U.S. Television Shows

The table below presents a list of regularly-scheduled television programs in the United States that participates in the national Nielsen audience measurement system. For the sake of completeness, historical ones may be included as well.

Fixer Upper: The HotelMN335,000
Fixer Upper: Welcome HomeHGTV899,000
Flash, TheHBO321,000
Flash, TheCW455,000
Flashback FridayAMC268,000
Flatbush MisdemeanorsSHO60,000
Flight Attendant, TheTBS549,000
Flip or FlopHGTV256,000
Flip the StripHGTV408,000
Flip to a MillionHGTV649,000
Flipping 101 with Tarek El MoussaHGTV448,000
Flipping Down SouthA&E299,000
Flipping El Moussas, TheHGTV681,000
Flipping Out with My DadHGTV633,000
Floor, TheFOX2,334,000
Flor SalvajeUniverso31,000
Floribama MurdersOxygen410,000
Florida Shark: Blood in the WaterDISC920,000
Fog, TheHBO57,000
Food ParadiseCKC107,000
Food ParadiseFN210,000
Food that Built America, TheHistory595,000
Food Truck Face OffFN151,000
Food Truck Prize FightFN464,000
Food WarsAS111,000
Fooly CoolyAS200,000
Football Life Origins, ANFLN126,000
Football Life, ANFLN88,000
Football Night in AmericaNBC5,848,000
Football Night in America Pre-GameNBC8,971,000
For My ManTV1113,000
For the Love of JasonWe TV105,000
For the Love of KitchensMN128,000
Forbidden HistorySCI330,000
Ford 50th Anniversary Show, TheCBS33,354,000
Ford 50th Anniversary Show, TheNBC24,847,200
Ford Star RevueNBC11,251,600
Ford Television Theatre, TheCBS4,822,400
Forensic FilesHLN200,000
Forensic Files IICNN174,000
Forensic Files IIHLN476,000
Forensic Files IIID522,000
Forever Purge, TheHBO298,000
Forged in FireHistory356,000
Forged in Fire: Best OfHistory426,000
Formula 1 GP SprintESPN806,000
Formula 1 GP SprintESPN2399,000
Formula 1 Grand PrixESPN484,000
Formula 1 Grand PrixESPND53,000
Formula 1 Grand PrixESPN2159,000
Formula 1 PracticeESPN599,000
Formula 1 PracticeESPN2144,000
Formula 1 PracticeESPNU167,000
Formula 1 QualifyingESPN713,000
Formula 1 QualifyingESPND47,000
Formula 1 QualifyingESPN2162,000
Formula 1 QualifyingESPNU104,000
Formula 1 SurroundESPN332,000
Formula 1 SurroundESPN2205,000
Formula OneABC1,394,000
Fort Myers Tip-OffFS1257,000
Four ChristmasesTBS576,000
Four Seasons Total DocumentaryMSNBC451,000
Four Star RevueNBC27,656,300
Fourth of July MoviesTBS570,000
Fox & FriendsFNC1,314,000
Fox & Friends FirstFNC569,000
Fox & Friends SaturdayFNC1,554,000
Fox & Friends SundayFNC1,393,000
FOX Bet LiveFS147,000
Fox Business TonightFBN166,000
FOX College Basketball Tip-OffFS190,000
Fox College BridgeFS1128,000
Fox College BridgeFS2206,000
Fox College ExtraFS1748,000
Fox College ExtraFS2139,000
FOX College Football BridgeFS1743,000
FOX College Football ExtraFOX2,002,000
FOX College Football Post GunFOX4,465,000
Fox College Football Pre-GameFOX1,458,000
FOX College Football Pre-KickFOX1,750,000
Fox College Football UpdateFOX3,460,000
FOX College Football: Big 10FOX2,394,000
Fox College Football: Big 12FOX3,292,000
FOX College Football: Mountain WestFOX737,000
FOX College Football: Pac-12FOX3,514,000
FOX College HoopsFOX775,000
FOX College Hoops BridgeFS1290,000
FOX College Hoops BridgeFS2143,000
FOX College Hoops ExtraFOX503,000
Fox College Hoops Post GameFOX399,000
FOX College Hoops Tip-OffFOX625,000
FOX College Hoops: Big 10FOX1,321,000
FOX College Hoops: Big 10 WomenFOX1,578,000
FOX College Hoops: Big EastFOX817,000
FOX College Hoops: Big East WomenFOX778,000
FOX College Hoops: Mountain WestFOX556,000
FOX College Hoops: Pac-12FOX505,000
Fox Deportes en VivoFOXD55,000
Fox Deportes en Vivo WeekendFOXD42,000
FOX FIFA Men's World CupFOX16,783,000
FOX FIFA Men's World Cup LiveFOX2,746,000
FOX FIFA Men's World Cup TodayFOX2,598,000
FOX FIFA Women's World CupFOX1,777,000
FOX FIFA Women's World Cup LiveFOX745,000
FOX MLB All-Star GameFOX7,005,000
FOX MLB All-Star Pre-GameFOX2,713,000
Fox MLB American League Championship SeriesFOX6,771,000
Fox MLB American League Championship Series Post-GameFOX2,990,000
Fox MLB American League Championship Series Pre-GameFOX1,216,000
Fox MLB American League Division Series Post GameFOX2,610,000
Fox MLB Division Series Pre GameFOX1,706,000
Fox MLB Division Series: American LeagueFOX4,139,000
FOX MLB Field of DreamsFOX3,103,000
FOX MLB Field of Dreams Post-GameFOX1,778,000
FOX MLB Field of Dreams Pre-GameFOX1,431,000
FOX MLB Live from LondonFOX1,798,000
Fox MLB National League Championship SeriesFOX5,736,000
Fox MLB National League Championship Series Post GameFOX3,188,000
FOX MLB National League Division SeriesFOX4,196,000
FOX MLB National League Division Series: Post GameFOX2,476,000
FOX MLB World SeriesFOX11,481,000
FOX MLB World Series Post-GameFOX4,401,000
FOX MLB World Series Pre-GameFOX1,898,000
FOX MovieFOX1,127,000
FOX NASCAR Cup SeriesFOX3,310,000
FOX NASCAR Cup Series Post RaceFOX2,071,000
Fox NASCAR Cup Series Winner's CircleFOX2,745,000
FOX NASCAR Daytona 500FOX5,964,000
FOX NASCAR Daytona 500 Post-RaceFOX3,441,000
Fox NASCAR Daytona 500 Winner's CircleFOX5,523,000
FOX NASCAR RaceDayFOX1,420,000
FOX NASCAR Rain DelayFOX2,853,000
FOX NASCAR Truck SeriesFOX944,000
FOX NASCAR Xfinity SeriesFOX1,271,000
Fox Nation Patriot AwardsFNC512,000
Fox News at Night (Transitional)FNC1,037,000
Fox News at Night with Shannon BreamFNC1,056,000
Fox News at Night with Trace GallagherFBN223,000
Fox News at Night with Trace GallagherFNC1,161,000
Fox News Channel SimulcastFBN681,000
Fox News LiveFNC1,076,000
Fox News Saturday NightFNC698,000
Fox News Special ReportFOX1,453,000
Fox News Special ReportFNC1,599,000
Fox News SundayFOX867,000
Fox News SundayFNC864,000
Fox News Sunday with Shannon BreamFOX995,000
Fox News Sunday with Shannon BreamFNC975,000
Fox News TonightFNC1,567,000
FOX NFC ChampionshipFOX56,324,000
FOX NFC Championship Post GameFOX26,484,000
FOX NFC Championship Post GunFOX42,536,000
FOX NFC Championship Pre GameFOX11,182,000
FOX NFC PlayoffFOX37,539,000
FOX NFC Playoff Post-GameFOX23,817,000
FOX NFC Playoff Pre-GameFOX12,709,000
FOX NFC Playoff Pre-KickFOX26,378,000
FOX NFC Wild Card GameFOX40,163,000
FOX NFC Wild Card Post GameFOX20,049,000
FOX NFC Wild Card Post GunFOX30,945,000
FOX NFL ChristmasFOX27,621,000
FOX NFL Christmas: Post GunFOX17,034,000
FOX NFL Christmas: PregameFOX4,867,000
FOX NFL KickoffFOX4,297,000
FOX NFL Saturday: NationalFOX27,832,000
FOX NFL Saturday: RegionalFOX15,857,000
FOX NFL SundayFOX14,391,000
FOX NFL Sunday Post GunFOX17,139,000
FOX NFL Sunday Pre-GameFOX4,425,000
FOX NFL Sunday: NationalFOX26,339,000
FOX NFL Sunday: RegionalFOX9,422,000
FOX NFL Sunday: SingleFOX22,004,000
FOX NFL ThursdayFOX42,058,000
FOX NFL Thursday Post GunFOX31,311,000
FOX NFL Thursday PostgameFOX21,665,000
FOX NFL Thursday PregameFOX22,635,000
Fox Report with Jon ScottFNC781,000
FOX Saturday BaseballFOX2,527,000
FOX Saturday Baseball Post GameFOX1,477,000
FOX Saturday Baseball Pre GameFOX1,828,000
FOX Saturday Baseball Rain DelayFOX620,000
Fox Spring PreviewFOX839,000
FOX Super BowlFOX112,173,000
FOX Super Bowl Post-GameFOX58,474,000
FOX Super Bowl Post-GunFOX88,171,000
FOX Super Bowl Pre-GameFOX32,819,000
FOX Super Bowl Pre-KickFOX70,044,000
FOX Thursday BaseballFOX1,585,000
FOX Thursday Baseball Post-GameFOX1,243,000
FOX Thursday Baseball Pre-GameFOX1,224,000
FOX Weather SimulcastFNC628,000
Framed by the KillerOxygen196,000
Franklin Graham Easter MessageFNC755,000
Franklin Graham's Special ChristmasNMX94,000
Frasier: Inside the SeriesTVL224,000
Fred Waring Show, TheCBS1,511,800
Freddie Mercury: The Final ActCW645,000
Free Agency FrenzyNFLN135,000
Free Agent FeverNBA114,000
Freeform MovieFF261,000
Freeway Killer: Lost Murder Tapes, TheID384,000
Fresh Out LiveMTV98,000
Fresh Out PlaylistAMTV71,000
Fresh Out PlaylistMTV69,000
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, TheBET92,000
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, TheVH171,000
Friday MarathonIFC101,000
Friday Night FootballABC3,768,000
Friday Night PokerVice63,000
Friday Night VibesTBS238,000
Friends MarathonTBS297,000
Fright Before Christmas, TheTrvl185,000
Fright ClubTrvl349,000
From Paris with LoveMP26,000
From the SourceMN146,000
Frosty ReturnsCBS1,662,000
Frosty the SnowmanCBS1,882,000
Frosty the SnowmanFF682,000
Frozen IIABC1,972,000
Frozen in DesignHGTV315,000
Frozen Planet IIBBCA306,000
FS1 College Football ExtraFS1322,000
FS1 College Hoops ExtraFS196,000
FS1 Superbowl PostFS1275,000
Fuego del Destino, ElTEL908,000
Fuera de JuegoESPND124,000
Full Custom GarageMT353,000
Full Frontal with Samantha BeeTBS463,000
Full Game BroadcastNFLN111,000
Fully TorquedHistory138,000
Funeral of Pope BenedictFNC475,000
Funeral of Queen Elizabeth IIFNC2,400,000
Funny You Should AskCBS1,637,000
Funny You Should AskTWC112,000
Futbol Amistoso MéxicoFOXD132,000
FX MovieFX428,000
Fútbol CentralTUDN94,000
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Nov 28, 2023 09:29 EST

Yellowstone is the biggest hit on cable. Sheridan was the only one turning out quality shows for white normal Americans. Now he wants to please Woke Hollywood. Rather than make a show with white men, he is doing what they all do to win insider approval, make black, feminist shows that continue to fail.


Dec 6, 2021 12:36 EST

CNN getting rid of their superstar Chris Cuomo is just a start on turning around a totally unwatchable Democrat propaganda machine at work; next up Chris Cuomo’s boyfriend Don Lemon, then Benito Mussolini lookalike Jeff Zucker and Jeff Zucker Mini-Me Brian Stelter.


Sep 22, 2021 11:07 EST

R.I.P Family Guy on [adult swim].
April 20, 2003 - September 18, 2021.

Liz Sweeden

Sep 5, 2021 01:03 EST

Love Tucker, The Five, Gutfeld and Maria!! The only honest people in journalism!

John R MacDonald

Sep 5, 2021 09:00 EST

I would add Laura. The only CNN show that I watch is Smerconish, who is somewhat balanced. Radically so by CN standards.

Marilyn Chernack

Jun 25, 2021 11:48 EST

I'm Canadian and our news programs on CBC, CTV and Global are just as rotten as American news shows like MSNBC and CNN.

I will only watch FOX NEWS CHANNEL. I have given up on leftist Canada.

Joe smoe

Dec 28, 2021 09:59 EST

Fox moving to the left ??? Wtf are you guys neo nazi’s? Oh wait you probably are .


Oct 11, 2021 17:03 EST

So you have given up on the legitimate media and its facts, reality, science, and rationality and you have turned your brain over to rot on Fox News' lies, manipulations, conspiracy theories, lack of science, and irrationality, and pretty much just telling you what you want to hear. That's beyond awful.


Nov 3, 2021 09:05 EST

I think you have a different kind of science in your world.


Nov 1, 2021 02:34 EST

if you believe what you're saying then you are the equivalent of a German buying propaganda in the 1930's, and you are truly dangerous. The truth cant be found on cable news. Tucker is the closest...if you have ever watched him and kept an objective mind, but study history. Look into documents that HUGE corporations put out. Democrats of today aren't liberal. Do you know what a liberal means? It means they're for EVERYONE'S liberty. They're now tyrannical to the max. Many rhino Republicans fit that bill too. Who caused this to begin? Why? Follow the the TV, and realize what trends are happening all over this country. Who benefits? Whats their endgame? What do we have happening now? Just think critically. I'm sorry if you buy into one party or another you are being deceived.
Hopefully you thought that was a more considerate answer than just saying "you're retarded." Lol

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