U.S. Television Shows

The table below presents a list of regularly-scheduled television programs in the United States that participates in the national Nielsen audience measurement system. For the sake of completeness, historical ones may be included as well.

American PickersHistory844,000
American Pickers: Best OfHistory590,000
American Presidency with Bill Clinton, TheHistory358,000
American Rescue Dog Show, TheABC1,270,000
American Song ContestNBC2,040,000
American Track LeagueESPN2141,000
American Voices with Alicia MenendezMSNBC501,000
Amistoso USATEL1,522,000
Amistoso USAUniverso197,000
Amityville Horror HouseTrvl319,000
Amor Invencible, ElUNI1,207,000
Amor ValienteTEL857,000
Amor y TraiciónTEL1,113,000
Amos 'n' AndyCBS18,046,400
Ana Cabrera ReportsMSNBC699,000
Anarchists, TheHBO146,000
Ancient AliensHistory519,000
Anderson Cooper 360°CNN501,000
Anderson Cooper 360° Special ReportCNN416,000
Andrea Mitchell ReportsMSNBC631,000
Animal ControlFOX835,000
Animal KingdomTNT904,000
Anthony Bourdain: No ReservationsCKC136,000
Anthony Bourdain: Parts UnknownCNN313,000
April FoolsAS244,000
April Fools Comedy MarathonIFC163,000
Aqua Teen Forever: PlantasmAS197,000
Aquí y AhoraUNI621,000
ARCA Post RaceFS1463,000
ARCA RacingFS1288,000
ARCA RacingFS2172,000
ARCA West SeriesUSA157,000
Are You Afraid of the Dark?Nick235,000
Are You the One?MTV134,000
Arenacross OutlawsFS1114,000
Ark, TheSyfy463,000
Armstrong Circle TheatreNBC17,891,700
Around the HornESPN332,000
Around the HornESPN2197,000
Around the NFLNFLN78,000
Arrow Show, TheNBC1,410,100
Art of Vintage, TheMN171,000
Artemis 1: Going Back to the MoonDC280,000
Arthur ChristmasCN125,000
Arthur Godfrey and His FriendsCBS27,842,900
Arthur Godfrey's Talent ScoutsCBS32,861,500
Asian Amateur ChampionshipESPN256,000
Ask This Old HouseMN96,000
Asking for a FriendTV One30,000
Assassination ClassroomAS299,000
Assignment: ManhuntNBC13,338,800
Assisted LivingBET579,000
Assisted LivingBETH54,000
Assisted LivingVH1116,000
Asteroid Impact Live: DART MissionDC571,000
Astrid & Lilly Save the WorldSyfy204,000
Así Sonó el 2022UNI864,000
At the Final FourTBS275,000
At This Hour with Kate BolduanCNN601,000
Athletes Unlimited SoftballESPN183,000
Athletes Unlimited SoftballESPN2108,000
ATL HomicideTV One155,000
Atrapados en la RedDE134,000
Atsuko Okatsuka: The IntruderHBO89,000
Attack of the Murder HornetsAP238,000
Attack on DemocracyCNN1,964,000
Attack on Democracy: PreviewCNN1,331,000
Attack on the CapitolABC3,978,000
Attack on TitanAS198,000
Augusta National Women's AmateurNBC757,000
Aussie Gold Hunters: Mine SOSDC382,000
Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast LaneUSA190,000
Australian OpenTC64,000
Australian Rules Football LeagueFS149,000
Autopsy True CrimeReelz176,000
Avatar: The Deep DiveABC1,150,000
Awake SurgeryTLC398,000
Awkwafina Is Nora from QueensCC244,000
B PositiveCBS1,779,000
B/R GamingTBS85,000
B1G BaseballBTN60,000
B1G Basketball & BeyondBTN47,000
B1G FootballBTN799,000
B1G Football in 60BTN59,000
B1G LiveBTN132,000
B1G Live: Basketball GameBreakBTN666,000
B1G Live: Basketball PostgameBTN538,000
B1G Live: Basketball PregameBTN36,000
B1G Live: Basketball Tip-OffBTN261,000
B1G Live: Football GameBreakBTN73,000
B1G Live: Football PostGameBTN303,000
B1G Live: GameBreakBTN20,000
B1G Men's BasketballBTN955,000
B1G Men’s Ice HockeyBTN165,000
B1G ShowBTN87,000
B1G SoftballBTN65,000
B1G Spring FootballBTN248,000
B1G StoryBTN171,000
B1G TailgateBTN71,000
B1G Women's BasketballBTN380,000
B1G Women's VolleyballBTN289,000
B1G WrestlingBTN312,000
Babe: Pig in the CityCN96,000
Baby Shark's Big Show!NJR127,000
Baby Shark's Big Show!Nick136,000
Baby SharksNG264,000
Baby Surgeons: Delivering MiraclesTLC394,000
Baby, TheHBO132,000
Bachelor in ParadiseABC2,625,000
Bachelor, TheABC3,405,000
Bachelorette, TheABC3,573,000
Backyard Bull SharksNG220,000
Backyard Bull SharksNGW86,000
Bad Hair DayTLC526,000
Bake It 'Til You Make ItFN448,000
Bake or BreakFN534,000
Baking ItNBC1,930,000
Ballmastrz: 9009AS146,000
Balón de OroTUDN209,000
Banana BallESPN2186,000
Band of BrothersAMC787,000
Bar RescuePN441,000
Bargain BlockHGTV1,062,000
Bargain Block: Bargain BuysHGTV990,000
Bargain MansionsHGTV
Bargain MansionsMN145,000
Barnwood BuildersMN258,000
Barrett-Jackson LiveFYI223,000
Barrett-Jackson LiveHistory404,000
Barrett-Jackson REVVED UPFYI87,000
Baseball TonightESPN841,000
Baseball TonightESPN2102,000
Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night CountdownESPN321,000
Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night CountdownESPN2564,000
Basketball Africa LeagueNBA46,000
Basketball Hall of FameESPN433,000
Basketball StoriesNBA119,000
Basketball TournamentESPN183,000
Basketball TournamentESPN2149,000
Basketball WivesVH1353,000
Bassmaster ClassicFOX538,000
Bassmaster ClassicFS1131,000
Bassmaster EliteFS1143,000
Batman, TheHBO544,000
Batman: HushAS195,000
Batman: Mask of the PhantasmAS171,000
Battle of the BlingHGTV529,000
Battle on the BeachHGTV735,000
Battlefield SpaceMSNBC
Bayou ClassicNBC720,000
BBCA MovieBBCA161,000
BBQ BrawlFN955,000
BBQ USAFN564,000
Be My Guest with Ina GartenFN242,000
Beachfront Bargain HuntHGTV833,000
Beachfront Bargain Hunt: RenovationMN104,000
Beachside BrawlFN554,000
Bear vs. SharkDC216,000
Beat Bobby FlayFN725,000
Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday ThrowdownFN757,000
Beat ShazamFOX1,142,000
Beat with Ari Melber, TheMSNBC1,375,000
Beauty and the BeastABC1,530,000
Beauty and the Beast at 30ABC4,260,000
Beavis and Butt-HeadCC136,000
Becoming a PopstarMTV76,000
Becoming ElizabethStarz151,000
Bee CzarDC400,000
Beebo Saves ChristmasCW258,000
Behind the MusicAMTV55,000
Being... with Dana BashCNN328,000
Believe It or Not!NBC1,458,500
Bellator MMACBS1,068,000
Bellator MMASHO53,000
Belle CollectiveOWN120,000
Belmont StakesNBC4,720,000
Below DeckBravo392,000
Below Deck AdventureBravo704,000
Below Deck Down UnderBravo93,000
Below Deck MediterraneanBravo309,000
Below Deck Sailing YachtBravo770,000
Benny Report, TheNMX80,000
Bering Sea GoldDC603,000
Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters, TheHistory1,083,000
Best Baker in AmericaCKC113,000
Best of Showtime BoxingSHO
Best Thing I Ever Ate, TheCKC100,000
BET Awards ShowBET2,060,000
BET Awards ShowBETH164,000
BET Awards ShowCC142,000
BET Awards ShowMTV127,000
BET Awards ShowMTV243,000
BET Awards ShowN@N249,000
BET Awards ShowPop113,000
BET Awards ShowTVL134,000
BET Awards ShowVH1138,000
BET Awards: Red CarpetBET715,000
BET Awards: Red CarpetBETH63,000
BET Her Presents: David & TamelaBET391,000
BET Hip Hop AwardsBET708,000
BET Hip Hop AwardsVH1162,000
BET Movie of the WeekBET161,000
BET Original MovieBET315,000
BET Original MovieBETH48,000
Better Call SaulAMC1,797,000
Better Call SaulIFC176,000
Better ThingsFX137,000
Beyblade Burst QuadStrikeDXD73,000
Beyond Oak IslandHistory1,177,000
Beyond the EdgeCBS2,472,000
Beyond the HeadlinesLifetime541,000
Beyond the UnknownTrvl280,000
Biden Chronicles, TheNMX19,000
Biden Medals of FreedomMSNBC781,000
Big 12 Championship GameABC9,413,000
Big 12 Men's Basketball TournamentESPN2611,000
Big 12 TournamentESPN2,485,000
Big 12 TournamentESPNU248,000
Big Bad Budget BattleFN426,000
Big Bake, TheFN439,000
Big Bang Theory, TheSYN8,279,000
Big Block OverhaulHGTV633,000
Big BrotherCBS4,031,000
Big City GreensDSNY166,000
Big City Greens: ShortsgivingDSNY103,000
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Dec 6, 2021 12:36 EST

CNN getting rid of their superstar Chris Cuomo is just a start on turning around a totally unwatchable Democrat propaganda machine at work; next up Chris Cuomo’s boyfriend Don Lemon, then Benito Mussolini lookalike Jeff Zucker and Jeff Zucker Mini-Me Brian Stelter.


Sep 22, 2021 11:07 EST

R.I.P Family Guy on [adult swim].
April 20, 2003 - September 18, 2021.

Liz Sweeden

Sep 5, 2021 01:03 EST

Love Tucker, The Five, Gutfeld and Maria!! The only honest people in journalism!

John R MacDonald

Sep 5, 2021 09:00 EST

I would add Laura. The only CNN show that I watch is Smerconish, who is somewhat balanced. Radically so by CN standards.

Marilyn Chernack

Jun 25, 2021 11:48 EST

I'm Canadian and our news programs on CBC, CTV and Global are just as rotten as American news shows like MSNBC and CNN.

I will only watch FOX NEWS CHANNEL. I have given up on leftist Canada.

Joe smoe

Dec 28, 2021 09:59 EST

Fox moving to the left ??? Wtf are you guys neo nazi’s? Oh wait you probably are .


Oct 11, 2021 17:03 EST

So you have given up on the legitimate media and its facts, reality, science, and rationality and you have turned your brain over to rot on Fox News' lies, manipulations, conspiracy theories, lack of science, and irrationality, and pretty much just telling you what you want to hear. That's beyond awful.


Nov 3, 2021 09:05 EST

I think you have a different kind of science in your world.


Nov 1, 2021 02:34 EST

if you believe what you're saying then you are the equivalent of a German buying propaganda in the 1930's, and you are truly dangerous. The truth cant be found on cable news. Tucker is the closest...if you have ever watched him and kept an objective mind, but study history. Look into documents that HUGE corporations put out. Democrats of today aren't liberal. Do you know what a liberal means? It means they're for EVERYONE'S liberty. They're now tyrannical to the max. Many rhino Republicans fit that bill too. Who caused this to begin? Why? Follow the the TV, and realize what trends are happening all over this country. Who benefits? Whats their endgame? What do we have happening now? Just think critically. I'm sorry if you buy into one party or another you are being deceived.
Hopefully you thought that was a more considerate answer than just saying "you're retarded." Lol

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