U.S. Television Shows

The table below presents a list of regularly-scheduled television programs in the United States that participates in the national Nielsen audience measurement system. For the sake of completeness, historical ones may be included as well.

$100,000 Pyramid, TheABC2,346,000
$100,000 Pyramid, TheGSN314,000
100 Day Dream HomeHGTV518,000
100 Days to IndyCW153,000
100 Foot WaveHBO83,000
1000-lb Best FriendsTLC508,000
1000-lb SistersTLC553,000
101 Places to Party Before You DieTRU68,000
101 Scariest Movie Moments of All Time, TheAMC167,000
11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle, TheMSNBC1,314,000
13 MinutesSHO101,000
13 Scariest Movies of All Time, TheCW440,000
1619 Project, TheABC1,631,000
1883: A Yellowstone Origin StoryCMT295,000
1883: A Yellowstone Origin StoryCC321,000
1883: A Yellowstone Origin StoryMTV208,000
1883: A Yellowstone Origin StoryPN2,428,000
1883: A Yellowstone Origin StoryPop248,000
1883: A Yellowstone Origin StoryTVL354,000
1968: The Year Everything Fell ApartNMX34,000
1969: A Summer Like No OtherNMX23,000
2 Broke GirlsSYN2,754,000
2 Broke GirlsTBS269,000
2000s, TheCNN331,000
2010s, TheCNN470,000
2022: Headlines, Highlights and HistoryMSNBC266,000
24 Hour FlipA&E275,000
24 Hours of a Christmas StoryTBS1,730,000
24 Hours of a Christmas StoryTNT1,447,000
24 Hours of Le MansMT151,000
24 Months that Changed the WorldABC1,662,000
25 Words or LessGSN458,000
36900We TV222,000
3ICE ChampionshipCBS282,000
40 y 20GV60,000
48 HoursCBS2,092,000
48 Hours on IDID494,000
48 Hours out WestSTV182,000
48 Hours PresentsCBS2,962,000
5 More Sleeps 'til ChristmasNBC1,786,000
50 Years FlyMSNBC319,000
60 Days InA&E355,000
60 MinutesCBS7,184,000
60 Minutes PresentsCBS8,358,000
61st StreetAMC159,000
61st StreetWe TV145,000
7 Little JohnstonsTLC706,000
7 Toughest DaysNG222,000
7Innings LiveESPN339,000
7Innings LiveESPN2180,000
7Innings LiveESPNU123,000
80s SaturdayAMC310,000
80s: Decade of Decision, TheNMX56,000
9-1-1: Lone StarFOX771,000
9/11: Missing Carmen RiveraNG236,000
90 Day DiariesTLC1,034,000
90 Day FiancéTLC459,000
90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 DaysTLC1,704,000
90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?TLC383,000
90 Day Fiancé: Love in ParadiseTLC764,000
90 Day Fiancé: Pillow TalkTLC847,000
90 Day Fiancé: The Other WayTLC1,130,000
90 Day Journey: Kenny & ArmandoTLC219,000
90 Day Pillow Talk: Happily Ever After?TLC562,000
90 Day Pillow Talk: The Single LifeTLC787,000
90 Day: The Last ResortTLC1,152,000
90 Day: The Single LifeTLC1,758,000
90 in 30BeIN-E27,000
90s ClassicsBBCA78,000
90s MarathonAMC199,000
911 Crisis CenterOxygen252,000
A&E Indie FilmsA&E122,000
A&E Movie, TheA&E548,000
A-10 ChampionshipCBS1,394,000
A10 BasketballUSA170,000
AAC Football Championship GameABC2,695,000
AAC TournamentESPN1,680,000
AAC TournamentESPN2496,000
Aaron Hernandez UncoveredOxygen220,000
Abbott ElementaryABC1,848,000
ABC Afternoon College FootballABC4,836,000
ABC College Football SpecialABC3,605,000
ABC Fall PreviewABC1,580,000
ABC News NightlineABC784,000
ABC News Special ReportABC3,906,000
ABC Sunday ShowcaseABC3,950,000
ABC WNT Saturday with Whit JohnsonABC4,375,000
ABC WNT Sunday with Linsey DavisABC5,646,000
ABC World News Tonight with David MuirABC7,570,000
Academy Awards CeremonyNBC37,055,200
Academy of Country Music HonorsFOX1,621,000
ACC Championship GameABC3,467,000
ACC Championship Nissan Pre-GameABC2,760,000
ACC FootballCW332,000
ACC TournamentESPN2,697,000
ACC TournamentESPN21,354,000
Accident, Suicide or MurderOxygen331,000
ACCN Football AccessESPN87,000
ACCN Football AccessESPN247,000
Accused: Guilty or Innocent?A&E561,000
AccuWeather AheadACCU47,000
AccuWeather PrimeACCU73,000
Action Packed FridayIFC205,000
Action SundayBBCA170,000
Acumuladores CompulsivosUniverso85,000
Acércate a RocíoUniverso58,000
Adam Eats the 80sHistory538,000
Addams Family, TheNJR143,000
Addams Family, TheN@N325,000
Addams Family, TheNick397,000
Admiral Broadway RevueDuMont1,673,700
Admiral Broadway RevueNBC1,673,700
Adult Swim SmallsAS175,000
Adult Swim Yule LogAS186,000
Adventures of Paddington, TheNJR93,000
Aerial ArgentinaSMTH114,000
Aeropuerto de Sao PauloDSE35,000
AEW: All AccessTBS336,000
AEW: All Elite WrestlingTBS855,000
AEW: Battle of the BeltsTNT560,000
AEW: RampageTNT374,000
AEW: Rampage SpecialTNT159,000
AFC Championship on CBSCBS53,124,000
AFC Championship Post Game on CBSCBS24,326,000
AFC Championship Pre GameCBS14,515,000
AFC Divisional PlayoffCBS39,323,000
AFC Wild Card PlayoffCBS30,871,000
AFC Wild Card Pre GameCBS6,037,000
AFC/NFC Pro BowlABC4,113,000
AFI Life Achievement AwardTNT273,000
Africa's Wild YearBBCA219,000
After Happily Ever AfterBET479,000
After Happily Ever AfterBHER94,000
After Thanksgiving MoviesTNT652,000
After the First 48A&E533,000
Afternoon Baseball GameMLBN125,000
Afternoon Baseball/JIPMLBN87,000
Afternoon Game/JIPMLBN108,000
Ahora o NuncaESPND22,000
Air DisastersSMTH110,000
Air Jaws Strikes BackDISC504,000
Air Jaws: Fin of FuryDISC547,000
Air Jaws: Final FrontierDISC835,000
Air Jaws: Night StalkerDISC176,000
Air Jaws: The HuntedDISC301,000
Air Jaws: Top GunsDISC438,000
Air WarriorsSMTH117,000
AKC National ChampionshipABC1,323,000
AKC Premier CupESPN261,000
AKC Premier CupESPN2155,000
Al Rojo Vivo Edición EspecialTEL407,000
Al Rojo Vivo: Premios Billboard Acceso VIPTEL651,000
Alan Young Show, TheCBS18,458,800
Alaska DailyABC2,751,000
Alaska DailyFX243,000
Alaska ParanormalDSE98,000
Alaska: Hombres PrimitivosDSE70,000
Alaska: The Last FrontierDISC847,000
Alaskan Bush PeopleDISC906,000
Alaskan Killer BigfootTrvl290,000
Aldrich Family, TheNBC12,409,000
Alert: Missing Persons UnitFOX863,000
Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power.Oxygen172,000
Alex vs AmericaCKC75,000
Alex vs AmericaFN425,000
Alex Wagner TonightMSNBC1,655,000
Alex Witt ReportsMSNBC544,000
Alfombra Roja de Latin American Music Awards, LaTEL1,121,000
Alfombra Roja de Premios Tu Música Urbano, LaTEL1,049,000
Alfombra Roja: Premios Billboard de la Música LatinaTEL1,263,000
Alfombra Roja: Premios Billboard de la Música LatinaUniverso51,000
Algo Personal con Jorge RamosUniMás279,000
Alianza Camino al ÉxitoTUDN80,000
Alice Through the Looking GlassCN117,000
Alice's Wonderland BakeryDSNY93,000
Alice's Wonderland BakeryDJR133,000
Alien EndgameTrvl341,000
Alien Sharks: First ContactDISC399,000
Alien Sharks: Strange New WorldsDISC448,000
Alien Sharks: Stranger FinsDISC184,000
All Access: Spence vs. CrawfordSHO110,000
All AmericanCW390,000
All American ChristmasFNC664,000
All American: HomecomingCW362,000
All Elite Wrestling: CollisionTNT562,000
All Elite Wrestling: DynamiteTBS871,000
All Girls GarageMT147,000
All In Special ReportMSNBC969,000
All In with Chris HayesMSNBC1,708,000
All In with Laila AliCBS365,000
All of Them WitchesAMC97,000
All RiseOWN199,000
All Star Red CarpetMLBN83,000
All Star ShoreMTV84,000
All the Best, All the WorstCNN678,000
All the Queen's MenBET434,000
All the Queen's MenBHER100,000
All the Queen's MenVH1162,000
All the Single LadiesOWN184,000
All-American High School BowlNBC985,000
All-American New Year's EveFNC1,570,000
Allen JacksonNMX6,000
Allstate Louisiana KickoffABC7,554,000
Almost Human: Rise of the ApesDISC441,000
Alone AustraliaHistory517,000
Alone: FrozenHistory985,000
Alone: The Skills ChallengeHistory411,000
Alvinnn!!! and the ChipmunksNick209,000
AMA MotocrossNBC408,000
Amar a MuerteUniMás227,000
Amateur BaseballESPN287,000
Amateur BaseballESPN2135,000
Amateur LacrosseESPN2133,000
Amazing Race, TheCBS2,698,000
Amazonas DesconocidoDSE74,000
Amber: The Girl Behind the AlertOxygen264,000
Ambient SwimAS130,000
AMC Double FeatureAMC212,000
AMC FearFestAMC134,000
AMC MovieAMC322,000
AMC Premiere EventAMC270,000
America Applauds: Richard RodgersNBC16,671,400
America BurningNMX113,000
America DecidesCBS2,561,000
America in BlackBET130,000
America in BlackVH1140,000
America ReportsFNC1,738,000
America Right NowNMX225,000
America SaysGSN243,000
America the BeautifulNG308,000
America's Day at BelmontFOX753,000
America's Day at BelmontFS1306,000
America's Day at the RacesFS1180,000
America's Day at the RacesFS2103,000
America's Funniest Home VideosABC1,985,000
America's Funniest Home VideosTN56,000
America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal EditionNGW147,000
America's GameNFLN185,000
America's Got TalentNBC5,356,000
America's Got Talent: All StarsNBC5,260,000
America's GrandmotherFNC1,089,000
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Dec 6, 2021 12:36 EST

CNN getting rid of their superstar Chris Cuomo is just a start on turning around a totally unwatchable Democrat propaganda machine at work; next up Chris Cuomo’s boyfriend Don Lemon, then Benito Mussolini lookalike Jeff Zucker and Jeff Zucker Mini-Me Brian Stelter.


Sep 22, 2021 11:07 EST

R.I.P Family Guy on [adult swim].
April 20, 2003 - September 18, 2021.

Liz Sweeden

Sep 5, 2021 01:03 EST

Love Tucker, The Five, Gutfeld and Maria!! The only honest people in journalism!

John R MacDonald

Sep 5, 2021 09:00 EST

I would add Laura. The only CNN show that I watch is Smerconish, who is somewhat balanced. Radically so by CN standards.

Marilyn Chernack

Jun 25, 2021 11:48 EST

I'm Canadian and our news programs on CBC, CTV and Global are just as rotten as American news shows like MSNBC and CNN.

I will only watch FOX NEWS CHANNEL. I have given up on leftist Canada.

Joe smoe

Dec 28, 2021 09:59 EST

Fox moving to the left ??? Wtf are you guys neo nazi’s? Oh wait you probably are .


Oct 11, 2021 17:03 EST

So you have given up on the legitimate media and its facts, reality, science, and rationality and you have turned your brain over to rot on Fox News' lies, manipulations, conspiracy theories, lack of science, and irrationality, and pretty much just telling you what you want to hear. That's beyond awful.


Nov 3, 2021 09:05 EST

I think you have a different kind of science in your world.


Nov 1, 2021 02:34 EST

if you believe what you're saying then you are the equivalent of a German buying propaganda in the 1930's, and you are truly dangerous. The truth cant be found on cable news. Tucker is the closest...if you have ever watched him and kept an objective mind, but study history. Look into documents that HUGE corporations put out. Democrats of today aren't liberal. Do you know what a liberal means? It means they're for EVERYONE'S liberty. They're now tyrannical to the max. Many rhino Republicans fit that bill too. Who caused this to begin? Why? Follow the the TV, and realize what trends are happening all over this country. Who benefits? Whats their endgame? What do we have happening now? Just think critically. I'm sorry if you buy into one party or another you are being deceived.
Hopefully you thought that was a more considerate answer than just saying "you're retarded." Lol

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