77College Football PrimeCBS2.80
78GameDay Kickoff Pre-KickNFLN2.790.11
79World News Tonight with David MuirABC2.782.23
81NCAA Women's Basketball Championship StudioESPN2.720.15
82GameDay KickoffNFLN2.710.04
83New Year's Eve LiveCBS2.64
84Postseason NFL Football Post GameABC2.63
85Wheel of FortuneSYN2.612.40
86Family FeudSYN2.592.33
87SEC Championship Post GameCBS2.58
88Monday Night KickoffESPN2.500.32
89Peach BowlESPN2.46
91Nightly News with Lester HoltNBC2.431.73
92NBA Playoffs: Round 2TNT2.381.02
94NCAA Basketball ChampionshipTBS2.350.51
95Next Level ChefFOX2.300.07
96Fire CountryCBS2.280.46
97Live from the Red CarpetABC2.27
98NBA Playoffs: Conference FinalsTNT2.261.95
100Afternoon College FootballABC2.230.55
101ACC Championship GameABC2.23
102MLB AL Championship SeriesFOX2.231.39
103Chicago FireNBC2.220.54
104NCAA Basketball Championship Post GunCBS2.21
106Chicago MedNBC2.200.37
107Abbott ElementaryABC2.190.36
108Miami GOP DebateNBC2.18
109CMA AwardsABC2.17
110FBN Republican DebateFNC2.12
111The VoiceNBC2.120.37
112Christmas in Rockefeller CenterNBC2.11
11360 Minutes PresentsCBS2.101.31
114Thursday Night KickoffAMZN2.081.26
115NBA Saturday PrimetimeABC2.060.70
116NBA Playoffs: Conference FinalsESPN2.041.79
117NBA Finals PostgameABC2.04
118Notre Dame FootballNBC2.04
119NCAA Basketball ChampionshipTNT2.030.70
120NCAA Basketball Championship BridgeCBS2.021.21
121Judge JudySYN2.011.77
122SportsCenter 12amESPN2.000.04
124College Football PostgameCBS1.980.51
125Monday Night CountdownESPN1.950.18
127Golden BachelorABC1.930.43
128FBI: InternationalCBS1.890.77
129NASCAR Daytona 500FOX1.89
130College Football: Pac-12FOX1.850.45
131State of the UnionFNC1.85
132Chicago PDNBC1.850.44
134Billy Joel: The 100thCBS1.820.98
135Dancing with the StarsABC1.811.44
136Blue BloodsCBS1.800.65
137Law & Order: Special Victims UnitNBC1.800.44
138American IdolABC1.790.64
139NCIS: SydneyCBS1.790.92
140Pregame RushABC1.770.81
141NFL DraftESPN1.760.35
142State of the Union AnalysisFNC1.76
143NCIS: Hawai'iCBS1.760.70
144America's Got TalentNBC1.760.56
146Wild Card CountdownABC1.75
147NASCAR Daytona 500 Winner's CircleFOX1.75
148NCAA Basketball Championship BridgeTBS1.740.38
149Evening News with Norah O’DonnellCBS1.721.34
151CMT Music AwardsCBS1.71
152State of the Union CoverageFNC1.70
153FBI: Most WantedCBS1.700.71
154MLB Division SeriesTBS1.691.05
155NBA Saturday Primetime PostgameABC1.69
157Saturday Night FootballABC1.690.90
158NCAA Post GunTBS1.690.27
159Law & OrderNBC1.690.71
160Preakness StakesNBC1.68
161Monday Night PostgameESPN1.660.74
162State of the UnionABC1.66
164Golden WeddingABC1.65
165Bob Hearts AbisholaCBS1.650.20
166NBA Playoffs: Conference SemifinalsESPN1.651.43
167America's Funniest Home VideosABC1.630.34
168GameDay Final Post-GameNFLN1.620.04
169College Football PrimeESPN1.610.15
170IndyCar SeriesNBC1.59
172State of the Union: Republican ResponseFNC1.59
173Monday Night CountdownABC1.581.23
174PGA ChampionshipsCBS1.571.12
175Super Bowl's Greatest CommercialsCBS1.56
176Price Is RightCBS1.560.90
177So Help Me ToddCBS1.560.44
178B1G Saturday Night FootballNBC1.540.69
179NCAA Basketball Championship BridgeTNT1.540.29
180Saturday Night LiveNBC1.540.43
181Will TrentABC1.530.39
182Willie Nelson's 90th Birthday CelebrationCBS1.521.03
183MLB AL Championship SeriesFS11.511.16
184Your World with Neil CavutoFNC1.510.14
186NBA Playoffs: Round 1TNT1.500.83
187We Are FamilyFOX1.490.16
188The FiveFNC1.480.20
189Pre-SOTU AnalysisABC1.48
190NBA CountdownABC1.480.35
191ABC News Special ReportABC1.480.71
192Christmas at GracelandNBC1.470.89
193College Football Bowl GameESPN21.460.01
194Fiesta BowlESPN1.46
195Jeopardy MastersABC1.450.60
196CSI: VegasCBS1.450.30
197Celebrity JeopardyABC1.440.21
198NASCAR Cup SeriesFOX1.440.98
199Kennedy Center HonorsCBS1.44
200NFL DraftABC1.430.85
201CMA Country ChristmasABC1.420.49
202State of the UnionNBC1.42
203College Football Post GunFOX1.420.28
204Primetime Emmy AwardsFOX1.41
205Christmas at the OpryNBC1.410.78
206MSNBC Special CoverageMSNBC1.410.14
207Iowa Town Hall with TrumpFNC1.40
208State of the Union AddressMSNBC1.40
209NBA All-Star Saturday NightTNT1.40
210World Series Post-GameFOX1.40
211AGT: Fantasy LeagueNBC1.370.16
212College Football Bowl GameESPN1.370.04
213State of the Union AnalysisABC1.33
214NBA Playoffs: 1st RoundESPN1.331.06
215Oprah: Shame, Blame & Weight Loss RevolutionABC1.32
216Ten CommandmentsABC1.32
217NHL Stanley CupABC1.320.98
219MLB Division Series: American LeagueFOX1.31
221Celebrity Wheel of FortuneABC1.310.60
222America's Test KitchenSYN1.31
223NBA All-Star GameTNT1.30
224State of the UnionCBS1.30
225College Football SpecialCBS1.30
227All In with Chris HayesMSNBC1.290.24
228Celebrity Family FeudABC1.280.47
230NBA Playoffs Play-InTNT1.250.80
231Jesse Watters PrimetimeFNC1.240.33
232Law & Order: Organized CrimeNBC1.240.55
233People's Choice Country AwardsNBC1.24
234The YearABC1.240.72
235Preakness Stakes Post-ShowNBC1.23
237Magnum PINBC1.230.43
238Shark TankABC1.230.34
239State of the Union PreCBS1.22
240Beat with Ari MelberMSNBC1.220.10
241Ghosts UKCBS1.210.40
242Night CourtNBC1.200.27
243Friday Night FootballABC1.20
244Road to the Final FourCBS1.19
246Masked SingerFOX1.190.24
247AAC Trophy PresentationABC1.19
248NCISverse: The First 1000CBS1.19
249Only Murders in the BuildingABC1.180.74
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